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Your ultimate guide to wakesurfing in Hong Kong

By David Yeung 14 August 2020

Header image courtesy of HK Wake School

Hong Kong is infamously known for its extremely hot and humid summers. With averages well over 30 degrees Celsius, it can be quite unbearable at times. Instead of avoiding this unimaginable heat in indoor settings such as malls, cafés, or homes, why not spend an entire day in the ocean doing something you have never done before?

Just over the recent years, wakesurfing as a sport has been growing in popularity within Hong Kong, it has easily become the new alternative to surfing and wakeboarding. This sport appeals to the younger generation due to the challenge and excitement that it brings when learning it and actually riding the wake. So what are you waiting for? Grab a couple of friends and pick a date because here is our ultimate guide to wakesurfing in Hong Kong.

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Photo Credit: HK Wakesurfing (Facebook)

Wakesurf Hong Kong

With their first priority being safety and learning the sport correctly no matter what, Wakesurf Hong Kong is one of the first companies in Hong Kong to start teaching wakesurfing to us landlubbers. The coaches have extensive knowledge about this sport and have been doing it for over 10-plus years. Wakesurfing HK has all the best gear equipped just for you, giving you the freedom to pick the type of boat, board and even wetsuits if the water gets too cold. They are located conveniently on Hong Kong Island in Tai Tam Tuk Village.

Wakesurf Hong Kong, 60 Tai Tam Tuk, Village Road, Tai Tam | (+852) 6680 5502

Photo Credit: Wakeboard HK (Facebook)

Wakeboard Hong Kong

Yet another company located in Tai Tam Tuk Village, Wakeboard Hong Kong does more than just wakesurfing. The company does and teaches a whole range of water-based sports such as wakeboarding and foiling. They also offer packages worth taking into consideration, such as Family & Friends Package which is a three-hour session which costs $3,000 and you can pick water-based activities such as wakesurfing, wakeboarding, tubing, and family boating. One of their biggest visions and goals is to spread the sport of wake surfing and wakeboarding through the power of joy and recreation.

Wakeboard Hong Kong, 78 Tai Tam Tuk Village, Tai Tam | (+852) 9638-2069

Photo Credit: HK Wake School (Facebook)

HK Wake School

Located in multiple locations all over Hong Kong, HK Wake School has a whole array of boats and coaches in your disposal to ride out the smoothest wake possible. Their schools are situated in Ap Lei Chau, Tai Po, and Science Park. All of their coaches are certified and have won numerous competitions making them very experienced and qualified to learn from. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced wakesurfer, they are eager to help you grow through the sport of wakesurfing.

HK Wake School, Pak Shek Kok Landing, Science Park, Pak Shek Kok | (+852) 9685 1799

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I’m Wake Hong Kong

With only one location, I’m Wake is a wakeboarding and wakesurfing school that also provides rental services. I’m Wake Hong Kong is located in Science Park around the Pak Shek Kok Landing, as well as in the Tai Po neighbourhood of Sam Mun Tsai. It has three speedboats and it offers a wide range of lesson options from beginner classes all the way to advanced professional private coaching for all the pro-rider out there.

I’m Wake Hong Kong, Pak Shek Kok Landing, Science Park, Pak Shek Kok | (+852) 5509 0744

Photo Credit: Wake 2 Chill (Facebook)

Wake 2 Chill

Located in the beautiful Sai Kung, Wake 2 Chill is a watersports company that has a range of services to offer. From jet-skiing, yachting, stand up paddleboard and wake surfing lessons. Wake 2 Chill coaches are fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, making it very convenient and efficient to learn a new sport. They offer lessons, group or private, to any level entries.

Wake 2 Chill, Tseng Tau Tsuen, Sai Sha Road Sai Kung | (+852) 6888 0483

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David Yeung


Born and raised in Hong Kong, David is a recent high school graduate embarking on a gap year. He was always interested in writing and sharing stories that tend to be unnoticed. When he is not in the office typing away, you may find him taking photographs, running around the city, hiking, swimming in the ocean, or just chilling with a nice book at bay.

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