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13 nostalgic food & drinks that remind us of the UK

By Marks & Spencer Sponsored | 13 July 2020

We all love Hong Kong for the vast array of delicacies on offer. There is just so much amazing food crammed into the city that it can make your head spin, wowing and delighting anyone who visits. That said, sometimes our palates just crave the familiar taste of food from ol’ Blighty. Thankfully, we do have trustworthy institutions to lean on for such needs. We’ve rounded up our favourite food and drinks that remind us of the UK; read on for an exclusive limited-time offer on these products as well!


Meat-flavoured potato crisps

There’s just something so moreish about a good bag of crisps. Sweet and savoury flavours mix delightfully in Honey Roast Wiltshire Ham Flavour Potato Crisps ($26) with a satisfying crunch, and we guarantee you won’t be able to put the bag down while watching Netflix.

Sausage rolls

A quintessentially British snack, Sausage Rolls ($59) are great for hitting the spot when you’re just feeling peckish. These ones are ready to eat even when cold, but we prefer heating them up slightly in a toaster oven. Dunk them in some HP Sauce or ketchup for a bit more zing!


Rice pudding

The rice-dominated Asian nations may look at this sweet rice dessert with barely disguised revulsion, but we do love a good Clotted Cream Rice Pudding ($49). Creamy, milky, and not sickeningly sweet, you can still taste the flavour of rice along with the texture of softened grains. Some like eating it with custard, but we prefer having it as is.

Chocolate & orange cakes

Why buy a pack of Jaffa Cakes when you can get an entire tub of Extremely Chocolatey Chocolate & Orange Mini Bites ($59)? They look cute as well, shaped into sponge rolls with a rich buttercream and orange filling, then covered with smooth milk chocolate. As soon as you crunch through the delicate chocolate coating, the orange flavours come through and balance out the sweetness perfectly.

Baked goods

Welsh cakes

As the name suggests, Welsh Cakes ($39) are traditionally from Wales. They are also known as griddle cakes because they used to be cooked on a bakestone; people then added dried fruits and sugar to the simple flatbread recipe, and created the Welsh Cake. These particular ones are made to an all-butter recipe with Vostizza currants, and still baked on a griddle and flipped by hand. Served dusted with castor sugar, you don’t even need any other accompaniment.


Most people like having pancakes or English muffins for breakfast, so why not have the best of both worlds with Buttermilk Pikelets ($30)? Shaped like an English muffin with those characteristic holes, but flat like a pancake, pikelets are great with a pat of butter and some jam. These baked treats will be handy to have knocking about in your kitchen for breakfast, lunch, supper, or even as a midnight snack!


English breakfast tea

If it’s one of those day when you’re feeling down in the dumps and your stress level is almost maxed out, take a leaf out of the Brits’ book for a cure-all solution. Sit and down and have a cup of tea! Even if the sky is about to fall down, nothing will calm your nerves more than having sipping a good cuppa, and Fairtrade English Breakfast Loose Tea ($39) is the bee’s knees.

Elderflower cordial

Elderflower is the essence of a British summer, so we certainly couldn’t miss out on the British Elderflower Cordial ($49) and its strong Victorian heritage. This is an absolute must-have drink for picnics and barbecues! We love to mix it with sparkling water for the fizz and the “aah” feeling.

Gin and tonic

The classic of all classic drinks, we will never turn down a G&T. Handy cocktails in the can are the cornerstone of many a fun, boozy summer afternoon in London’s parks, and our favourite is definitely the Gin and Tonic ($29).


Chicken kievs and steak pies

We’re not sure about you guys, but we remember the days when a good old Collection Gastropub Chicken Kiev ($79) or a British Deep Filled Puff Pastry Steak Pie ($89) helped save many last-minute luncheons and dinners. All you have to do is pop it in the oven or, if you want to be fancy, into the air fryer. Good enough to even serve as home-made, your guests will have no idea that you cheated a little, so don’t be surprised if you receive compliments on the puff pastry.


Red onion chutney

Sometimes, you just feel in the mood for a cheese and pickle sandwich, one of the ultimate homey, comfort foods. Instead of just using any old pickle, the Caramelised Red Onion Chutney ($45) will elevate your humble sandwich to another level. We swear it’s good enough to be eaten alone, but is also the perfect accompaniment to a cheeseboard.

Summer fruits jams

How long has it been since you tried a sweet spread that’s more adventurous than strawberry jam? The British Plum & Damson Soft Set Jam ($39) is packed full of summery fruit flavours, and can be the faithful companion of pretty much any carb-y baked good!

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