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Christmas 2020: Where to find the best gift hampers

By Localiiz 10 December 2020

Published by Alisa Chau, Rosamond Chung, and Kriti Gandhi

We have reached the most wonderful of the year, and boy, what a year it has been. There is no better way to keep up spirits than by spreading some much-needed love and care amongst your friends and family. Why not send out a Christmas hamper to let them know you are thinking of them during these trying times? If you need more convincing, take a look at our list of thoughtfully curated Christmas hampers to get some inspiration for your shopping list!

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Presents are great, but even better is opening up a box of thoughtful gifts that speak to your passions and interests, showing how much thought and consideration was put into selecting a gift would truly speak to you. Luckily, this year, you don’t even need to put effort into the process: APITA and UNY have compiled a bunch of Christmas hampers and stocking stuffers for individuals with hobbies of all sorts.

Surprise your study buddy with fun Japanese stationery that will make for wonderful collectables and cute gadgets or treat your foodie friend with the Japanese Christmas basket ($1,599) that consists of Japanese liqueurs, Yamae cheese scallop, Kanazawa Kinpaku coffee, and other top-notch varieties. The list goes on!


Artisan Lounge

Exclusive to K11 Musea, the Artisan Lounge is offering two new Christmas hampers for the festive season this year. For an indulgent celebration, the Joy Of Noël hamper ($2,288) is sure to delight as the perfect gift. It contains luxurious treats such as Papis Loveday Brut, Tahi Manuka honey, 24-month Ibérico ham, cookies, and much more.

Continuing the foodie trend, the wonderful X’mas Sonata hamper ($1,168) is perfect for gourmands, with festive delights such as Chateau Dubois Gramont 2015, Ninety Plus coffee, Salchichon Ibérico ham, and delicious Christmas cookies. With these delicately thoughtful hampers, you will find a handcrafted carton box Christmas card, an upcycled wine cork pen, and a bespoke Christmas decorative item!


Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker is offering four exquisite hand-selected, homely, and intricate festive hampers this season. Its winter house selection gift box ($528) comes filled with a signature range of premium milk, dark, and truffle chocolates—a decadent selection that will brighten up any Christmas get-together. In partnership with the Ellermann Flower Boutique & Event Design Atelier, Charbonnel et Walker is also offering the Festive Wonder hamper ($1,980), the Ho Ho Ho family hamper ($6,680), and the Sugar, Spice & All Things Nice hamper ($2,680). Click here for more details and to shop online.


Chilli Fagara

Chilli Fagara packs the heat with two festive hampers this Christmas! The Chilli Fagara Christmas hamper (starting from $288) offers a sampling of the best Sichuan cooking ingredients to uplift any home-cooked Christmas meal, alongside a comforting Eight Treasures tea to wash it all down. A premium version of the hamper promises to be the ultimate treat for any Hong Kong gourmand, offering a traditional shrimp and Jinhua ham XO sauce (with vegan alternatives available). In addition to the restaurant’s famed flower tea, the premium hamper includes a sparkling apple juice, offering an almost guilt-free way to drink this Christmas.

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Photo credit: City Super


A one-stop Christmas market that aggregates top gourmet choices from all over the world, City’super is offering up to 29 hampers of stunning delights. Its most flamboyant option, the Christmas Extravaganza hamper ($62,888), boasts a total of 69 deluxe items that encompass first-rate Grand Cru champagnes and wines, as well as the finest imported meats, amongst other treasures. Spoiled for choice, you’re privy to assemblages ranging from low-key options like the Joy to the World hamper ($988) for Japanese sweet treats to the Luxurious Christmas hamper ($9,888) of 30 sweets and savouries.


Feather & Bone

Make your merry Christmas cheer even merrier this year with a luxurious yet meaty hamper from Hong Kong’s favourite butchers. Feather & Bone has curated three gorgeous hampers to suit all your seasonal holiday needs. Be it the Merry Little Christmas hamper ($788) of snacks and bloat-fighting kombucha, the Jolly Jamboree hamper ($1,288) presents tapas fixings and bottles of red, or the Jingle Bell Rock hamper ($2,288) of festive gourmandise, your taste buds will be satisfied no matter the setting.


Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason specialises in handcrafted luxury hampers and gift boxes, each filled with exquisite delicacies from Champagne to all manners of teas, biscuits, meats, cheese, and wines. This year they offer four different Christmas hampers: the Fortnum’s Christmas collection ($2,288), the Afternoon Indulgence basket ($1,385), the Season’s Greetings basket ($1,385), and the Merry Christmas gift box ($1,630). From the Loveramics teapot to the silky Marc de Champagne truffles, these hampers are the perfect presents for you and your loved ones this Christmas.


The Gift

Holiday-present shoppers suffering from choice paralysis have a chance to rejoice with help from The Gift. Specialising in hampers that cover all sorts of gift varieties for every occasion imaginable, take a glance at their varieties (all specially constructed for Christmas giving) for a magic bullet that’s just right for taking aim at satisfying absolutely everyone on your long “nice list” of recipients. Whether you are planning a night of opulence with the Enchanted Gold Christmas gift box ($999)—packed with edible gold flakes—or settling into a wholesome night with your loved one sampling snacks from the Silent Night Christmas hamper ($2,688), The Gift has got you covered.

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By The Masked Gifter Sponsored | 3 November 2020

Gift Hampers HK

Offering a whopping 80 (!) different variations of Christmas hampers, Gift Hampers HK is a great source for those looking to find a variety of baskets to bestow upon colleagues, partners, friends, family—and anybody, really! This year, they have partnered with Classified to curate cheese boxes like The Cheese Master ($1,488) and The Cheese Connoisseur ($2,088), and with Mr Simms to whip up candy-filled treasures such as the Mr Simms classic Christmas hamper ($868) and Mr Simms deluxe Christmas hamper ($1,888). Classic options like The Real Big Christmas hamper ($1,519) and Christmas Gourmet Lover hamper ($1,629), full of sharing platter nibbles and sweet snacks, are also available. As the first balloon hamper vendor in Hong Kong, Gift Hampers HK can also make this Christmas extra special if you want to make your mark with an aerial surprise!

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Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt is offering three hampers perfect for three different situations: a Grand Moment hamper ($1,188), Grand Occasion hamper ($2,880) and Grand Celebration hamper ($3,580). Not only can you delight your special someone with amazing homemade Christmas logs but there is also a colourful selection of European culinary delights. Enjoy 15 percent off on any Christmas hamper ordered before 15 December!


Green Common

With the festive season upon us, Green Common is introducing three vegan Christmas hampers with a selection of plant-based treats. This year, the hamper will be replacing conventional plastic bags with water-soluble invisible bags that dissolve without a trace in hot water (80 degrees Celsius or above) after use. It is non-toxic, compostable, biodegradable, and does not form micro-plastics! The three hampers include the Foodies’ Favourites hamper ($298), the Delicious Treats From Green Santa hamper ($588), and the Celebration Christmas hamper ($1,188), each delicately assembled to make sure that recipients receive premium quality food and beverages. Bring festive joy whilst making a positive sustainable contribution with Green Common’s hampers!


Jouer Hong Kong

Drawing from the Twelvitide tradition that has been immortalised as a carol favoured by pre-schools around the world, Jouer Hong Kong has compiled two major selections of a dozen artisanal delicacies for you to enjoy or share with loved ones. Dig into the picnic-style wicker Christmas hamper basket ($2,080) with a glass of bubbles in tow, or marvel at the gold-rimmed glass case of the Twelve Days of Christmas ($1,980) chest showcasing delicate fare to go with hand-blended rooibos tea.

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By Winerack Sponsored | 11 December 2020
By Sana Fong 3 September 2020

JW Marriott

JW Marriott is currently offering two amazing options for hampers this festive season, one being an exclusively designed hamper courtesy of executive pastry chef Kevin Chiu, which features beautifully crafted sweet treats in theme with Christmas characters like Santa and his reindeers. Besides these festive goodies, Dolce 88 is offering a limited-edition gourmet hamper ($2,888) and grand hamper ($4,288) that respectively feature gourmet gifts and also a variety of homemade delights!



Feast your eyes on the stylish and unique hampers by L’hotel, featuring hand-picked quality products that any Christmas elf would love to receive this year. Choose from the Delightful Christmas hamper ($988), the Joyous Christmas hamper ($1,688) and the Grandeur Christmas hamper ($2688) and enjoy them in their elegant red gift boxes.


Mandarin Oriental

As Hong Kong’s skyscrapers light up for the festive season, light up someone’s Christmas tree with the Mandarin Oriental. Its diverse hampers that are perfect for any occasion; from the traditional hamper ($3,188) and the East & West hamper ($4,188) to the deluxe gourmet hamper ($5,188), the MO has something that will satisfy everyone.



Go on a Christmas journey through Latin America with the festive hamper ($2,580) from Mono. Handpicked by chef Ricardo Chanetonby, the selection showcases delectable house-made Mono chocolates, Eva Aguilera olive oil, maté tea, Mono imperial caviar, pain d’epices, the restaurant’s signature 21-ingredient mole, and a bottle of Miolo sparkling wine. And as a gift that gives twice, the stylish Mercado Global tote bag not only provides a sustainable alternative to single-use gift packaging but also helps to empower rural Latin-American women by supporting community-run businesses!

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By Alisa Chau 17 November 2020
By Sponsored content 6 January 2020

The Murray

The Murray is offering a Christmas hamper ($2,088) for your fancy friends and family that enjoy living the high life. Delight them with gourmet products such as the 52-month aged Ibérico Bellota ham, Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut, a Loison Italian festive panettone, and many more delectable nibbles. Don’t forget to order seven days in advance for the chance to gift this elegant, seasonal treat to your loved ones!


Okra Hong Kong

Okra Hong Kong has launched an exquisite hamper ($1,200) for the Christmas festivities this season. The hamper offers a bottle of Premium Ginjo sake from the popular eatery and sake bar’s prized collection of unpasteurised and premium pours. A marvelling whole smoked Yu An Yaki duck and chef Max Levy’s house-smoked bacon will also be bundled up, making it impossible for anyone to resist. In addition to the delectable gourmet goods, the hamper also offers a jar of Okra’s house-made ma la sauce—a perfect blend of piquant spices, pork fat, and scallop oil to spice up any festive meal.



Christmas holidays are as much a time for celebrating as a time for relaxation and rest, and no one knows how to rejuvenate as well as Ritz-Carlton does. Though still stocking traditional choices like the classic hamper ($2,688) with items suited for a beautiful platter of gourmet tidbits, hampers from Ritz-Carlton are not limited to food and drinks. Their grand spa hamper ($2,142) and deluxe spa hamper ($1,512) are brilliant options for those who want to end the (very chaotic) year with some much-needed rejuvenation!


Rosewood Hong Kong

Rosewood is offering many amazing options for hampers during this merry season, one being the festive assortment from Asaya, which feature five different boxed hamper sets curated for different recipients that are perfect for celebrating the holidays with your family. Opt for the Nourishing hamper ($8,800) for the ultimate wellness treat.

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By Contributed content 27 November 2017
By The Murray, Hong Kong Sponsored | 3 December 2020


Bring in decadence and ring in Christmas with a gourmet hamper ($1,288) from Rubia, highlighting scrumptious Spanish cuisine. Recreate an epicurean spread of mouth-watering acorn-fed Ibérico ham, the signature Rubia Gallega ribeye steak, and Galician octopus leg that has been blessed with Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and smoked paprika, amongst the familiar warmth and comfort of your own home.

Photo credit: Shangri-La


During this holly jolly season, Shangri-La is offering three premium hampers with the finest and most festive delicacies for its customers. The Traditional Favourites hamper ($2,088) include a platter of the finest goodies like Champagne and wine, while the East Meet West hamper ($2,388) includes classics but also some gourmet picks from Europe and Asia. Finally, the Heep Hong Charity hamper ($2,088) is a great gift as well, as you can pick your preferred gifts from a wide selection and it is all for a good cause!

Photo credit: Venchi


For a touch of nostalgic joy, look no further than the collection of gift hampers at Venchi that feature the Italian chocolatier’s lovingly designed tins and bauble boxes—which double as gorgeous tree adornments! For that magical Christmas feeling, share an Allergia Cheer hamper ($1,250) to spread the season’s tidings. Split a luxurious Heritage hamper ($1,850) or the grand Venchi Experience hamper ($2,550) with your family and return to that warm childhood Boxing Day-morning level of excitement and joy.


Wanna Jam

Looking for a healthy festive hamper? This Christmas, Wanna Jam is offering three different sets of hampers (starting from $980). Wanna Jam produces handmade jams and butters with the freshest ingredients and no preservatives in collaboration with local artisans and businesses. Keeping it simple, the list of ingredients used are as natural as possible. Wanna Jam also tries their best to maintain a no-sugar or low-sugar content in their products—the perfect hamper to keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy!

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