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What to expect from grocery subscriptions in Hong Kong

By Eat the Kiwi Sponsored | 1 June 2020

Subscription boxes have been around for a while now, conveniently bringing us products regularly, such as beauty items, skincare, books, and snacks. With the rise of grocery delivery platforms, food is another group of such products that you can buy without even having to crawl out of bed.

But there are certain foodstuffs and produce that we all need to stock up on the regular, such as vegetables, eggs, and meat. The joy of living in the twenty-first century means that you can now have such items delivered to you on a recurring basis, without you even having to log on and add anything to your shopping cart. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need any more of our money, so we consulted with the folks at Eat the Kiwi to find out how subscription delivery works.

Funny name! What is Eat the Kiwi?

Eat the Kiwi is an online grocer whose name reflects the fact that they stock high-quality products from New Zealand—a country abundant in unspoilt nature, pure water supply, fertile soil, and clean air. In an increasingly health-conscious world, it’s great to know that all their food products are sustainably farmed, free-range, natural, or grass-fed, with a range of plant-based and organic products as well. All of the protein and eggs supplied are reared in the natural outdoors and are free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.

With their growing collection of over 400 products, Eat the Kiwi also supplies over 200 of Hong Kong’s five-star hotels, restaurants, and private clubs, so you know you’re getting top-notch quality goods to work with in your own kitchen.

What’s so special about Eat the Kiwi?

The company works directly with carefully selected farmers and producers in New Zealand. Having a straight line to the source means knowing exactly where and who your food comes from. By cutting out the middleman in the supply chain, Eat the Kiwi are able to get better rates, and these discounts are reflected in their prices—a win-win situation with savings enjoyed by all.

Keeping in line with their sustainable produce ethos, another touch that makes Eat the Kiwi stand out is their packaging. Gone are the plastic wrappings you too often see in supermarkets. Your delivery from Eat the Kiwi comes in FSC-certified recyclable cardboard boxes lined with WoolCool, a natural and sustainable insulator made of sheep’s wool. This material is 100 percent biodegradable, and when used in gardening or composting, will release valuable nitrates back into the earth.

WoolCool is also specifically designed for use in the delivery of chilled and frozen goods such as meat, seafood, cheese, and fresh produce. Being able to save money and the environment in one go? This is high-key the kind of lifestyle we should all be aiming towards.

So how does grocery subscription work?

There are certain food staples that we always need to have stocked in our kitchens, such as eggs and vegetables. Instead of having to go to the shops or go online to grocery delivery sites every few days to keep purchasing, Eat the Kiwi offers Hong Kong’s first grocery subscription service to simplify your life.

When you subscribe to an ingredient, it gets saved in your account, and you can choose to have it sent to you weekly or fortnightly. The items you choose to add will automatically be reordered according to your choice of time frame, the charge automatically applied to your card, and the delivery will turn up on your doorstep in due time—all without you having to do a single thing.

Of course, you can have more than one running subscription. Each ingredient will have its own option for the regularity of delivery, so you can simply customise what gets sent to your home according to the speed in which food gets consumed. You’ll never again have to experience that moment when you realise, “Oh no, we’ve run out of eggs and cheese!”

Better yet, Eat the Kiwi offers subscribers a discount on their products! When you choose to subscribe to an ingredient, you will be charged its full price on your very first order, but with subsequent deliveries under the subscription basis, a saving of 10 percent will automatically be applied. Time and money; two birds, one stone!

The weekly cut-off for ordering is midnight on Thursday, and the Kiwi trucks will hit the road to deliver your goods on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Orders over $1,000 will also be able to enjoy delivery for free! Click here to find out more about Eat the Kiwi and the many premium products that they offer.

Eat the Kiwi

Eat the Kiwi delivers the goodness of New Zealand to restaurants and homes in Hong Kong. They understand the level of quality and consistency that top chefs need, and know that this is what customers want at home too, sourcing peak season produce directly from farmers and producers. Eat the Kiwi also offers Hong Kong’s first grocery subscription service.

Unit F, 27/F, Block 2, Vigor Industrial Building, 49–53 Ta Chuen Ping Street, Kwai Chung