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Your Guide to Hong Kong’s Best Cycling Trail: The Tolo Harbour

Finding a good cycling route in Hong Kong can be challenging, but Tolo Harbour is one place that offers everything a cyclist could ever want from a pedalling excursion. From where to go, to what to expect, founder of Wild Hong Kong, Rory Mackay, takes us on a journey along one of Hong Kong’s most stunning cycling routes, from start to finish.

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Offering scenic coastlines for cyclists and nature lovers, the Tolo Harbour pries its way into the inner most parts of the eastern New Territories. Home to dedicated bicycle paths, breathtaking views, and peaceful lakeside villages, the neighbouring towns and villages from Sha Tin all the way up to Tai Mei Tuk are ideal for cyclists to explore.

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Starting at Tai Wai, getting there is easy – simply jump on the MTR east rail line and hop off at Tai Wai Station (Exit A). Once you’re there, you will find multiple bicycle rental shops that offer a huge variety for rental. Typically, it costs around $70 for a basic run around, and about $120 or so for the whole day. It might be useful to try and find a shop that has outlets in both Tai Wo and Tai Mei Tuk so you have the option to make a one-way trip, should you decide that you’ve had enough of cycling for the day. Make note that some shops do not offer safety helmets, so you may wish to come prepared in that department.

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Once you are all geared up, it’s time to let the fun begin! Start by pedalling northwards through Sha Tin, while keeping the Shing Mun River on your right hand side. If you are there on the weekend, you will notice the recreational atmosphere in the area, so be aware as the paths may be filled with people running, flying kites, and of course, cycling. If you prefer a more peaceful experience, visit during the weekdays when you will often find the cycle paths at your complete disposal. This cycling route is also perfect for families as it avoids any road crossings, and all hazards are clearly pointed out on signposts.

After notching up the first 5km, you will find yourself cycling towards the end of Shing Mun River as it runs into the Tolo Harbour, opening up a stunning scenic view right before you. This route is well serviced with public toilets and drink kiosks for those who need to make a quick pit stop en route. Once you have reached Tai Po, remember to make a right turn and head towards the Tai Po Waterfront Park.

Turning eastwards, you will continue to hug the coastline for another 30 to 45 minutes before reaching the idyllic village of Tai Mei Tuk. With the Pat Sin Leng Mountains on the left, and a vast expanse of water peppered with small sailing crafts on the right, the panoramic views in this section of the route will make your cycling adventure up north well worth the trip.

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