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15 best online grocery delivery services in Hong Kong

By Sophie Pettit 11 December 2017 | Last Updated 30 July 2020

Header images courtesy of SpeedKingz (Shutterstock) and Maddi Bazzocco (Unsplash)

Originally published by Sophie Pettit. Last updated by Jen Paolini.

Are your kitchen cupboards crying out to be refilled, but the thought of tackling the supermarket crowds is too much to handle? Don’t worry, because grocery delivery services are flourishing in Hong Kong, and we are here to ease the burden in one simple click. Whether you’re looking to order set ingredients for a slap-up meal to cook at home, restock your shelves with the basics, or simply fill up your wine cabinet for the weekend, they’ve got you covered.

The Whole Package | Fruits & Vegetables | Meat & Seafood | Meal Delivery | Don’t Forget the Booze!

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Founded in 2011 by Maxime Lemaitre, MyMarket fills a gap in the Hong Kong market for high-quality, imported French goods, geared towards expatriate consumers in the city. For two years, Maxime and his team developed their range of products, and now offer more than 300 products and 60 French brands.

Amongst their wide selection of meat, fish, and organic produce, you can also find iconic classics from France: wine, cheese, and croissants, to name a few. You can order everything you need on their website in about five minutes, and a package will arrive at your doorstep the day after—talk about saving time!

How much: Delivery costs $50, or free with orders over $500

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Eat The Kiwi

Want high-quality, home-delivered groceries at a great value? Eat The Kiwi is the one-stop-shop for you. They work directly with farmers and producers to cut out the middleman, guaranteeing better prices and more savings to share with their shoppers! Their online supermarket offers over 350 products, including fruits, vegetables, free-range meats, sustainably-sourced seafood, and more. All of their icepacks and boxes are recyclable, and they also use Woolcool’s environmentally responsible thermal insulating packaging to line their boxes to keep their produce frosty fresh. If that’s not cool enough, their packaging is also biodegradable, compostable, and sealed in recyclable food-grade HDPE!

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders over $1,000

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Marks & Spencer

It’s easier than ever to access your favourite British treats for a familiar taste of food from ol’ Blighty. With Marks & Spencer’s new M&S Hong Kong app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store), there are over 2,000 M&S products for you to shop from online, including all these classics like sausage rolls, chocolate and orange cakes, pikelets, Welsh cakes, and more? Their in-store quality translates online too, and fresh produce is sourced from trusted farmers who are passionate about maintaining the high environmental, welfare, and traceability standards that M&S has always been known for. Next-day delivery will be arranged for orders placed before 4 pm.

How much: Delivery costs vary, or free with orders over $1,000

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Truly the eBay and Taobao of Hong Kong rolled into one, if it’s not available on HKTVmall, then it’s probably not worth having. Offering everything—and by golly, do we mean it—from supermarket staples, fresh vegetables and meats, homeware products, baby care essentials, toys and books, electrical appliances, beauty products, and more, shoppers can order through their website or mobile app for an incredibly convenient experience. You’ll spend hours just browsing through the staggering selection of goods.

Why the odd name? Well, the Hong Kong-based e-commerce giant once had grandiose plans to become a television station, but ultimately (and lucratively) settled on an over-the-top shopping and entertainment platform instead. Not a bad outcome, we’d say.

How much: Delivery costs $40, or free with orders over $500

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Foodpanda Mall

Keep your pantry well-stocked with this food delivery giant’s new grocery delivery service, Foodpanda Mall. Partnering with over 3,000 retail partners, convenience store chains such as Circle K, and supermarket chains such as ParknShop and Marks & Spencer for a wide selection of household staples and fresh grocery items, you can easily get your hands on anything from fresh produce, frozen foods, milk, eggs, sanitising products, and even face masks, to name a few. From a collection of over 40,000 items, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs. Their 24-hour Pandamart service can deliver whatever you need in as fast as 25 minutes! Simply enter your delivery address on their online platform and browse retail options under “Mall” to get started.

How much: Delivery costs vary


iHerb literally refines how an online shop can offer the ‘whole package’—they have almost any product you can ever think of, from beauty products to groceries and health supplements to electronics. You don’t even need to leave your house anymore! Their products are mostly cheaper than what you can find in-store, and they also have regular sales that will show you how much you are saving as well. Sure feels good when you know you’re saving!

How much: Delivery costs $4, or free with orders over $40


Fancy some fresh Italian clams? Or keen to try some traditional carasatu bread from Sardinia? These options may not be easy to come by in Hong Kong, but luckily for us, Buonissimo is here to save the day. More than just your average deli, this European speciality shop is stocked with products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, snacks and pantry items, as well as a huge selection of delectable cheeses—just pop onto their site and take your pick.

How much: Delivery costs $100, or free with orders over $700

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By Amanda Sheppard 6 November 2018
By Danielle Roberts 16 October 2019

Flair Food

Flair Food is exactly what it says on the tin—foods with flair. Not only do they offer a wide selection of fine foods from all over the world, but they also travel the globe to find you the most delicious food and discover world-class chefs who work their magic. So whether you want to razzle-dazzle your friends at a dinner party with some Spanish monkfish, or are simply curious to try some blue potatoes, these guys have got you covered.

How much: Delivery costs $50, or free delivery for orders over $500


When it comes to knowing where your food has come from, you can’t beat farmfresh330. These health shops sell vegetables which they have grown and harvested on their very own farm. Clueless when it comes to which vegetables are in season? Don’t worry, we are too, which is why we love the Veggies Combo—they put together a vibrant array of vegetables which are in their prime right now, delivered straight to your door. Plus, farmfresh330 employs people recovering from mental illnesses, so by ordering your groceries, you are helping the community, too! Due to the upsurge of the delivery cost, free delivery service of eshop330 is suspended. Customer can enjoy our products by self pick-up at farmfresh330 or SF Express (shipping charges should be paid by receiver)

How much: Delivery costs vary according to SF Express rates

Jou Sun

If same-day delivery is what you need, then Jou Sun has got you covered. Place your order before 12 pm and their trained team of shopping gurus will handpick your groceries and bring them to you before the end of the day. Nestled in the heart of Wan Chai, next to the wet market and a whole variety of local and speciality shops, Jou Sun has built up a close relationship with many trusted retail partners. From organic treats, courtesy of GroundWorks, to Headtable’s premium meats and seafood, Jou Sun’s online selection covers all the bases.

How much: Delivery costs $60 to $70, or free with orders over $200 depending on location

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British Essentials

Are you craving some Jaffa Cakes and a packet or two of Monster Munch? With a wealthy range of British grocery brands, including Morrisons’ exclusive label range, British Essentials is Hong Kong’s ultimate one-stop-shop for all things British. Whilst a handful of supermarkets in Hong Kong sell a few British grocery items here and there, their prices tend to be rather costly, but at British Essentials, you’ll find that most items are sold at a much lower price in comparison, giving shoppers more value for money. Now you have even more reason to stock up on Milkybars!

How much: Delivery costs $50, or free delivery for orders over $500

Local supermarkets

Last but not least, let’s not forget the delivery services offered by our local supermarkets. ParknShop, Wellcome, Marketplace by Jasons, city’super, and Great Food Hall all offer online shopping experiences and delivery right to your doorstep. Products range from fresh groceries and household essentials to pantry staples, packaged meats, seafood, beverages, snacks, and much more. You can also choose click-and-collect options, where you shop online and pop ‘round to your closest supermarket branch to pick up your goods.

How much: Delivery costs vary depending on supermarket

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