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5 pieces of pearl jewellery to consider this Valentine’s Day

By Made of Pearl Sponsored | 1 February 2021

Most of us can share in the sentiment that being cooped up at home and spending obscene amounts of time lounging in our pyjamas have gotten us feeling a little less-than-glamorous. If you’re anything like us, you’re longing for some extra sparkle in your life. As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, why not seize the opportunity to woo that special lady in your life (yourself, partners, and friends included!) with a bit of magical lustre in the form of a thoughtfully chosen piece of jewellery?

Among the sea of dazzling gemstones, pearls are nature’s most alluring treasures and easily stand out as the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Classy, versatile, and timeless, they can be cherished and worn for decades without ever going out of style. Yet, from size and style down to colour and texture, there’s a lot that goes into picking out the perfect piece for your beloved. So to spare you countless hours of sifting and searching, we spoke to the connoisseurs at Hong Kong-based pearl jewellery specialist Made of Pearl to recommend five pieces of pearl jewellery to consider this Valentine’s Day!


TriO earrings with Akoya pearl

These dainty TriO Akoya pearl earrings from Made of Pearl’s signature collection are sure to induce a smile on your sweetheart’s face as brilliant as the Akoya pearls themselves. Hailing from the coastal waters of Japan, Akoya pearls are the classic white pearl, coveted for their perfectly spherical shape and superior lustre that catches the light in an alluring, a mirror-like fashion.

This pair, in particular, has a unique three-pearl design, making for thrice the fun! Using baby Japanese Akoya pearls with a pinkish overtone, it lends a delicate look that effortlessly complements every day and office ensembles—meaning that your gift will not end up sitting in the back drawer accumulating dust!


Rod earrings with Tahitian pearl

If your gal favours a bold and sophisticated style, this pair of rod earrings with Tahitian pearl is guaranteed to turn heads and enthral with its mystical dark tones. Tahitian pearls exude an air of timeless luxury, just like their classic white counterparts, and offer an additional sultry appeal and cool glamour. With captivatingly complex overtones, these eight-to-nine-millimetre iridescent black pearls are anything but boring; but have them suspended from 18-carat white gold rod charms emblazoned with sparkling diamonds, and even the most discerning of jewellery aficionados will be mesmerised!


3D heart earrings with Akoya pearl

Nothing says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day like a heart-shaped piece of jewellery! Now, gifting heart-shaped jewellery can be tricky business, as you never want your gift to look tacky (or heaven forbid, childish). Yet, if done right, it can be the sweetest gesture and can help convey what words fall short of expressing. That’s why we adore the well-cut design of Made of Pearl’s 3D heart earrings with Akoya pearl—the diamond-studded heart is dainty and minimalistic, with just a dash of happy sparkle for a dynamic edge. Paired with a luminous pearl drop, the overall effect is graceful and refined.


Heart pendant with Akoya pearl

No ear piercings? No problem—you can get the same gorgeous heart design as a pendant necklace instead! Worn close to the heart, this intimate piece makes for both a romantic and symbolic token of affection. The simple necklace seamlessly transitions from day to night, tying together any outfit with its touch of elegance. For a casual daytime look, wear it over turtlenecks and cashmere sweaters; for fancy date nights, match it with open neckline dresses and off-the-shoulder tops. Necklace fiends will also have fun stacking it up with other pendant pieces of varying lengths to create a more dramatic effect!


Heart earrings with freshwater pearl

Contrary to popular beliefs, jewellery shopping on a budget does not mean that you have to sacrifice beauty! These heart earrings with freshwater pearl are a case in point: They boast an exquisite and feminine heart drop style and will set you back by merely $698! Due to a thicker nacre coating, freshwater pearls are known to have a more subdued and understated finish, which happens to work exceptionally well in this piece, juxtaposed against the glistening, heart-shaped cubic zirconia setting in 925 silver. A pendant necklace in the same design is available as well!

Got your eye on that perfect piece of pearl jewellery for your Valentine? Now is the time to scoop it up! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Made of Pearl is running a discount sale on their heart-shaped pearl jewellery from now until 14 February 2021—enjoy 10 percent off freshwater pearl pieces and 5 percent off Akoya pearl, South Sea pearl, and Tahitian pearl pieces!

Alternatively, if you’re still looking for that special piece to encapsulate your Valentine’s unique style and personality, head over to Made of Pearl’s website and check out their extensive selection of premium pearls. Catering to customers of all ages and tastes, you are bound to find a pearl design that suits your needs to a tee! And as for quality, you don’t have a thing to worry about. All of their gleaming masterpieces are crafted using top 10 percent quality of global pearl harvest and go through detailed quality inspection!

To make your gift really stand out this year, tack on $680 with any purchase and have it packaged in Made of Pearl's special Valentine’s Day flower box, available for order until 8 February 2021. Decked out in a dreamy shade of pink and complete with a posy of full-blooming silk flowers, the box itself can be a long-lasting keepsake to remember the special day. Once you've placed your order, you can choose to either pick it up in-store or have it delivered anywhere in Hong Kong or internationally, free of charge. Here’s to a stress-free and love-filled Valentine’s Day!

Made of Pearl

Made of Pearl is a Hong Kong jewellery label specialising in pearl jewellery. The brand was established in 2015 with the aim of bringing evolution to traditional pearl jewellery by featuring pearls with different elements and designing fresh new styles. Backed by pearl jewellery experts with 30 years of experience in craftsmanship, production and sourcing, Made of Pearl continues to make timeless, classy, and elegant pearl jewellery that suits all generations.