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Movie Night: What’s On in Cinemas around Hong Kong This Week

If you’re looking for a little quiet time in between the mayhem this March, we can’t say we blame you. Come rain or shine, a lazy Sunday afternoon at the cinema is never a bad idea. These are just some of the films on show across screens in the city this week.

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Green Book

Set in the 1960s, the film follows the forging of an unlikely friendship between African-American pianist Don Shirley and Italian-American Tony Vallelonga, hired to provide security and accompany Shirley on his tour of the Deep South, when race-related tensions were at an all-time high.

Rolling Stone says: Simplistic? Maybe. But in a time when our nation is more divided than ever, the movie offers the possibility of redemption.

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The Favourite

The critically acclaimed, Golden Globe-nominated period comedy chronicles an ageing Queen Anne’s relationships with close confidant, the Duchess of Marlborough, and the arrival of her cousin, Abigail Hill.

Vulture says: Though mostly twaddle as history, Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Favourite is wonderful, nasty fun, a period drama (wigs, breeches, beauty spots) that holds the screen with gnashing teeth and slashing nails.

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A self-proclaimed re-telling of untold truths surrounding Dick Cheney’s acceptance of the Vice Presidency, and the events that followed suit as a result.

The New York Times says: Vice offers more than rage-bait for liberal moviegoers. If this is in some respects a monster movie, it’s one that takes a lively and at times surprisingly sympathetic interest in its chosen demon.

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Ben is Back

Julia Roberts stars in a gripping tale of a mother’s unwavering willingness to help her son, who returns home unexpectedly still battling with drug addiction and the complications it brings.

Vulture says: Ben Is Back makes you dream of a world in which no one needs movies like Ben Is Back.

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Based on real-life events surrounding the disastrous events that unfolded in 2000, when the Kursk submarine sank and the bureaucracy that delayed rescue efforts by more than five days.

The Guardian says: It’s a heartbreaking, troubling film about men whose lives were cruelly deprioritised and whose families remain ever altered as a result. It ends on a note of melancholy but the burning anger also remains, the final scenes tinged with a painful awareness of wounds that may never heal.

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Captain Marvel

An all-new female superhero takes centre stage in the latest Marvel film, which sees Carol Danvers transform from humble human to almighty power, and finding herself faced – quite literally – with a war of the worlds.

Empire says: As a Nick Fury buddy comedy, it’s fun. As a feminist fable it’s essential. This takes a while to really get going, but when Carol Danvers takes off she is unstoppable.

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Escape Room

Six strangers meet in the confines of an Escape Room – each with the ambition of coming out with a million dollar prize – only to discover that not all is what it seems.

Vulture says: There’s real care and attention to detail in all the wicked little traps of ‘Escape Room’, where a lesser production might have cut corners. The same can be said for the script.

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On the Basis of Sex

A star-studded biopic chronicling the original battle of the sexes, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s inspiring fight for equality.

The NYTimes says: ‘On the Basis of Sex’ does a brisk, coherent job of articulating what Ginsburg accomplished and why it mattered.

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Mary Queen of Scots

A historical biopic chronicling England and Scotland as warring lands, with its rulers Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots fighting for the throne.

Rolling Stone says: The film succeeds best when it shows how in times more conducive to the friendship of women in power the two queens could have been sisters under the skin. 

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A family of four’s weekend away at the beach takes a dark turn when four mysterious, masked faces appear at their cabin, who appear to be identical to the family themselves, but with ill-fated intentions.

The Guardian says: Peele’s follow-up to ‘Get Out’ is a superb doppelganger satire of the American dream.

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The Academy Award-nominated documentary chronicles the life and times of pop culture and feminist icon, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Empire says: This is the origin film we really need right now. Directors Cohen and West have brought a liberal trailblazer’s fascinating and largely untold story proudly into the spotlight.

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Coming Soon

The Aftermath

Based on a book of the same name, the film charts a British couple’s arrival in Hamburg in the aftermath of the war, and their unexpected decision to share their new home with its former tenant, a German widower.

The Guardian says: Suite Française meets Lady Chatterley in this hammy and preposterous 1940s romantic drama set in the aftermath of the second world war.

Opens March 28


The popular Disney film gets a star-studded remake and a Burton-esque spin. Baby Dumbo is made a laughing stock with his oversized ears, until carer Holt and his children uncover a special skill that could see him take flight.

No reviews yet

Opens March 28


Teen Billy Batson is transformed by a wizard into the Dionysian superhero figure, Shazam!, but he remains a kid at heart while he is tasked with defeating evil mastermind, Dr Thaddeus Sivana.

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Opens April 4

Pet Sematary

Two decades on, the Stephen King tale hits screens for a second time, with the remake promising to be even more terrifying than the first inception.

Variety says: Without the kind of small details that make these characters come to life, it’s easy to feel that they exist only to be dispatched according to the directors’ whims. Most of their fates are directly repeated from the earlier version, although a radical departure is made with the film’s ending. Maybe you can teach a dead cat new tricks after all.

Opens April 4

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