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10 activities and things to do that were made for two

By Localiiz 8 August 2020 | Last Updated 8 March 2024

Header image courtesy of Baiterek Media (via Shutterstock)

Originally published by David Yeung. Last updated by Jen Paolini.

Looking for things to do around Hong Kong that can be done as a duo? Whether you’re looking to plan a romantic day out, or simply looking for some one-on-one time with a friend, there are still plenty of activities you can do with a pal or a partner as a duo. Here are 10 activities and things to do that were made for two, whether you’re staying in or going out.

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Go for an afternoon picnic

Summertime is ideal to go soak up the sun and breathe in some fresh air, and Hong Kong has various parks and outdoor spaces that you and a friend can go and hang out at. Take advantage of our available green space and spread out a mat out or blanket for a relaxed one-on-one catch-up.

While you’re at it, why not feast on some cold cuts, listen to music, throw up a tent, or even read a book? Going out for a picnic is always an ideal way to stretch those legs and spend some time outside while keeping away from the crowds. Check out our guide for the best picnic spots all over Hong Kong and also our suggestions on the most convenient places for ready-made hampers to up your picnic game.

Photo: Chuan (via Unsplash)

Cool off with a range of watersport activities

Hong Kong is surrounded by the ocean, making it suitable for a wide range of watersports. Whether you are in Lantau, Sai Kung, or Stanley, there are plenty of things to do in the water with a friend in tow, such as wakesurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or straight-up surfing. Check out our guide for some active ways to cool off in the ocean.

However, if you are looking for some unconventional, water-related activities were made for two, check out our guide to different alternative water sports and where you can deep-dive into them in Hong Kong.

Photo: Big Dodzy (via Unsplash)

Stretch those legs on a hike

Feeling cooped up and stressed out at home? Why not try going on a hike? Not only does hiking impart various benefits for both your physical and mental health, but there is also a social aspect to it. Hong Kong boasts hundreds of trails and routes, suitable for all levels, so it should be a cinch to find one that you and your hiking buddy can agree on tackling.

Try and stay out of the sun and scorching heat with the best shaded hikes around Hong Kong or opt for some waterfall hikes for a rewarding cooldown.

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Photo: Magda Ehlers (via Pexels)


Looking to keep yourself busy indoors other than Netflix and napping? If you are not the type to spend time outside, puzzle-building is the perfect activity that was made for two, as you can work on your jigsaw puzzle with a friend and kill time together. According to multiple studies, puzzle-building also improves and helps with short-term memory as it reinforces the connections between our brain cells. Hit up a few of the best toy shops across Hong Kong to pick up a jigsaw puzzle set and get down to business!

Photo: David Yeung

Go on a day trip to Hong Kong’s Outlying Islands

Have you ever had the chance to visit one of Hong Kong’s many outlying islands and fishing villages? If not, now is a good time to grab an intrepid companion and explore. Beam yourself back in time to experience what Hong Kong was like before it developed into a bustling metropolis. All of these trips will only take a day to complete, with the benefit of getting you out and about and about exploring a wealth of hidden gems. Whether you’re off to Cheung Chau, Tai O, or Lamma, there is plenty there to do, eat, and see.


Play a round of badminton or frisbee

Lucky you; both of these highly versatile activities were made for two and can be played almost anywhere outdoors. All you need are a few shuttlecocks, a couple of badminton rackets, a frisbee, and you are good to go. Hit up one of Hong Kong’s best hidden parks for a spot of peace and quiet while you school your friend in sports or choose a good spot in one of our previously mentioned picnic parks. A few bouts of badminton and frisbee will not only release a lot of endorphins but also decrease your stress levels in this time.

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Photo: Sai Yuen Camping and Adventure Park (via Facebook)

Go on a glamping experience

Who wants to spend a few hours pitching a tent? Not us, so why not stay in a ready-made tent or caravan equipped with a nice, comfortable bed and air-conditioning so you can get the best of both worlds? Glamping in Hong Kong may be one of the most underrated activities to do. All you have to do is set aside a pleasant weekend and commit to the (barely) outdoor experience of glamping. Check out our guide to understand the range of glamping options in Hong Kong.

Photo: Baiterek Media (via Shutterstock)

Embark on a cycling adventure

Another weekend escape you can embark on with your partner in crime is cycling. The process of renting bikes is very straightforward and it also makes for a light exercise to do on any day. Many New Territories neighbourhoods and communities in the Outlying Islands offer bike rental services. To get you started, we covered the best cycling trails across Hong Kong—just pick a sunny day and hit the road!

Photo: The Peninsula (via Facebook)

Indulge in an afternoon tea for two

Spend a leisurely afternoon with scones and elegant pastries at any one of Hong Kong’s finest hotels with a friend that savours the finer things in life. Sweet nibbles and a refined atmosphere are sure to lift your spirits and encourage you to appreciate the little things in life. Here are some of our favourite afternoon teas spots in the city. If you are a tea connoisseur who could do without the cavities, here are some of the best teahouses in Hong Kong to enjoy your favourite hot leaf juice.

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Photo: Nazreen Banu (via Unsplash)

Pick up trail running

Picking up new hobbies is not only one of the best ways to cope with stress but also a great tool to grow as an individual and expand your horizons. One such activity is trail running, where you can get the benefit of exercise paired with scenic surroundings.

Thankfully, Hong Kong has many hills and mountains to run or walk on, making trail running an ideal sport in this lush and mountainous city. Here are 15 running trails across Hong Kong that you should consider trying out if you want to get into trail running. And the best part? Enlist a running buddy so you can take baby steps together and grow on your running journey!

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