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Hong Kong’s Best Running Trails: 15 routes for all levels

By David Tanner 8 August 2016 | Last Updated 20 October 2023

Originally published by David Tanner. Last updated by Stephanie Lown.

When you think of Hong Kong, running may not be the first thing that comes to mind—well, maybe a treadmill in a gym—but the city and streets are only a small slice of what Hong Kong has to offer. The country parks we have in our backyard cover a total area of 44,300 hectares—more nature than you can shake a stick at!

On our doorstep, we have scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs, and rugged coastline, which are all easily accessible. In Hong Kong, we really do have it all. With this in mind, we have run and mapped over 650 kilometres of the best running routes in Hong Kong, covering road, trail, and athletic track locations. You’ll find all the classics, as well as the hidden gems you didn’t know about, and some useful information to improve your running experience.

We have handpicked (and run) all these routes to make sure they are worthy. It may seem like a lot, but we have only just scratched the surface of what’s out there. To set you on the right track, here are our favourite routes to run, whether you’re a seasoned athlete (a “runner”) or you are just getting started (a “beginner”). Simply click on the route that takes your fancy for maps, tips, and more. Happy running, Hong Kong!

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Road runners

Photo: (via Instagram)

Bowen Road

A favourite amongst runners, this trail overlooks Central and Wan Chai from a flat road. A majority is shaded by the canopy overhead, with eight fitness stations (and two toilets) along the way. Ordinarily, you could use the Hong Kong Park Sports Centre at the base of the Peak Tram for their free lockers, water, and showers (though you will need your HKID for this) as this is very close to the start, which awaits you at the top of the stairs.

If you are looking for a slope to do some sprint training on, you will find one at Kennedy Road, just one of the (many) access points, which offers a rather steep incline, but will most likely need to be walked by most.

Distance: 4 kilometres

Photo: @sleepy_amy (via Instagram)

The Peak

The circular run of Harlech Road and Lugard Road Loop takes you around Victoria Peak and offers wonderful 360-degree views of Hong Kong. It is a popular tourist spot on the weekends, so probably best to steer clear if you are trying to avoid the masses.

If you are looking for something a little longer, there are a few options to extend your run. Once you have completed the circular run, Hatton Road (at the intersection of Harlech Road and Lugard Road) adds one-and-a-half kilometres and finishes up by the University of Hong Kong. It also offers a nice change, going downhill through an old military site, Pinewood Battery.

For a shaded, flat trail, the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road offers a pleasant trail to a reservoir and is also suitable as a family walk. It adds an additional 1.77 kilometres.

From the intersection of Harlech Road and Lugard Road, take Hong Kong Trail Section 1, past Queen Mary Hospital for something a little more rugged. Head east along the path and go around the northern edge of the Reservoir and back to the Peak Tower for an additional 4 kilometres.

Distance: 3.5 kilometres (Circle Run only)


From sweeping reservoirs to tropical trails, these trail runs are sure to reconnect you with the great outdoors in Hong Kong.

Photo: @baping727 (via Instagram)

Aberdeen Upper Reservoir

This route is a great place to start trail running and see what it’s like. Start from Wan Chai Gap Playground and run the loop around Aberdeen Upper Reservoir and back to the start.

Distance: 4.5 kilometres

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Photo: @baping727 (via Instagram)

Aberdeen Country Park

This route also takes you through Aberdeen Country Park and is around 70 percent trail and 30 percent concrete—a little more undulating but enjoyable. The trail starts on Nam Fung Road just up from South Island School and ends at Aberdeen.

Distance: 6.5 kilometres

Photo: @danieltheowl (via Instagram)

Black’s Link to Repulse Bay

This route takes you through Tai Tam Country Park, starting from Wan Chai Gap Playground, along Blacks Link, Hong Kong Trail Section 4, and Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path to finish up in Repulse Bay. With the many options of refreshments and sustenance at The Pulse, the showers and changing rooms at the neighbouring beach is a perfect way to freshen up in time for a treat.

Distance: 8.25 kilometres

Photo: @tinnafoxlee (via Instagram)

Mui Wo to Nam Shan

This trail in Lantau offers some good distance and hills covered—a great route for people getting into trail running or looking to mix it up, covering a mix of trail and road. Start from Mui Wo and run along Lantau Trail Section 12, finishing in Nam Shan.

Distance: 9.4 kilometres

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Stanley to Quarry Bay

A tough route, as you literally cross Hong Kong from south to north. Starting at Chung Hom Kok Beach in Stanley, over The Twins and Violet Hill, then toward and finishing in Quarry Bay.

14.5 kilometres

Photo: @mo_hkg (via Instagram)

Sai Kung to Sha Tin Pass

And last but definitely not least, this is the route for when you want to really get away from it all. Amazing views, vast landscapes, and tough hills to conquer that will leave you saying “Hell yeah!” There are toilets and a drinks vending machine available at the start (Kei Ling Ha), as well as toilets at Gilwell, but nothing else, so make sure you have what you need. Follow the Maclehose Trail until you hit the small noodle shop at the finish in Sha Tin Pass.

16.7 kilometres

Photo: @daniel_postcard (via Instagram)

Wong Nai Chung Tree Walk

Starting off at either Mount Butler Road or Wong Nai Chung Road, this short but rather idyllic shaded path offers varied terrain and levels to keep your run interesting. If you are looking to go the distance, you could always come out at Tai Tam Reservoir Road (near Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park) and crossover to continue your run along Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path, which also ends up in Repulse Bay, for an additional two-and-a-half kilometres.

Distance: 2 kilometres for Wong Nai Chung Tree Walk only; 4.5 kilometres to Repulse Bay

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Photo: @bennett_hch (via Instagram)

Central and Western District Promenade

The full length of this run spans from Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park in Sheung Wan to the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai, along the famed Hong Kong harbour and skyline. However, if you wish to keep it short, going from Sun Yat-sen to the Central Ferry Piers and back is a nice and easy run whilst you take in the views!

Distance: 2.9 kilometres; 3.90 kilometres to Golden Bauhinia Square

Photo: @ottofoto_ (via Instagram)

Kwun Tong Promenade to Kai Tak Terminal

Just beside the Kwun Tong Bypass is Kwun Tong Promenade, offering a lovely kilometre stretch of park, which runs adjacent to the Kai Tak Terminal. The run is flat and rather scenic, with plenty of green and beautiful lights at night, making for a perfect way of getting a glimpse at the city lights.

Distance: 4 kilometres


Ma On Shan Promenade

The Ma On Shan Promenade is a wonderful spot for runners and cyclists alike, taking you along the Tolo Harbour with wonderful views of Pat Sin Leng and even the giant Guan Yin statue over the water. There are occasional kiosks scattered along the way, in addition to Science Park, in case you are in need of refreshments.

Distance: 3.2 kilometres

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Photo: @singyanerictsui (via Instagram)

Quarry Bay Promenade

This is a rather short and flat run along the waterfront park, from Quarry Bay to Sai Wan Ho, offering views of Eastern Kowloon. It takes you through the dog park and passes the Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery, making for a nice quick history lesson, too.

Distance: 2.4 kilometres

Photo: @livin_da_vida_lola (via Instagram)

Seaview Promenade to South Bay Beach

The south side of the island is the place to be if you like running and great views. Seaview Promenade’s concrete and brick pathway takes you along the lovely coastal promenade between Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay Beach and offers a nice four-and-a-half-kilometre jog (given you run back).

If you are looking for something a little longer, David Tanner recommends combining the above with another sea view run to South Bay Beach, for the ultimate coastal experience, starting from Repulse Bay. This run tallies you up to 6.7 kilometres with outdoor showers and a café waiting for you at South Bay Beach.

Distance: 2.25 kilometres; 6.7 kilometres

Photo: @queso_de_borja (via Instagram)

Tsim Sha Tsui to Hung Hom

Another iconic run along the harbour, this takes you past some of the famed tourist spots in Tsim Sha Tsui along the promenade, starting at the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, past the Science Museum, the Avenue of Stars, including Bruce Lee’s statue, and ending at Fisherman’s Wharf in Hung Hom.

Distance: 4 kilometres

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A note about tracks

Running tracks are great, but be warned that they can be tough if you get bored easily. Mainly used for training, there is a good selection of athletic tracks available for use in each district. Remember to check out track maintenance schedules and opening hours if you are planning a visit to one of these.

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David Tanner

HK Running

David Tanner is the founder of HK Running, a running and hiking website that introduces people to new routes in Hong Kong. He is also the founder of Women’s Five, an event company that organises health and fitness programmes, including five- and 10-kilometre ladies-only runs that benefit charity.

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