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8 milk tea-flavoured desserts to try in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 17 October 2019

The milk tea craze may be less prominent now, but that has not stopped dessert shops from coming up with new, themed creations to keep the trend alive. We set out on a hunt across Hong Kong for all variations of milk tea-flavoured desserts and came up with this list. Now ask yourself: Can you really be a true fan of milk tea without having tried these treats before?

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Thai milk tea shaved ice

Flying in all the way from Bangkok, you know you can expect excellent milk tea-flavoured desserts if they claim to be the best in Thailand. ChaTraMue not only whips up a mean traditional Thai milk tea, but they also recently debuted a Thai Milk Tea Shaved Ice ($88) dessert, served with condensed milk tea sauce, grass jelly, and little biscuit puffs. The mountain of airy shaved ice comes with a thick cream topping that gently rolls down the milk tea slope. Isn’t that just one of the most appetising things you can think of on a hot summer’s day? 

ChaTraMue, 49 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay

Photo credit: Weekend HK

Bubble milk tea avalanche cake

Have you ever heard of avalanche cakes? Miss Marble in Tsim Sha Tsui is known for her trendy and Instagrammable creations, with Bubble Milk Tea Avalanche Cake (starting from $380) as her best-selling order. There are two layers to the cake: chiffon at the bottom that is topped with a tall layer of cream and a plastic cover that holds everything together. The chiffon cake is made with Japanese flour for a light and fluffy effect, and Twinings Earl Grey tea is used for the cream layer. Once you’ve snapped all the pics you possibly can for IG, simply untie the ribbon that holds the plastic cover in place and the cream layer will come cascading down around the cake, just like an avalanche!

Miss Marble, Shop 2C, G/F, Diamond Court, 10–12 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 5542 9880

Milk tea macaron

Milk tea-flavoured macarons are a thing, bless the dessert gods! As an alumnus of famed cooking school Le Cordon Bleu, Anne Cheung established Jouer, taking on inventive macaron flavours as well as exquisitely-crafted cakes to delight the taste buds of Hong Kong sweet tooths. Surprisingly, the Hong Kong Milk Tea Macaron ($100 for six pieces) is just one of many beverage-themed flavours available. You can also re-awaken a love for your childhood flavours with Horlicks, Ribena, and salted lime 7-Up desserts. It is almost like a cha chaan teng menu copied and pasted onto macarons! 

Jouer, G/F, 1 Sau Wa Fong, Wan Chai | (+852) 2528 6577

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Photo credit: UFood

Milk tea and red bean ice

Red bean ice is a signature Hong Kong drink that you can find in almost any cha chaan teng, but putting milk tea into the mix? Now that’s news-worthy! Caring Tea in Tsim Sha Tsui specialises in modernising local beverages, serving them in artsy cups decorated with our city’s astounding skyline—they’re pretty enough to keep and reuse! After a selective process to find the best tea leaves, staff members who have mastered the traditional method of brewing tea prepare the drinks to order. The bottom of the Hong Kong Milk Tea with Red Bean Ice ($32) is ladled with red bean paste, followed by a layer of light evaporated milk, and finally the milk tea on top. This three-layered drink is not only aesthetically-pleasing—whip out the phones, everyone—but also brimming with true Hong Kong style! 

Caring Tea, Shop A, G/F, 2 Blenheim Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 5428 7899

Photo credit: @EvonneC

Milk tea ice cream

Made fresh right here in Hong Kong on a daily basis, XTC Gelato has been scooping up incredible gelato since 2001. Boasting high-quality ingredients and seasonal offerings, they source ideas from all around the world for their gelato flavours. As one of the homegrown OGs in Hong Kong’s F&B industry, they are experienced in taking traditional local flavours and turning them into refreshing gelato and sorbetto. We think their most impressive gelato is the Hong Kong Milk Tea ($40), so intense in flavour that a single lick of the ice cream cone is already like drinking a cup of rich milk tea. The gelato is so smooth that, before you know it, you’ve already finished the whole thing! 

XTC, locations across Hong Kong | (+852) 2540 0105

Photo credit:

Milk tea popcorn

We’re sure that most people have had a taste of milk tea alongside their popcorn, but what about milk tea-flavoured popcorn? Taiwanese brand POP Smile launched Bubble Milk Tea Popcorn ($12.90) that comes in a cutesy cup to mimic the drink. One reason to like it—aside from the flavour—is that the popcorn is nearly filled to the top of the cup, a rare sight for manufactured snacks. There are two types of popcorn inside: tapioca pearl-flavoured and milk tea-flavoured, which combine into bubble milk tea! With just the right amount of sweetness and crunchiness, it will be hard to stop after the first bite. You can find this special treat in selected stores of Best Mart 360 around Hong Kong.

Milk tea milkshake

Shack Shake’s rendition of the Milk Tea Shake ($42) is a good show of how the brand is willing to adopt the unique culture and flavours of Hong Kong into their menus. This Hong Kong-exclusive frozen custard is simple, yet so satisfying: Frozen vanilla custard is blended with premium black tea, and that’s all there is to it. Served in their signature Shake Shack cup, these iced milk tea-flavoured desserts come in a generous size, and you’re best off sharing it with a friend if you don’t want to get brain freeze. 

Shake Shack, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: @hungryfio

Bubble milk tea ice cream waffle

Happiness comes in many forms, and today, it comes in the form of Bubble Milk Tea Ice Cream Waffle ($28). BB Egg Waffle cooks up mouth-watering eggettes and waffles that you can smell from a block away, mixed with different flavours of ice cream reminiscent of Hong Kong childhood memories. With this particular flavour, a piping hot waffle is made-to-order and folded in half to make a sandwich, then a splash of tapioca pearls is slotted into the top before it is sealed with a layer of milk tea ice cream. If you are ever in need of milk tea-flavoured desserts between meals, you know where to go! 

BB Egg Waffle, Shop C, G/F, Lee Kee Commercial Building, 221–227A Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan

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Ching Yuen


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