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Family & Education in Hong Kong

Get the best information for your family in Hong Kong, with essential information on local schools, things to do with children in Hong Kong, hand parenting tips, career advice, pet care tips, and top property picks around the city.

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MegaIce Hockey 5's Adult Men's Division
Family & Education

Where to Play Ice Hockey in Hong Kong

Trying to stay active in this sweltering Hong Kong heat? Don’t be a hoser! Pick up ice hockey, a fast-paced sport that can be played all year round thanks to indoor skating rinks. Though the Hong Kong International Hockey Association was founded nearly 40 years ago, ice hockey has grown in popularity only in the last decade. The sport originates …

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Why You Should Choose HK Works To Be Your New Office

With the self-employed, remote workers, and contract workers on the rise, and more people in regular employment working flexibly, traditional offices are in decline. Many freelancers, small companies, and more are choosing to use co-working spaces over private offices for a gamut of reasons. The only downside is many of these shared office spaces can come at a hefty price. If you’re loving …

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