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Eat the Kiwi

Posted 18 March 2020

Eat The Kiwi is your one stop shop for high-quality home delivered groceries at great value. Working directly with our farmers and producers; means we cut-out the middleman. This results in better prices, savings we share with you. We aim to be Hong Kong’s best online grocery store offering a wide range of top notch goods, excellent customer service and eco-friendly packaging. Our online supermarket stocks over 350 products including;

· Fruit and Vegetables (fresh and frozen),

· Free-Range Meat (whole cuts available),

· Free-Range Organic Eggs,

· Sustainably Sourced Seafood,

· Dairy, Bread, Cooking Oils, Recipe Kits, Eco-friendly household cleaning products and more…

(we’ve got gluten-free, organic and plant-based options too). Concerned about excessive plastic? So are we.

· Our icepacks and boxes are recyclable. Our boxes are made with FSC certified cardboard (the highest social and environmental certification for forest derived materials)

· Our fruit and vegetables are packed loose.

· Wool Cool lines our boxes, insulating the goodness and keeping it frosty fresh. It’s cool because it’s biodegradable, compostable and sealed in recyclable food-grade HDPE.

We look forward to delivering you the goodness one day soon!