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Valentine’s Day 2021: Your ultimate gift guide

By Alisa Chau 8 February 2021

Though the upcoming Valentine’s Day festivities may have to be planned with some precautionary arrangements in mind, rest assured that you can still show your unadulterated love and affection through thoughtful gifts! Here are our top picks of warm reminders for your significant other to know how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day. Start by checking out the gift categories below!

Pampering | Accessories | Food & drink | Hobbies | Save the date: 14 Feb

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“Chaque fois que je vois ce visage”

A gift that is as pandemic-essential as it is indulgent, open up this red-rimmed box from Davisage Beauty to find a sleek Handie bottle housing germ-killing hand cleansing gel on one side and nourishing black orchid hand cream on the other. Now, you can frequently sanitise to keep your love’s hands virus-free without compromising your skin. Pop the top to reveal a “handie” compact mirror and trinket compartment that is—hint hint—the right size to hold rings.

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Shave the date

A classic safety razor & brush set, like this one from Suavecito, beats out your typical plastic or electric shaver by allowing a closer shave with less damage to your skin. Nothing beats the sensation of a smooth cold blade grazing tracks through luscious shaving cream that gets dusted off with a feathery light badger brush. What’s more, you can try your hand at incorporating it into a re-enactment of that James Bond scene that had everyone all hot and bothered.

Arms around you

Treat yourself and your loved one to a soothing squeeze with Osim’s new portable uSnooz massage wrap, decked with adorable Disney Tsum Tsum characters. The fuzzy warmth from curling one of these around you feels just like a cuddle from your favourite person. Long-distance couples can even bring it along with them on-the-go—making it truly feel like they are always by your side, no matter how many miles apart.

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Must be love on the skin

Not only is Rihanna’s music the perfect mood-setter for the after hours, but her Fenty Skin skincare collection is the perfect way to finish off a lovely evening by bringing your skin to pure relaxation. Replenish and rejuvenate after getting dolled-up for Valentine’s Day with an overnight recovery gel-cream that works its magic in your sleep, after cleansing and toning with the Total Cleans’r remove-it-all cleanser and fat water pore-refining toner serum.


Subtly suggestive, lipsticks are a great choice to gift your bae. Featuring a gorgeous collection of corals, pinks, and glowing apricot tones, Charlotte Tilbury’s new Hyaluronic Happikiss line leaves their lips seriously soft and glowing with colour. However, for a twist on the classic red, opt for the subdued Powder Kiss lipstick from MAC in the velvety Dubonet Buzz shade. For the extra-glamourous, amp up your look as well as your senses by swiping the deliciously peach-vanilla scented Gloss Bomb cream lip gloss from Fenty that is both lustrous yet creamily pigmented. Pucker up—and don’t worry about leaving a mark.


Waiting for a pearl like you

Synonymous with loyalty and serenity, strengthen your relationship with your one and only by gifting them beautiful pearl jewellery. Local label Made of Pearl combines modern designs with a chic aesthetic that showcases the unique beauty of these deep-sea charms. From now until 14 February, you can save on heart-shaped jewellery with 10 percent off on freshwater pearls and a five percent discount on Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls. Elevate your pearly gift with a personalised touch, available via their free engraving service or with a dainty message card.

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Lost in your sparkle

Born out of a passion for the shiny things in life, homegrown jewellery brand Freedom2Sparkle was established by Angela Chan to offer bespoke design services in collaboration with Hong Kong-based artisans. Incorporating everything from the most flamboyant of accessories to everyday essentials, each client has their individual needs tailored to, making for unique Valentine’s Day gifts! Freedom2Sparkle is here for you every step of the way, from conceptualising your desired design to delivering stunning and unique pieces that shine as brightly as your lucky recipient. For a guide on how to choose the perfect piece, here are some tips on how to choose a custom jeweller.

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Food & drink

Pour that bubbly, pour that brew

No short of a good bottle of bubbly or a tin of good brew, Fortnum & Mason offers a plethora of themed assortments and hampers to “pour” over while canoodling with your boo. Complement a glass of their in-house rosé Champagne or sparkling tea with a heart-shaped box of delectable chocolate truffles and traditional Tuscan wafer cakes.

Will you bean mine?

Take coffee dates to a whole new level by giving the coffee connoisseur in your life a chance to show off their brewing skills. Local roastery Knockbox has lovingly curated their top picks of the finest seasonal beans with all sorts of delectable flavour profiles, available as a monthly subscription that sends a boxed surprise straight to your door. Pair it with a Fellow Carter, and you can even bring it along on picnic or hiking dates!

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Think pink

Pink, fruity, and light, rosé is a wonderful complement to add to the vibes of any romantic setting. Toast to your love with premium Nyetimber features like the aromatic rosé multi-vintage and winning floral 2010 Nyetimber 1086 Prestige Cuvée rosé, available for ordering online through Wine Please!. Extend the lifespan of your bottles (and your dates) with an innovative Pivot wine preserver from Coravin that keeps your drinks fresh for up to four weeks.

Wine and dine

Just because there are dining restrictions does not mean you should miss out on a gourmet experience. This Valentine’s, The Ritz-Carlton is offering luxurious gift sets of scrumptious roasts, heart-shaped cakes—with a choice of savoury caviar or sweet dessert—and glimmering Champagne that will woo even the pickiest of eaters. No need to worry about planning and picking the right dishes, as each package has been devised by a top team.


We're Not Really Strangers

Ready to bring your relationship to the next level? We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game like no other, with decks dedicated to different stages of a connection. Created by L.A.-based model, photojournalist, and artist Koreen, who was inspired by her meaningful moments with subjects she captured on the job, this pack of prompts is built to deepen your mutual understanding. Get your own set for Valentine’s Day here.

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Sounds like love

Making playlists for your crush or special someone seems to have become a timeless flirting tactic, and what better way to enjoy such a special gesture by listening to it in its full glory. Sonos and Klipsch bring you cinematic-surround sound with the decked-out Sonos Arc, allowing each lyric to ring with extra clarity. Tell them how truly you feel through song, leaving out cheap chatter by gifting noise-cancelling Klipsch T2 true wireless earphones.

Save the date: 14 February

Red, red, roses

There’s nothing more classic than the simple yet always effective big bouquet of red roses for your loved one. Showcasing plenty of luxe-arrangements to choose from, look no further than Gift Flowers’s Valentine’s Day catalogue. Symbolise your romantic love and passion with Miss Rosy for Valentine’s Day, which comes with the options of twenty or forty stems—depending on how grand of a statement you want to make. Plastic-free choices are also available because even though your love will last forever, your trash shouldn’t have to. These bright red roses can be sent straight to your doorstep for no delivery cost as well.

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The art of flora

Flower arranging is an art in itself. Show off your taste by pairing a lovely pick of heart-melting flora with a designer vase from MoMA Design Store. Modelled after Mondrian’s colour block pieces, the curvatures of musical instruments, and splashes of paint stains, these statement vases are guaranteed focal pieces to add to your shelves. For an extra special touch, add in a neon light sign to spell out your romantic intentions, and admire the glow in your love shack.

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By Danielle Roberts 16 October 2019
By Danielle Roberts 4 November 2019

Love is in the air

Essential oil infused and eco-friendly, Mybu produces a range of non-toxic natural soy candles. Whisk your date away to the tropics with the Happy-Sweet orange jasmine patchouli candle, or fill the air with blissful pleasure with Relax French lavender geranium forest pine candle. Bottled in stylish custom glass jars, the scent remains in its matte black container that doubles as a cute piece of décor to save for your bedside table. What’s more, part of proceeds is donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation, sharing the love.

As sweet as chocolate

Arguably the most anticipated part of Valentine’s Day celebrations of every year, chocolates are an unmissable part of romantic gift-giving. Iconic flavours like the pink Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles (starting from $98) from British chocolate truffles specialist Charbonnel et Walker are always a solid item for those with a more refined sweet tooth. Go ahead and browse their new retail location at Prince’s Building for signature flavours like milk sea salt caramel chocolate truffles (starting from $98) and strawberries & cream chocolate truffles ($228) and get caught in the intricate Covent Garden-inspired flower cart that makes up the fixture.

Those who want to switch it up a notch can try their hand at customising three-dimensional chocolate or commissioning a chocolate sculpture with Vero, making their present not just a taste sensation, but also a visual one.

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