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Quiz: How many iconic patterns of Hong Kong can you recognise?

By Alisa Chau 18 November 2020 | Last Updated 28 August 2023

Header image courtesy of Cuson (via Shutterstock)

We see them around town all the time but do we really pay attention? Test your memory (as well as eagle-eyed observation skills) by seeing how many of these iconic patterns of Hong Kong you can recognise and identify.

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Be honest: How many of these iconic patterns have you encountered in your daily life around Hong Kong? Share this quiz with your friends and see if they are able to spot these memorable patterns and styles better than you can.

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Alisa Chau


Always down for an adventure, Alisa’s general approach to life (and anything, really) is to “just go with the flow.” She believes that the most unforgettable moments are the most spontaneous ones. One thing she will always be certain of, however, is her love for the band My Chemical Romance and potato-based food.