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5 reasons why hampers make the perfect gift

By The Gift Sponsored | 9 December 2020

Header image courtesy of @thegifthk (via Instagram)

No matter how many holidays, birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions you have been through, finding the perfect gift is no easy task. From diving into detective mode and picking up on subtle clues on what your recipient might like, to scouring the shops for a gift that strikes the right balance between thoughtfulness and practicality and fits into your budget, it can be a frazzling experience for many of us. 

Well, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? That you can take the stress out of the equation and simply bask in the joy that comes from presenting a great gift! That's right, hampers are the one-stop solution to all your gifting needs! If you’re scratching your head over a few missing gifts, here are five reasons why hampers are the answers to your struggles.


Suitable for any occasion

When we say hampers are perfect for any occasion imaginable, we mean it. Whether it’s a corporate function, an anniversary, or a housewarming party, a good hamper provider will ensure that there’s a curated basket to suit your every need. Take The Gift, for example, who has an extensive selection of themed hampers that covers all the grounds of major seasonal holidays and celebratory events. They are your go-to place to find the gift for every scenario!

Got a baby shower to attend? Take your pick from their 80-plus specially designed baby hampers. An ideal unisex option is the adorable lion-themed baby hamper, which includes a plush toy, a 3D animal blanket, swaddles, hand mittens, baby shoes, and baby wipes. Need an impressive gift for a corporate client? Go for the gourmet business hamper! It’s packed with luxury chocolates, teas, wellness soups, and other tasty nibbles. And If you can’t decide on a specific theme, you can never go wrong with their uber-versatile, universally appropriate fruit hampers. The classic fruit hamper is filled to the brim with Korean Yubari melon, Del Monte fresh pineapple, Megumi apple, and other fresh, seasonal picks!


Beautiful presentation

Believe it or not, presentation can make or break a gift. Oftentimes, the decorative presentation of a gift is more than just visual fodder, it is an all-important sign of respect, appreciation, and face-giving. So especially when it comes to corporate gifting, you absolutely cannot skimp on appearance. Presenting a glorious display of artfully arranged goodies in an attractive-looking basket, hampers gets full marks for packaging. And the best part? Instead of throwing out mounds of crumpled wrapping paper, you can re-use the baskets for all sorts of storage and organisational purposes!

Priding themselves in being a local gift hamper company with a reach that extends to prestigious local and international companies, The Gift is keenly aware of the different preferences in Western and Chinese gifting cultures—and it’s reflected in the diverse looks of their hampers, too. From the humble yet charming rattan baskets to ones decked out in vibrant shades of reds and golds, their hampers are vastly varied, but one thing you can be sure of is that the presentation is always consistently beautiful.


They are a safe choice

One of the most anxiety-inducing aspects of gift-giving is the prospect of pouring endless hours into preparing a special gift, only to have it shoved into the back of a drawer—or heaven forbid—re-gifted to someone else. Hampers have a broad appeal because the likelihood of them being poorly received is minimal. After all, with an entire basket jam-packed with goodies, there’s bound to be something for even the pickiest of recipients to enjoy—and enough to go round for everyone if you’re buying for a group to share.


Full of surprises

What’s better than unwrapping a gift? Unwrapping a whole heap of gifts all at once! Hampers are a literal treasure trove of delightful treats, which makes opening them a mega fun and exciting affair. Plus, a varied assortment of gifts means that there’s always a surprise factor to look forward to, because try as one might, it would take a mind reader to guess all the goodies inside the basket. So kick back and savour the sight of your recipient’s face light up every time a new item is drawn from your carefully chosen hamper!


Unbeatable convenience

Let’s be honest—even those of us with the best of intentions would prefer to skip the tedious searching and wrapping and have the perfect gift ready as easily as possible. With a ready-made assemblage of products hand-picked by the experts and designed to complement each other, hampers are a hassle-free way to get your gifting sorted. Premium hamper providers like The Gift knows how to cater to the needs of busy gifters, offering quality online shopping services so that you can easily order a hamper online and have it delivered to your recipients’ doorsteps in a matter of clicks! They provide next-day delivery free of charge, but if you need a gift in a pinch, same-day delivery is available as well for an additional charge.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to your gift to make it extra special. The Gift understands the importance of creating a unique gift and offers the option to customise your hamper with your choice of contents and bespoke decorative ribbons to boot! Add in a personalised message as a finishing touch and you have a gift that will leave your recipient grinning from ear to ear.

Of course, as convenient and universally adored as hampers can be, you cannot have the perfect gift if the quality of the basket contents is lacking. That’s where you will need a trusty provider to help you deliver the perfect hamper every time. One such purveyor is The Gift, a local online gift store specialising in hampers, flower bouquets, and other unique gifts (including diaper cakes for baby showers!).

Operating from a 3,000-plus square-foot warehouse, The Gift sources their fruits and flowers fresh from the markets twice a day, hand-selecting and quality-checking all edible products so that only the best will be delivered to recipients. Additionally, they place great emphasis on detail, making it a priority to ensure that every gift leaves the warehouse in prime condition, is reliably delivered, and delightfully received by recipients. In fact, they will even send you a photo of the hamper taken at the drop point upon successful delivery. So shop with confidence and rest assured knowing that the perfect gift is on its way to your lucky recipient! 

The Gift is currently offering an exclusive holiday discount for Localiiz readers. Simply sign up on their website and use the coupon code LOCALIIZ9 at the checkout to enjoy 10 percent off on all Christmas hampers. Easy peasy! 

The Gift

The Gift is an online hamper and flower specialist based in Hong Kong. Understanding the importance of gifts and how it reflects one’s relationship with others, The Gift is dedicated to sourcing and supplying the best quality of foods, beverages, flowers, baskets, and hampers to ensure that every single gift and wishes are beautifully presented. They have designed and supplied for some of the most prestigious local and international corporations, including Tai Hing, Estée Lauder, Hallmark, Hung Fook Tong, and more.