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Best online delivery services for fruits and vegetables in Hong Kong

By Jenny Leung 12 September 2018 | Last Updated 2 October 2019

Originally published by Jenny Leung. Last updated by Ching Yuen.

Are your kitchen cupboards crying out to be refilled, but the thought of tackling the supermarket crowds is too much to handle? Don’t worry, because grocery delivery services are flourishing in Hong Kong, and we are here to ease the burden in one simple click. Whether you’re looking to order set ingredients for a slap-up meal to cook at home, restock your shelves with the basics, or simply fill up your wine cabinet for the weekend, they’ve got you covered.

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Growing only non-GMO varieties of fruit and vegetable around the world, Ecofarm truly satisfies the seasonal nutritional needs of their customers. Their farms in the Jiangxi province use their own mountain spring water source for their produce, planting only organic seeds and banning the use of pesticides.

You can order weekly vegetable and fruit deliveries in various box sizes, such as the build-your-own box, big harvest, and premium boxes. After you have selected the number of boxes, weekly links will then be sent to your personal email for selection. They have seasonal items available but you can also request certain items that your recipes may require. Sure makes you want to hit up the kitchen and whip up some healthy dishes!

How much: Delivery cost included in packages; free delivery for one-off box over $500

Eat Fresh

This certified organic greengrocery e-shop was established in 2011, with sustainability and seasonality as its core values. Eat Fresh focuses on regional and local products and consciously deliver to your doorstep without unnecessary plastic packaging. With its two directors providing health consultation, coaching, yoga, aromatherapy, and reiki, rest assured that your health is their primary concern.

To kickstart your healthy lifestyle, enjoy a special 10 percent discount on your first order and enjoy a free discovery session (one hour in-person or over the phone) to define your #health and #diet goals and find out how to achieve them. Use discount code LC10FRESH at checkout and quote the same code when you request your free discovery session by contacting Eat Fresh via email.

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders above $345

Eat The Kiwi

Want high-quality, home-delivered groceries at a great value? Eat The Kiwi is the one-stop-shop for you. They work directly with farmers and producers to cut out the middleman, guaranteeing better prices and more savings to share with their shoppers! Their online supermarket offers over 350 products, including fruits, vegetables, free-range meats, sustainably-sourced seafood, and more. All of their icepacks and boxes are recyclable, and they also use Woolcool’s environmentally responsible thermal insulating packaging to line their boxes to keep their produce frosty fresh. If that’s not cool enough, their packaging is also biodegradable, compostable, and sealed in recyclable food-grade HDPE!

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders over $1,000

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Established in 2010, Frutodor hopes to build a fruit-loving culture in Hong Kong by insisting on dealing only with “real fresh fruit.” They donate to different charities and only features the best fresh fruits that are in season. They deal directly with their suppliers so weekly delivery subscriptions are available and you may even semi-tailor your box orders according to your tastes and needs. It’s not always going to be carrots for dinner!

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders above $500

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An Australian-owned group with direct relations with farmers, fishermen and bakers, growsFresh endeavours to deliver the highest quality of clean food from family-owned farms and business to all families in Hong Kong. You can get individual products as well as weekly subscriptions, and on Saturdays, they will host a “Super Saturday,” where customers are invited to visit their store and sample products, with speciality products available in-store as well!

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders above $500

Magic Season Organics

Magic Season Organics operates on a weekly delivery basis, but there is a lot of customization opportunities available. Customers can choose their own veggies before each delivery to ensure that every family member can have their say on the dinner menu. You can even choose your delivery for when you need it so theirs no fixed obligation to deal with the veggies every Monday specifically. If you’re up for a surprise, you can also let the farmers choose their favourite fresh veg on your behalf!

How much: Delivery costs $40, or free with orders above $200

The Fresh Grower

This boutique shop guarantees that for all customers, their orders are picked, packed, and delivered with care within 48 hours. Shipments arrive every week from Auckland, New Zealand, on Tuesday and Friday. The Fresh Grower takes niche or exotic products like baby cos and fancy lettuces and makes them much more accessible for the general public of Hong Kong. They also have a shop in Wan Chai so make sure to drop by have a look at the full range of their fresh produce and melt at the sight of beautiful green gems!

How much: Delivery is free with orders over $400

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Jenny Leung

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