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Your neighbourhood guide to Tseung Kwan O

By Localiiz 21 June 2019 | Last Updated 31 January 2022

Header image courtesy of @wing1990hk (via Wikimedia Commons)

Originally published by Inés Fung. Last updated by Annette Chan and Alisa Chau.

“You live so far away!” Yes, and it’s great. Tseung Kwan O is a family-friendly new town in East Kowloon (but technically it’s a part of Eastern New Territories). Stretching out over four MTR stations and surrounded by nature, the residential hub is often deemed boring. We’re here to prove the naysayers wrong with our in-depth neighbourhood guide.

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Things to see & do


Run out of Peppa Pig episodes? Let the little tykes tire themselves out with a visit to Japanese game centre company Namco’s newly opened indoor digital playground, Docodoco! With state-of-the-art digital projections, various different interactive play zones, and loads of other fun surprises, this 5,000-square-foot space is like the toddler-friendly answer to TeamLab’s immersive Borderless museum in Tokyo.

Docodoco, Shop 404–405, The Lohas, 1 Lohas Park Road, Tseung Kwan O

Photo: @wkkfelix (via Instagram)

Little Hawaii trail

The Little Hawaii hiking trail carries over a hundred years of Tseung Kwan O history and is one of the easiest hikes you will find in Hong Kong. The trail originated in 1906 when Alfred Herbert Rennie, a Canadian businessman, set up Rennie’s Mill in Tseung Kwan O Village at the edge of what is now Po Lam.

He built a small reservoir and a 100-foot dam to generate electricity, and after his tragic death, it was turned into a private swimming pool for the surrounding villages. Now hikers can find a small but scenic oasis that can be reached via Tseung Kwan O Village, featuring a waterfall on the ruins of the reservoir. This hike is great for people of all exercise levels as it clocks in at less than two hours, and is mostly shaded and gently sloped.

Photo: @chengdaniel (via Instagram)

Mau Wu Shan

Mau Wu Shan is home to an extremely well-preserved observation post. The bunker is said to have been built during the late 1800s and was used for observing maritime movements in Fat Tong Chau during the Qing dynasty. The British also used the bunker for coastal defence during World War II. It’s a short hike from Haven of Hope Hospital and only takes one and a half hours to finish off at Lam Tin. However, we recommend furthering the hike to the old Gough Battery on Devil’s Peak in Yau Tong to make for a truly unique relics’ experience.

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Photo: @h_letsgohiking (via Instagram)

High Junk Peak

Offering breathtaking views away from the crowds, High Junk Peak is the second-sharpest peak in Hong Kong. The steep hike rewards you with clear sights of both Port Shelter and Clear Water Bay, much loved by aerial photographers. For thrillseekers, the trail is open on weekdays to mountain bikers. Compared to the other hikes mentioned in this guide, High Junk Trail is definitely on the more difficult side, so go prepared!

Take minibus 103 or 103M from Hang Hau to Ng Fai Tin, where the hike begins. The trail finishes at Po Toi O, an idyllic fishing village that is home to great seafood and two pieces of history: Hong Kong’s oldest and biggest Tin Hau temple, and the oldest rock inscription found in Hong Kong.

Photo: @wing1990hk (via Wikimedia Commons)

Hong Kong Velodrome Park

In a city full of skyscrapers, green space is a rare sight. Hong Kong Velodrome Park is a sprawling five-hectare park covered in lush lawns and artificial lakes, perfect for a summertime picnic. The park is home to the Hong Kong Velodrome, a sports centre with an international standard 250-metre wooden cycling track, as well as a concrete skate park, climbing wall, and jogging track.

The park is well-loved by TKO locals and you’ll find plenty of families lounging underneath the cherry blossom trees on a late spring day. If you’re feeling peckish or have a hankering for your daily coffee, check out The Alchemist Café & Bistro beside the main entrance of the cycling dome.

Photo: wing1990hk (via Wikimedia Commons)

Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park

Stretching one and a half hectares and connecting Tiu Keng Leng to Lohas Park is Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park, where on a good day you’ll find joggers and dog walkers basking in the sunset glow. The park offers panoramic views of Eastern Hong Kong Island and its surroundings are ever-changing as new high rise residential developments line the harbourfront. Don’t want to walk? Head to Beverly Cycle in Po Lam to rent a bike and ride along the cycling path that covers the entire Tseung Kwan O area.

On the south side of the park is Wan Po Road Pet Garden, Hong Kong’s largest pet park where your furry friends can play off-leash. The Garden is split into three areas: one for large pets, one for small pets, and one for everyone to mingle. Who let the dogs out?

Photo: Parks Supplies Company Ltd.

Tseung Kwan O Swimming Pool

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Tseung Kwan O Swimming Pool is the best in Hong Kong. It can rival any waterpark with not one, but eight pools including water slides of different lengths and giant water pistols and levers to keep both kids and adults alike entertained. Just imagine how epic water fights can be here!

It’s not all fun and games though: Swimmers hoping to work on their technique can do so at the training and diving pools year-round. The pool opens from 6.30 am to 10 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and is just two blocks away from Po Lam Station so you can enjoy a cool-off at almost any time.

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Where to eat & drink

Photo: @myclsfriends (via Instagram)

Thai Cool

Enjoy sea views alongside an affordable meal of tasty Thai fare at Thai Cool, a popular neighbourhood eatery on the Tseung Kwan O waterfront. Dig into crowd-pleasers like stir-fried pork neck ($88), Hainanese chicken rice ($78), and the signature prawn pad thai ($88), which comes encased in an omelette lattice. As a pet-friendly establishment, this is a great spot to do a little dog-spotting—or just bring your own pup along to be admired.

Thai Cool, Shop G25, Papillons Square, 21 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2329 3830

Photo: Teppanyaki Mihara

Teppanyaki Mihara

One of two shiny new Japanese additions to The Parkside’s F&B offerings is prestigious-yet-affordable Teppanyaki Mihara, which has a modern Japanese fusion menu focusing on seasonal and premium ingredients. Behind the grill, you’ll find the restaurant’s head chef and namesake, Terufumi Mihara, who is a dab hand at the Shiogama-Yaki cooking style—a seafood preparation technique which requires baking fish and crustaceans in a Hokkaido salt crust, which gets cracked at the table for an extra flourish.

Teppanyaki Mihara, Shop G06, The Parkside, 18 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 3618 8212

Photo: Izakaya by K

Izakaya by K

Just next door to Teppanyaki Mihara is sister restaurant Izakaya by K, a modern take on the iconic izakaya gastropubs frequented by Japanese salarymen after the working day. Led by Michelin-trained Japanese chef Yusuke Kitade, the vibrant after-work hotspot has an extensive menu of over 100 izakaya favourites, which have been reimagined and updated in a more indulgent fusion style.

Specialities include the Wagyu beef clay pot rice ($380) with a sauce of Madeira wine and the fatty tuna tartare with avocado paste and marinated egg yolk ($210). Of course, sake pairings are a must at izakayas—and Izakaya by K’s sake sommelier is there to recommend a bevvy of hidden gems from Japan’s extensive sake world.

Izakaya by K, Shop G07, The Parkside, 18 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 3618 8211

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Photo: @staywithcafe (via Instagram)

Stay With Café

As a burgeoning suburban hotspot, it was only a matter of time before Tseung Kwan O got its very own trendy pet-friendly café. Taking over our Instagram feeds four paws at a time is Stay With Café, which somehow combines sumptuous velvet upholstery with quirky knickknacks, moody florals, and industrial fittings with aplomb.

Its broad menu covers everything from all-day breakfast to burgers and fusion Japanese-inspired pasta dishes. There’s even a dedicated pet menu full of healthy snacks and drinks for your furry friend, so you can grab a roasted duck breast ($72) for yourself and a doggie afternoon tea set ($88) for your pup.

Stay With Café, Shop 3B, Alto Residences, 29 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O

Photo: District 8

District 8

The latest addition to Tseung Kwan O’s waterfront dining scene is the approachable Parisian-style steakhouse District 8, courtesy of Woolly Pig (the restaurant group behind Hue and Big Sur). Expect the same laidback ambience and comforting French fare as its original branch at Elements, with the addition of breezy sea views from the semi-covered alfresco patio.

Indulge in bistro classics like baked escargots ($150) and steak frites (starting from $270) served with herby butter sauce and charred onions, and cap everything off with a visit to the sprawling space’s dedicated ice cream trolly. In the mood for a tipple? Check out the eclectic menu of cocktails and mocktails, from Beef It ($110), a jerky-topped drink made with beef fat-washed bourbon, to the booze-free Not So Cosmo ($75) made with Seedlip Grove, cranberry, lime, and burnt orange.

District 8, Shop 10, Greenwich Village, Alto Residences, 29 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 3500 5860

Photo: @folivoran2o_ (via Instagram)

Rise Kitchen

Rise was born out of a passion for French artisanal baking and their restaurant in Tseung Kwan O serves up delicious bread, pastries, and European all-day dining. On a busy night, you’ll have to wait in line for a table at this cosy café, but the delicious and affordable food makes it all worth it. Its most popular dishes include a loaded and luxurious all-day breakfast ($149), as well as a substantial French foie gras and Australian chicken ten-grain rice ($139). Can’t get enough? Its in-house bakery also hosts workshops for baking enthusiasts and cooking classes.

Rise Kitchen, Shop 4, Alto Residences, 29 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2703 9388

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By Beverly Ngai 20 November 2020
By Beverly Ngai 13 November 2020
Photo: @cassieblog (via Instagram)

Amare Bistro & Wine

Amare is relatively new to the Tseung Kwan O waterfront dining scene but has quickly captured the hearts of locals with their fresh and affordable Italian inspired menu. Go for their handcrafted pizzas like the Calabrese ($148) or the Parma ham ($148), or a light pasta or risotto dish like the black truffle carbonara ($168) and the squid ink seafood risotto ($178). On a sunny weekend afternoon, you’ll often find the Amare’s alfresco patio packed with families and pets, too.

Amare Bistro & Wine, Shop G02, Monterey Place, 23 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2576 2398

Photo: @madiraasianfusion (via Instagram)


Madira is a modern Indian and European fusion bistro with friendly service and excellent food to boot. As with most restaurants in the area, prices at Madira are reasonable and the alfresco dining vibes are a welcome change from the malls that dominate the area. Here you’ll find everything from a perfectly spiced chicken tikka masala to pizzas and baby back ribs. The real standout here is their cocktail menu, which pairs well with their shisha offerings, with flavours like masala chai and orange Seville coffee.

Madira, Shop G21, Papillons Square, 21 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2869 9933

Well On Shopping Arcade

Well On Shopping Arcade is one of the rare pockets within the area that haven’t been taken over by corporate restaurant chains. Where in Hong Kong can you get 10 made-to-order dumplings for less than $30? Why, at Leung Kee (良記小食), of course! There’s always a queue for their signature leek and yam dumplings and we can’t decide if we prefer them steamed or fried.

Need to sit down? The Excellence (日年華美食) is one of the only tuckshops in the arcade that have seating space. Students and workers in the area flock to The Excellence for lunch, and we don’t blame them: $26 for a bowl of rice or noodles with two toppings of your choice is an absolute deal.

Last but not least, Cho Ying (楚塋小食) has an abundance of snack options that will satisfy even the pickiest foodie. We love that they have made an effort to offer healthier options like a $5 bowl of stir-fried Chinese kale.

Well On Shopping Arcade, 9 Yuk Nga Lane, Yau Yue Wan

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Photo: @inkithefood (via Instagram)

Vortex American Snack Bar

Beverly Garden is another local enclave popular with students for its cheap eats. Get in with the TKO natives by grabbing an alfresco seat and chowing down on food made with love. You’ll want to check out lively burger joint Vortex American Snack Bar, run by young owner and chef Ken. All burgers are handcrafted and topped with bagels instead of burger buns, and paired with hearty servings of tortilla chips and guacamole.

Vortex American Snack Bar, Shop 46, Beverly Garden, 1 Tong Ming Sreet, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2388 7133

Photo: @ballchuk (via Instagram)

Chao Siang

Tucked away in a Hang Hau alley is Chao Siang, a family-style Chiuchow restaurant specialising in braised goose and tofu. Order with caution if your eyes are bigger than your stomach as the portions here are made for sharing.

Chao Siang, Shop 25, On Ning Garden, 10 Sheung Ning Road, Hang Hau | (+852) 2363 1138

Photo: @wincyholic (via OpenRice)

Hang Hau Village

If you’re happy to venture out just a bit more, Hang Hau Village has three tried-and-true eateries that locals would prefer to keep a secret, but we reckon they’re too good not to be shared. Lardos Steak House may be small, but their portions are big and service is always amiable. They’ve been at it for two decades now! Make sure you visit with an empty stomach, as they’re famous for their tomahawk prime, a succulently grilled platter of steak perfect for sharing.

If you can’t get a table at Lardos, why not skip across the street for some Thai delights at Grand Restaurant & Pub? Grand Restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating and is very accomodating for large groups. They serve up Thai favourites like tom yum and curry crab, all at a reasonable price. Service can get a little dicey when they get busy, but the great food and atmosphere make up for it.

Not into Thai food? Yin at Home is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Japanese restaurant serving up fresh seafood and mouthwatering skewers.

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By Catharina Cheung 28 August 2020
By Annette Chan 4 October 2018
Photo: Café Bohème

Café Bohème

Sharing similar breezy al fresco vibes as its sister location in the West Kowloon Art Park, this casually tasteful space plates up updated Italian eats that are as pretty to photograph as they are delicious to devour. Fully basking in the laidback spirit of the place, lap up the views of passers-by and their pups strolling along the waterfront as you sip on a classic Aperol Spritz ($78) that perfects the mix of sweetness tipped with bitterness from the Campari.

Designed for families and groups, their pizzas and little bites will impress even the fussiest of eaters. Café Bohème even provides mini versions of classics like pasta Bolognese ($88) and margarita pizza ($88) for the little ones! Tuck into seafood linguine ($148) peppered with clams, shrimp, and tomatoes, and feel the burst of delight from dragging a fork through the decadently soft yet pudding-like mozzarella that tops the Bohéme pizza ($188). Don’t forget to try their signature Nutella and banana pizza ($88) to round your meal off with an unforgettable treat.

Café Bohème, Shop 8, 29 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2661 2238

LQV (Le Quinze Vins)

Brought to Tseung Kwan O by the award-winning LQV (Le Quinze Vins)—a fixture in Hong Kong’s winery scene—this third instalment of a wine-shop-slash-bar-and-restaurant presents freshly sourced French delicacies. Serving breakfast, brunch, and a delectable à la carte menu, quality French produce and meats are spotlighted in a myriad of ways, encompassing everything from luxe charcuteries to healthy options. For something unique, keep an eye out for their weekly specials, which rotates every two weeks according to the chef’s tastes. Be sure to ask for the perfect recommendation of wine to pair with your meal.

LQV, Shop 4B, Alto Residences, 29 Tong Yin Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2324 9008

Photo: @laalaafood (via Instagram)

SeaRock Lounge

Offering a perfect view of passing cyclists and skaters on the waterfront-lined track, SeaRock Lounge is a perfect spot for relaxing evenings with a cocktail. The staff are incredibly friendly and warm. Mood lighting fills the cavernous, Middle Eastern-inspired salon with red and blue hues after sundown, whilst pop oldies and guilty pleasure teeny-bop jams get you itching to do a little shimmy in your seat. Their menu boasts freshly prepped shifa (Lebanese oven pizza) with toppings like the classic grilled lamb ($148), all the way to fusion combinations like Hokkaido-style scallop ($158).

SeaRock Lounge, Shop 22, The Papillons, 21 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | 2327 7277


Aiming to redefine the impression of crêpes as limited to dessert, Anne showcases an all-rounded rotation of both savoury and sweet, elevated with newfangled creations that draw inspiration from cuisines outside of France like the Thai ($178)—topped with spicy shrimp and exotic spices—as well as the crispy crêpe with matcha ice cream ($78).

A concept under the Bohème Restaurant Group, this relaxed eatery integrates the inviting comfort of a bistro transported straight from Brittany. Tuck into the Complete ($88) alongside the galette saucisse ($68), followed by a decadent salted butter caramel ($98) and a flute of apple cider for the full experience.

Anne, Shop G05, G/F, Monterey, 23 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 6277 2293

Photo: Griddy’s Waffles & Cocktails (via Facebook)

Griddy’s Waffles and Cocktails

Decked in a stylish contrast of red and blue, Griddy’s is quickly becoming a favourite neighbourhood hangout and weekend destination, drawing in wanderers from the inner city. Peddling fluffed-up Belgian-style waffles made savoury, their dough is laced with aromatic herbs and stars varieties like the fried chicken waffle ($158) served alongside three choices of dressing, as well as the mind-blowing waffle beef burger ($158).

Their waffle-centric dessert options are just as thick and chewy, with a choice between cinnamon apple waffle ($48) or banana waffle ($48), both served with ice cream. Be sure to try out one of their cocktails, as they do a mean espresso martini ($78).

Griddy’s Waffles & Cocktails, Shop G05, G/F, Ocean Popwalk, 28 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 2321 0299

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Route 99

An expansive space that encompasses a pet-friendly American diner-style restaurant as well as a pet groomer, Route 99 is an attraction that will treat both you and your four-legged friends to a good time. Aside from their menu of comforting diner classics like chicken and waffles ($118), Philly cheesesteak ($138), and apple pie ($66), Route 99 also serves up a list of doggy dupes like the hamburger ($88) from the pet menu, made from chicken, crocodile meat, sirloin beef, and veggies.

Route 99, Shop 19, G/F, Papillons Square, 21 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O | (+852) 6929 1990

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