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The most Instagrammable cakes in Hong Kong and where to buy them

By Jenny Leung 11 April 2019 | Last Updated 8 November 2019

Originally published by Jenny Leung. Last updated by Ching Yuen.

Cakes—the most important celebratory treat of all. Whether it’s your bestie’s birthday, a special anniversary, or you’re just in the mood for some sweet spongey goodness, finding one that tastes as heavenly as it looks can often be a difficult task—after all, what good is a cake if you can’t snap a pic and share it on Instagram? Luckily, we’re on a mission to do just that. From dreamy rainbow cakes to bespoke masterpieces, we check out some of Hong Kong’s most Instagrammable cakes and where to get them.

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What kind of bakery names themselves Bombshell? One that serves bomb cakes! Bombshell takes creativity to the next level by serving cakes that look like circular bombs.

All cake orders come with a wooden hammer, so after you take your fill of pictures of the original, unblemished cake, you can bring the hammer down on the cake and smash it open like a bomb. A sweet surprise will come spilling out of the cake, including jelly beans, M&Ms, cookies, cupcakes, and more! Prices range from $988 to $4,888, so pick how badass you want your cake to be! 

Bombshell, 118–130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon | (+852) 6388 9758

Pandora Cake Shop

After five years of operation, Pandora Cake Shop is still one of the most popular places around for an Instagrammable cake. Specializing in 3D cakes, Jess has won multiple international awards for her cakes, which look like real-life replicas of carousels, teacups, and even Hermes handbags.

Funnily enough, her cakes are not for sale; instead, she asks customers to book an appointment with her and make their own cake. Prices differ according to the cake in mind and time required to make the cake, so make sure you get in touch with Jess at least three weeks beforehand. A lot of Hong Kong celebrities reach out to Jess to make their own cake for friends, adding a layer of sentiment to birthday cakes! 

Pandora Cake Shop, D2, G/F, TML Tower, 3 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan | (+852) 6420 0553

Little Miss Cakey

In proclamations of love, couples might be moved to say metaphorical vows of giving their partners anything they want, even the moon and stars of the night sky. Little Miss Cakey takes that metaphor a step further and brings it to life with their signature Moon-Shaped Cakes (starting from $650), wrapped in chocolate and encased in glass boxes. You may not be able to physically pluck the moon out of the sky, but this is a good second resort! 

Little Miss Cakey, G/F, 7 Fat Fat Building, 2–6 Dechang Lane, Yau Ma Tei | (+852) 5631 7808

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Bunphant Cake Studio

Perhaps the newest cake shop on this list, Bunphant Cake Studio opened in April earlier this year, but it’s already making waves in the Hong Kong cake scene. Using dry flowers and fresh plants as their main accessories, the cakes carry a rustic garden theme that is just sooo aesthetically pleasing. Whoever thought that succulents could add so much personality to a cake? 

Bunphant Cake Studio, Room 14, 10/F, Chengye Industrial Building, 19–21 Cheng Yip Street, Kwun Tong | (+852) 9161 4627

Baking Maniac

Run by a mother and son duo, Baking Maniac has been a staple in the Hong Kong baking scene for years, delighting the crowds with their fantastic cake pops and personalised cakes. Specialising in fondant cakes, they come up with the craziest creations that are perfect for any party, kid, or adult. Take this 3D Canon EOS 5D Camera Cake, for example; the attention to detail is just mind-blowing and it’s bound to get any photography fanatic jumping up and down in glee! 

Baking Maniac, 5C, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road | (+852) 6699 8093

I Love Babycakes

It’s love at first bite—and we just can’t get enough! Everything from Cake Jars ($80) to giant Cookie Cakes ($650), I Love Babycakes has all sorts of baked goods that are guaranteed to rein in those likes. You can also make special requests for bespoke cakes or order one of the many delicious spongey treats from the retail menu. Unfortunately, there is currently no walk-in shop for the bakery, but it does accept orders via email, WhatsApp, and phone. 

I Love Babycakes | (+852) 9682 0215

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The Cakery

You can have your cake and eat it too at The Cakery. Offering a range of products that are gluten-free, organic, sugar-free, and vegan-friendly, the bakery strives to bring you delightful treats that satisfy your sweet tooth, without any of the guilt.

Take the Sweet Maize ($880) for example—an XL version of the bakery’s popular Salted Carmel Popcorn Cupcake. This gluten-free, vegan cake is filled with caramel-infused cream and has a dairy-free chocolate coating.

And if you’re looking for a stunner, the My Princess ($688) is a 4-inch gluten-free champagne cake which is decorated with ruby chocolate and sugar-free white chocolate wings. Need we say more? 

The Cakery, locations vary

Ms B’s Cakery

If luxury is the name of the game, then the fabulous cakes at Ms B’s Cakery will have you spoiled for choice. Known for its special bespoke cakes and beautiful, handcrafted sugar art, Ms B’s has over 40 varieties of cakes that combine flavour, texture, and natural ingredients with creative and exquisite designs.

One of our favourites is the Rainbow Connection ($630–$1,050), a rainbow chiffon cake layered with fresh fruit and topped with rainbow marshmallow arches. For something more elegant, the Beauty ($1,200–$1,800) is made with chocolate-covered almonds and nut crunch, and is decorated with a bed of handcrafted sugar roses in shades of pink, red, and orange. 

Ms B’s Cakery, locations across Hong Kong


Sift is surely no stranger to sugar-craving foodies in Hong Kong. Known for its delectable cupcakes-to-go, the bakery also offers a whole range of gorgeous cakes to suit every occasion. With three fluffy layers of chiffon cake filled with strawberry cream, chocolate, jam, and fresh strawberries, the Rose Petals ($430–$720) is a stunner. You could also opt for something less obvious like the Number Cake ($218), which consists of different number-shaped cakes (from zero to nine) all decorated with fresh edible flowers, berries, and meringues. The perfect personal touch for that special someone. 

Sift, locations across Hong Kong

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Bakes by Tania

Looking for an explosion of fun? Then Bakes by Tania is your answer. Mixing whimsical floral decoration with a splash of fun colours, generous toppings of delightful candy, and sweet nibbles, the bakery offers some of the most stunning and artistic cakes in Hong Kong. The best thing is, every single custom-made cake is unique, and designs are never replicated. All cakes range from $800 to $1,500, with eggless cakes available on request.

Phoenix Sweets

Finding a cake that tastes and looks as divine as the Classic Unicorn ($930–$1,420) from Phoneix Sweets might be, dare we say, impossible. Customers can choose from four wonderful cake flavours (Earl Grey, vanilla, honey yuzu, and chocolate), which are each layered with a different buttercream, or opt for the vanilla flavoured rainbow cake (an additional $200), to make it even more Insta-worthy.

Another standout masterpiece is the Cookies & Cream ($930–$1,530), which is drenched in rich, chocolaty goodness. The cake is covered with cookies and cream buttercream, various sweet bits and candy, and luscious chocolate dripping made from Valrhona chocolate from France. 

Phoenix Sweets | (+852) 3686 0915

Vive Cake Boutique

Last, but certainly not lease, is Vive Cake Boutique. Fulfilling every sweet tooth's dream, the bakery offers some of the most aesthetically-pleasing cakes that look so good, you won’t even want to eat them!

Take the Twinkle Twinkle ($780–$1,400) for example, a stunning red velvet butter cake with a cream cheese filling, coated in elegant, pastel-coloured cream piping. One look at this beauty and we guarantee you won’t want to stick your fork anywhere near it.

The Magicorn Dreamland ($980–$2,910) with macarons, chocolates, candy, meringues, cookies, and sweet confection is just as dreamy. You can even add a sugar decorated balloon and firework candle on top to really make an impression. 

Vive Cake Boutique, Shop 3, 1/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central | (+852) 9602 2869

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Born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK, Jenny grew up with the best of both worlds. She loves just about anything to do with music and doesn’t shy away from belting out a tune or two when it comes to karaoke. If she’s not out and about exploring the city and practising her photography skills, she’s probably tucked up in bed with a book or glued to her laptop doing her online shopping.

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