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8 most Instagrammable spots in East New Territories

By Alisa Chau 20 November 2020

Header image courtesy of @joanne_chu (via Instagram)

Split into the four main constituents of Sha Tin, Tai Po, Sai Kung, and Northern Districts, the eastern New Territories is a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy spots for all kinds of self-indulgent photoshoots. From historic buildings to panoramic natural landscapes, here are our top choices for Instagrammable spots in East New Territories to feature in your next post.

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Luk Chau Shan (鹿巢山)

One of the biggest and most interestingly laid-out rock forests of Hong Kong, Luk Chau Shan is a collection of bare volcanic rocks in Ma On Shan Country Park. Nestled between Ma On Shan and Shek Nga Shan, this 414-metre-tall rock jungle is a remainder of the geological tufts secreted by a (then) active volcano from about 130 million years ago. Its peak offers a spectacular panorama of the bordering areas where Sha Tin meets Sai Kung, whilst the rock formations you encounter along the way are structurally diverse. Do be careful of the gaps between the rocks when you are climbing up. If you want to end your hike by dipping your toes in the water, check out Luk Chau Stream along the way.

How to get there
  1. Take the MTR to Tai Shui Hang (Exit B).
  2. Walk towards the Chevalier Gardens building complex then cross the bridge to Mui Tsz Lam Road.
  3. Continue uphill until you reach the Shek Lung Chai trail.
  4. Walk towards the Ng Ancestral Hall until you reach the intersection of different trails.
  5. Take the route to the left of Mui Tsz Lam marked by ribbons.
  6. You will be guided through denser parts of the trail with red ribbons.
Photo credit: Global Beauty (via blog)

Tai Wai Pink Bridge (大圍粉紅天橋)

A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot in the suburban area of Tai Wai, the low-key Tai Wai Pink Bridge is a great shooting location for those with a soft spot for pastel pink hues. Add a pop of colour to your feed as well as leading lines that stretch from the ceiling to the railings and to the tiles on the floor. Tai Wai Pink Bridge makes for the perfect backdrop for those who want to add a touch of retro-Memphis style to their next post.

How to get there
  1. Take the MTR to Tai Wai Station (Exit B).
  2. Walk for around 100 metres and you’ll spot the bridge.
Photo credit: @mokeymok (via Instagram)

Former Fanling Magistracy (粉嶺裁判法院)

First established in 1961, the (Former) Fanling Magistracy operated as the main court building site that processed legal cases within the Northern District. It ceased official operations in 2002 but has since served as a backdrop in several films since, the most well-known being the 2003 film Infernal Affairs II starring Andy Lau. The Neo-Classical architecture style makes for a grand yet refined building to shoot your pictures in, with the vertical windows filtering in natural lighting that hits just perfect. Guided tours offered by the HKFYG Leadership Institute are also available for those who want to take a dive into the magistracy’s fascinating heritage and past developments in criminology.

Former Fanling Magistracy, 302 Jockey Club Road, Fanling | (+852) 2169 0255

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Photo credit: @yamaballball (via Instagram)

Ping Yeung White Fields (坪洋村白茅田)

Right beside the border to China, the Ping Yeung fields in Ta Kwu Ling are a quiet area that takes visitors away from the sky rise buildings and perpetual bustle of the city. Spending golden hour here will guarantee you with ethereal photos that have people wondering if you’ve found a portal to the grasslands in a fairytale. The white tufts there are actually cogon grass, a type of weed commonly used for erosion control. If you have sensitive skin or hay fever, opt for long trousers to avoid getting irritation—and bringing along insect repellent would be a smart idea, too.

How to get there
  1. Take the MTR to Sheung Shui Station.
  2. Walk to the Shek Wu Hui bus stop next to the post office.
  3. Take the 79K towards the Ta Kwu Ling Police Station direction and get off at Ping Yuen Road.
  4. Walk through Ping Yeung Village until you get to the pavilion, the fields will be behind it.
Photo credit: @niccvv (via Instagram)

Lung Mei Beach (龍尾灘)

This 200-metre-long stretch is home to over 200 species of wildlife, with over a dozen being endangered types. Not just a wonderful spot for great pictures, the biodiversity of Lung Mei Beach also makes it a place for first-hand encounters with biodiversity. Despite the halting of the legally approved but badly received government plans to turn the beach into an artificial swimming pool, the fight is not over. Conservation efforts are still greatly necessary so that we can protect beautiful local wildlife like the spotted seahorse and mud shrimp (both rare and endangered). Please be careful around these critters and leave no rubbish behind.

How to get there
  1. Take the MTR to Tai Po Market Station.
  2. Take the 75K in the Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus direction, get off at Ting Kok.
  3. Walk towards the small path opposite the bus stop past the village house towards Lung Mei Beach.
Photo credit: @oil_chickenaimee (via Instagram)

Hong Kong Railway Museum (香港鐵路博物館)

Right in the heart of the Tai Po Market area, the Hong Kong Railway Museum is an attraction that spans 6,500 square metres of open-air space. Originally built in 1913, then declared a historical monument in 1984, the museum was converted from a stop along the Kowloon-Canton Railway. While other stations were built in the customary Western architectural style popular during the time, the old Tai Po station shows a distinctly Chinese style of a sloping malachite roof over tiled walls. Admission is free for all.

Hong Kong Railway Museum, 13 Shung Tak Street, Tai Po Market, Tai Po | (+852) 2653 3455

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Photo credit: @cavincheung (via Instagram)

Ho Chung Abandoned ATV Studio (蠔涌亞視舊廠)

Quite some decades ago, the (now folded) local broadcaster ATV had converted the just vacated factory building into a TV studio. After its second round of being vacated, the building became abandoned once and for all in 2007, after which many graffiti artists began to claim the space with hand-sprayed and painted art that covers every inch of the walls. Like any abandoned structure, there have been rumours of ghosts and hauntings, making for an extra spooky edge to the gritty visuals of the location.

How to get there
  1. Take bus 792M from the Sai Kung Town Centre bus terminus in the Tseung Kwan O Station direction.
  2. Get off at Marina Cove, Hirams Highway.
  3. Walk for around 15 minutes towards Ho Chung Che Kung Temple—the studio is opposite.
Photo credit: @tiinaoijala (via Instagram)

Sheung Luk’s Four Pools (雙鹿石澗—四疊潭)

If you are unafraid of getting splashed, try this up-river route in Sai Wan that features extremely photogenic rock pools. Enjoy the naturally cool water by going for a quick dip, and get your heart pumping by diving from the cliffside, with the tallest one at almost 10 metres. Possibly the most popular pool out of the selection, the Sheung Luk stream area features aquamarine waters that will be a vibrant addition to your feed. Click here to read our guide to Sheung Luk’s Four Pools.

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