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6 Instagrammable spots in Hong Kong to tick off your bucket list

By Natalie Fung 25 April 2020

Header image courtesy of @benoitbphotography (Instagram)

Despite its nickname of “concrete jungle,” Hong Kong is more than just high-rises and skyscrapers. Instead, there are quite a handful of spots to help you step up your Instagram game. Ranging from housing estates to natural views, these places will wow your followers and be the stepping stones to an aesthetic feed. That said, do try to be quiet while snapping—most of these sites are just conveniently located in the neighbourhood.

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Photo credit: @queenie00cheung (Instagram)

Jimmy Bridge

Famously named after its cameo appearance in the film Love in a Puff, Jimmy Bridge seems to be but another bridge in the Kwun Tong area, connecting Ngau Tau Kok and Kowloon Bay. Yet, with its simple Pantone colours and unique dome-shaped design, and the fact that it looks like an MTR train carriage, the bridge is, in fact, extremely Insta-worthy. To get the best shot, simply stand in the middle of the bridge, recline on the walls, or even sit on the edges of the rectangular “frames” on the side—your photos are good to go! For even better photos with great lighting, visit this spot at different times of the day (in daylight or in the dark). Just look for Wai Yip Street Pedestrian Bridge and let the snapping begin.

Nearest MTR exit: Ngau Tau Kok Station (Exit B6)


Western District Public Cargo Working Area

Commonly known as “Instagram Pier,” the Western District Public Cargo Working Area is beautifully surrounded by glistening waters of the Victoria Harbour. While the pier is conveniently located near Kennedy Town, it is an extremely spacious area for you to take a break from the urban rush and take loads of photos, especially during sunset. Other than the breathtaking scenery itself, there are quite a lot of “props” which can be used in your photos, such as a very tall lamp post and colourful graffiti on the cargo, to name but a few!

Nearest MTR exit: HKU Station (Exit B2)

Photo credit: @supkroll and @thecitygraph (Instagram)

Choi Hung Estate

As its name suggests, Choi Hung Estate (directly translated as “Rainbow Estate”) is full of colours. While Choi Hung Estate is one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong, the multitude of colours still appears very bright and refreshing after all the years, complementing nicely with the basketball court right in front. Although there are seven rows of apartments in total, try not to get lost and find a short flight of stairs where you can reach the top and just immerse yourself in the fun of this mega-sized “confetti.”

Nearest MTR exit: Choi Hung Station (Exit C4)

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Nam Shan Estate

Instead of a rainbow palette, Nam Shan Estate exhibits a wide spectrum of green. Other than the estate itself though, the children’s playground above Nam Shan Estate Market is largely green in colour, most iconically the dome-shaped climbing frame right in the middle. For snapping the best photos, do come before the evening sets in. And after you’ve had your fill of feeding your camera, we would recommend trying out some traditional delicacies in nearby hawker stalls and restaurants as well.

Nearest MTR station: Shek Kip Mei Station (Exit B2)

Photo credit: @talesofjoy (Instagram)

Garden Hill

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Sham Shui Po, Garden Hill offers a spectacular view of Hong Kong. Easily accessible by stairs, you can reach the top of the small hill in fifteen minutes or so and be mesmerised by the lovely city view of Hong Kong. Photos look great during sunset. Just a quick tip for those interested to come after the night sets in: do bring in some colourful lights as props for the best photos!

Nearest MTR station: Sham Shui Po Station (Exit D2)

Photo credit: @my_travelling_sneakers (Instagram)

Art Lane

Art Lane, as its name suggests, is composed of numerous colourful murals in Ki Ling Lane’s Children Playground. Ranging from a vast ocean to a lush green forest, all of these are exquisitely depicted in the tall murals, which are sure to leave you in awe. Also noteworthy is a flight of rainbow-coloured stairs, which are bound to make your photos more intriguing.

Nearest MTR station: Sai Ying Pun Station (Exit B3)

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Natalie Fung


Born and bred in Hong Kong, Natalie is a medical student never bored with her hometown but is always infused with immense energy to explore everything inside out—intriguing spots, scrumptious food, hiking, and running trails, to name but a few. Supposedly burying her head in books or notes to keep up with her studies, she instead often hits the gym, new restaurants, and cool shops. If she is not in town, though, she is definitely out having fun—sometimes on her own—in exotic cities which you have barely even heard of. Follow Natalie on Instagram or take casual English lessons with her on her brand-new YouTube channel, Yinglish.