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12 best online food delivery services & meal plans in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 12 September 2018 | Last Updated 27 July 2021

Header image courtesy of Jia Everywhere

Originally published by Jenny Leung. Last updated by Grace Chong.

Are your kitchen cupboards crying out to be refilled, but the thought of tackling the supermarket crowds is too much to handle? Don’t worry, because grocery delivery services are flourishing in Hong Kong, and we are here to ease the burden in one simple click. Whether you’re looking to order set ingredients for a slap-up meal to cook at home, restock your shelves with the basics, or simply fill up your wine cabinet for the weekend, they’ve got you covered.

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Food delivery

South Taiwan Comfort. Photo: Deliveroo


We’ll have to get the big three out of the way first, and amongst them is Deliveroo. Similar to Foodpanda and UberEats (but yet so different), Deliveroo allows you to search for restaurants in the area based on cuisine, location, and delivery time. Before you place your order, be sure to make a note of any food allergies for the restaurant to be aware of, as well as delivery instructions for the riders. You’ll find that Deliveroo covers a huge selection of restaurants, so rest assured that something on there will catch your fancy.

How much: Delivery costs change based on factors like distance and time to deliver


Delivering meals from all your favourite local restaurants straight to your door, Foodpanda helps you find the best restaurants near you. Whether you are craving some spicy Thai food, or in need of a healthy salad fix, their wide network of eateries means you’ll easily find something that can help tame your growling stomach. The best thing is, you can pay however you like—credit card, Paypal, or even cash on delivery.

How much: Delivery costs vary depending on the restaurant. Minimum spend applies


As the food delivery arm of multi-national ride-hailing company Uber, UberEats needs no introduction. Although their Hong Kong platform has slightly fewer restaurants than competitors Deliveroo and Foodpanda, a good portion of their partners are exclusive, and they also represent smaller eateries that you may not have seen on other platforms. UberEats frequently offers super deals and special offers for new and existing users, so it’s worth browsing through on a regular basis!

How much: Delivery is $20 but varies on courier availability

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Jia Everywhere

If you have ever longed for a bite of Duddell’s excellent dim sum in the comfort of your own home, you’ll be delighted to know that Jia Everywhere, a catering and delivery service covering a selection of Jia Group’s portfolio of restaurants, makes it all possible. Serving up exclusive family-sized sets, you can tailor-make your own catering menu or choose from curated options. Whether it’s a Thai spread from Chachawan, an Italian set menu from 208 Duecento Otto, or a feast of burgers and fries from Three Buns, ditch the spatula and oven mitts and just sit back and enjoy restaurant-quality eats at your next gathering. All orders must be paid and placed 48 hours in advance.

How much: Delivery is $200, applicable to Hong Kong Island only. Minimum spend of $1,500 applies

Black Sheep Restaurants Go

Rather than outsource to a city-wide food delivery service, Black Sheep Restaurants took the full process in-house with Go, offering guests a premium delivery and pick-up experience. 18 of their restaurants are covered, so you can take your pick of Hotal Colombo’s casual Sri Lankan fare, Artemis & Apollo’s Athenian classics, Tacqueria Super Macho’s tacos, Butter’s indulgent cakes, Maison Libanaise’s Lebanese canteen food, and much more. Its network covers Kennedy Town to Tai Hang and all the way up to the Peak as well.

How much: Free delivery!

Le Comptoir

When the idea of a conventional lunch al desko is not cutting it for your next boardroom meeting or lunch get-together, you can now turn to Le Comptoir for their catering and delivery service. Browse through signature dishes from restaurants such as Poem, Écriture, and Silencio for an elevated dining experience, which is available from 12 pm to 10 pm with a minimum spend of $800. From flavourful Balinese delights to elevated Japanese izakaya favourites, the selection from Le Comptoir’s restaurant is sure to impress. Contact the team at [email protected] for more information and placing orders.

How much: Delivery starts from $120. Minimum spend of $800 applies

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Meal plans


With over 100 unique gourmet recipes, Eatology can satisfy all your specific health needs. Customers can choose from various meal plans, such as low-carb and gluten-free plans, an Asian-inspired menu, a guilt-free vegetarian programme, or even tailor-made meal plans that can be customised to suit what works best for you. Meal plans even come with a free consultation session with Eatology’s in-house dieticians!

How much: Free delivery for Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, and varies for New Territories


Seasonal ingredients? Check. Delicious concoctions of vegetables and free-range meats? Check. Direct delivery to your desk? Check. With biodegradable and compostable packaging, Nosh is not only healthy for you, but for the environment, too. Plus, all meals clock in at under 550 calories, which makes it a winning choice every time. Whether you are after a two- or three-person combo to share with your workmates or buddies, or fancy tucking into one of their seven signature meals, you are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite with a few clicks of the mouse.

How much: Delivery costs vary


Gym buffs who are looking to supplement their gains with healthy and nutritional meals need to look no further than Youni. Providing a combination of Asian- and Western-inspired dishes and holistic nutritional advice, as well as customisable sets depending on your health and fitness goals, you can test the waters with one-week meal plans, commit to an eight-week plan, or dive right in and subscribe for a full 24 weeks.

Menus change on a weekly basis, and no two meals are the same from one day to another to ensure a variety in your diet. You can also check ahead for next week’s menu before placing your meal plan order. Youni also offers catering services for all corporate and private occasions, with an expansive selection of energy bowls, wraps, sharing trays, salads, pasta, mains, desserts, and canapés.

How much: Delivery costs vary

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In an attempt to tackle what Nosh has coined “take-away fatigue,” the exhaustion of scrolling through the same, repetitive menu after a long day at work or school, and to push in the direction of “guilt-free comfort food delivery,” Spoonful was created. As the newly launched sister brand to Nosh, Spoonful curates a new set of recipes on the regular, allowing clients to choose from a list of over 200 dishes made from well-sourced ingredients to ensure restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of home. Spoonful offers a flexible meal plan, with an option to order up to three weeks in advance to make sure you are never met with an empty fridge!

How much: Delivery costs vary

Nutrition Kitchen

“Simple, sustainable, delicious”—in Nutrition Kitchen’s own words, its ethos is to offer some of the most diverse meal plans available in the city, all of which can be ordered with just a few quick clicks. Professionally prepared and nutritionally balanced, its calorie-controlled meals can be re-heated in as little as three minutes. Whether you are aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or simply want to take the thinking out of your lunches and dinners, Nutrition Kitchen’s global menu of Western and Asian favourites has got your dietary needs covered.

How much: Delivery costs vary


Keeping things plain and simple, Mealthy makes your healthy eating habits that much easier. Simply select a meal plan scheme, fill in some standard questions, and Mealthy’s chefs will select the best ingredients according to your requests. Once that’s done, meals are packed into accurate portions to help control your nutritional intake, which can be stored in a freezer to keep things safe and fresh. All you need to do is heat the meal up and enjoy!

How much: Contact for more details on delivery prices

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