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10 affordable lunch spots in North Point

By Catharina Cheung 15 July 2020

Header images courtesy of @agnes_storytelling (Instagram) and @natalie_cha (Instagram)

Though North Point isn’t really an area that immediately springs to mind when the topic of good eats comes up, this residential neighbourhood is actually packed with local eateries and an increasing number of independent cafés. We’ve done the leg work and saved you running around during your precious hour’s break. Here are 10 of North Point’s affordable spots for lunch, all under $100!

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Photo credit: @thatfoodcray (Instagram)

Tim Ho Wan

Though obviously not an eatery exclusive to North Point, how can we leave out everyone’s favourite Michelin-starred dim sum joint? Just one year after its founding in 2009, Tim Ho Wan debuted in the Michelin Guide but has thankfully kept the prices on their freshly made-to-order dishes affordable.

Their menu may be small, but it’s definitely quality over quantity here. Depending on how hungry you are, order their Har Gau shrimp dumplings ($34), Siu Mai Pork and Shrimp Dumplings ($34), Char Siu Bao BBQ Pork Bun ($23) with its famous pineapple bun exterior, Pan-fried Turnip Cake ($20), and Rice Noodle Rolls with Pig’s Liver ($26).

Tim Ho Wan, Shop B–D, G/F, Seaview Building, 2–8 Wharf Road, North Point | (+852) 2979 5608


Brew Note Coffee Roaster

Specialising in cold brews, these guys are a local micro-roaster offering seasonal, direct-trade coffee beans and fresh roasts. They also do a range of food, including a breakfast menu served until 3 pm. You can’t really go wrong with an Avocado on Toast with Sunny Side-Up ($65) or a Croque Monsieur ($85), can you? Don’t forget to grab a cup of liquid energy on your way out!

Brew Note Coffee Roaster, 19 Fort Street, North Point | (+852) 2562 9990

Photo credit: (Instagram)

青藏牛肉麵 Beef Noodles

This little noodle place is tucked into an alley behind the North Point MTR station, but it’s well worth having a nosey around to find it. There isn’t even an English name, so look out for the Chinese characters. They’ve got several lunch options, including a Chicken Cutlet Rice Set ($48) which comes with a drink, or a Mutton Noodles Set ($50) which includes a starter, the noodles, and a soft drink. Fantastic prices with generous portions, but do consider bringing a Chinese-speaking companion along, as the menus are all in Chinese.

Beef Noodles, G/F, 41A Kam Ping Street, North Point | (+852) 2151 0506

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Ancient Moon

The owner of this restaurant is a big fan of Penang in Malaysia, and so decided to bring the flavours of Malaysian cuisine to us. Fans of the pork rib soup bak kut teh will love this restaurant as they’ve got three different types just on their lunch menu! Their Signature Bak Kut Teh ($80) is perfect for the first-timer, while those who want an added dose of healthiness should try the Medicinal Black Pork Bak Kut Teh ($88), stewed with medicinal herbs. Otherwise, Prawn Noodles ($80) or the traditional breakfast dish Nasi Lemak ($60) are both always good bets.

Ancient Moon, Shop A, 29 Kam Ping Street, North Point | (+852) 3568 4530

Photo credit: @thedonutgroup (Instagram)

The Big Bite

Sometimes you just need a junk food binge to get you through the day, and that’s alright! The Big Bite is a Canadian burger joint serving up hearty ribs and steak, chargrilled burgers, hotdogs, and a range of craft beers. Our favourite is the Slurpy Jane ($76), a grilled chicken burger with creamy mushroom sauce, cheese, and onion rings. Get the napkins ready because you’re bound to make a mess. Interestingly, they’ve also got a PJ Burger ($72)—peanut butter and jam—for the sweet-toothed!

The Big Bite, Shop 4B, G/F, Kar Fu Building, 196–202 Java Road, North Point | (+852) 6979 9690

Photo credit: @kedo_ou (Instagram)

Tonkla Thai Snack

This tiny, unassuming eatery is all too easy to miss when you’re shuffling through the lunch hour crowds, but it has actually been featured in 2016’s Michelin Street Food Guide (under its previous name Canaan Thai Snack). Our go-to choices are usually the Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with Minced Pork ($60) or the perennial favourite Green Curry with Chicken, Beef, or Pork ($60). As it’s such a small business, there’s only one chef toiling away in the back so don’t be annoyed by a bit of a wait.

Tonkla Thai Snack, G/F, 146 Java Road, North Point | (+852) 5242 2809

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Photo credit: @imfoodiek (Instagram)

16 Shell

The interesting Italian-inspired dishes in 16 Shell were designed by Chef Nic—better known as the famous Hong Kong actor Nichola Tse. As a celebrity chef-endorsed restaurant, you can expect prices to be a little higher than your run-of-the-mill eateries, but with the lunch sets still at under $100, whyever not?

We’d go for the Portabella Bacon Creamy Sauce Linguine ($78), though the more health-conscious might prefer the Chicken Thigh with Tomato Sauce Linguine ($88). All lunch sets also come with a soup or salad, rounded off with coffee or tea.

16 Shell, Shop B, G/F, Po Wing Building, 6–16 Shell Street, Fortress Hill | (+852) 3954 5918


Tiny Green Kitchen

Though the name sounds like it might belong to an organic, vegetarian, farm-to-table eatery, this restaurant actually serves homey Shanghainese food. This is absolutely true for their á la carte menu, with dishes such as Shanghai Fried Noodles, Pan-fried Baos, or Dan Dan Noodles, but their lunch menu is much more generic cha chaan teng fare. Expect offerings such as Fujian Fried Rice, Preserved Vegetables and Pork Vermicelli, or Stir-fried Beef Hor Fun—at only $55 for the dish with either a daily soup or a drink, this is what we call value for money.

Tiny Green Kitchen, G/F, 12 North Point Road, North Point | (+852) 2887 2728


Coffee 101

Granted, this café is located further from the centre of North Point, sitting on the slopes of Braemar Hill, but if you're in the area over lunchtime, then it’s worth popping into. A chill spot serving British and Aussie-style food, Coffee 101 is the hang out for a lot of college students from the nearby Hong Kong Shue Yan University, so it has that peaceful, hipster vibe about it. For $78, you can get an All-Day Breakfast of tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, toast, and a salad, with a vegetarian option available for $68 as well. They’ve also got a regularly rotating Pasta of the Day ($58), and a drink to tack onto the set costs an additional $15. Sit outside on their terrace if the weather is good and people watch!

Coffee 101, Shop 12, G/F, Braemar Hill Shopping Centre, 45 Braemar Hill Road, North Point | (+852) 2338 2521

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Photo credit: @myfoodiediaryyy(Instagram)

Relax & Refresh

Tucked away up towards the residential section of North Point, Relax & Refresh is close enough to the centre of the neighbourhood but also quiet enough for a peaceful lunch. We particularly like their duck-egg blue walls, accented by the choice of crockery in shades of teal and navy.

For $88, you can get a lunch set that consists of their daily pasta listed on their blackboard, with a choice of three different toppings on a malted honey rye sandwich. Pro tip: They are happy to increase the portion size for the pastas, as long as you can definitely finish it—no wastage here!

Relax & Refresh, Shop 1A, G/F, Tanner Court, 60 Tanner Road, North Point | (+852) 2488 8011

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Catharina Cheung

Senior editor

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