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11 perfect gifts for every kind of Christmas persona

By The Masked Gifter Sponsored | 3 November 2020

Header image courtesy of @freestocks (via Unsplash)

It’s been a long, long year, but Christmas is finally around the corner. Perhaps this time around, the annual Christmas presents are more important than ever as everyone can use some encouragement, a dab of familiar festive goodwill in unfamiliar times. However, gifting is a tricky business—one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. That’s why our guide is here to help you! Read on to find out which Christmas persona your friends and family fall under, and what to get them.


The Grinch

Let’s face it: We all have that one friend who just hates Christmas for whatever inconceivable reason. Maybe it’s the noise and festivity, an undue dose of cynicism, or perhaps they’re just born grumpy. Even so, this doesn’t change our love for them.

Show the tough nut some warmth this season by gifting them a pair of the new Bose QuietComfort earbuds to shut out any rowdy merry-making on the streets—their weather-resistant technology makes them perfect for Hong Kong’s humid climate, too. If your friend is a Grinch of the nerdy variety, order them the 12 Terrors of Christmas by John Updike to treat them to some amusing escapism. Finally, all Grinches out there could do with a Toasst wine club subscription to toast to a better year ahead (or just drink their sorrows away).

Photo credit: Hannah Pemberton (via Unsplash)

The Whovillian

On the other side of the spectrum is the starry-eyed Whovillian, the antithesis of the Christmas-hating Grinch—you know, the people who put up all their Christmas decorations by 1 November in eager anticipation of Yuletide. Humour the Whovillians and gift them a set of classic Hong Kong-themed hanging decorations from Lion Rock Press, featuring the iconic Star Ferry, the tram, and more. An aromatic 10-litre box of mulled wine from Bauer is always welcome as well. Let the smell of Christmas accompany them before the special day is due!


The jet-setter

We’re sorry that all the globe-trotters out there have to stay home this year. But that means that for once, they’re actually going to be here for you to give them their presents in person! Satiate your friend’s wanderlust by putting together a country-themed gift basket. Are they an Italophile? Head to an Italian deli in your area, or shop online (i.e. at Simply Fresh) for the goods and have them delivered straight to your door before you wrap them into a hamper. For something they can use for years to come, treat the jet-setters to a copy of the Lonely Planet’s visually stunning Ultimate Travel List 2: The Best Places on the Planet... Ranked so that they can plan where to go once travel restrictions are lifted.

Photo credit: Mark & Graham

The party host

To the party host, Christmas means family. This could be extended family or even just good friends, but the party host feels obliged to gather everyone together for a splendid Christmas party. Applaud their efforts with a classy and simple Christmas-themed embroidered dinner napkin set from Mark & Graham, taking their Christmas dinner game to the next level. After dinner, it’s time for some fun family bonding games. Turn the house into a family-friendly escape room adventure with the Trapped: Escape Room Game Pack your party host would be sure to love you for.

Photo credit: Franc Franc

The once-a-year auntie

Lastly, there’s always that distant relative you only see once a year, but good manners demand a material token of love. Give them a dainty small cheese board set from Franc Franc along with a small selection of cheeses. Even if so-and-so auntie’s already got a cheeseboard, the cost-effective yet chic gift can be easily repurposed to serve other morsels. Add a splash of colour with a small Poinsettia plant, and auntie’s sure to remember you forever.

Perhaps your loved one fits none of the personas above, or maybe you’re looking for something even more personalised. You might even have the perfect gifts in mind, but you just don’t have the time to hunt all of them down. If only there was something—or rather, someone—that could take care of all your present-shopping needs.

Enter The Masked Gifter, a bespoke gifting service based in Hong Kong. Simply tell them your budget and a few traits about the gift recipient, and they’ll find the perfect gift for your special one. From curating and sourcing, to wrapping and delivery, their highly personalised service has got it all planned out! If you want it to look like you did everything yourself, you can also ask for their discreet unbranded service option, too (we won’t tell!).

Seeing as Christmas is coming, the good folks at The Masked Gifter have prepared a gift for you, too. Starting from 1 November until 25 December 2020, get an extra free gift service—to be used within three months—upon purchasing any one of their gift membership plans. Get a head start and plan your gifting today!

The Masked Gifter

The Masked Gifter is a bespoke gifting service for busy Hong Kongers in a gifting dilemma. From planning and sourcing to packing and delivering, The Masked Gifter covers everything in their highly personalised all-in-one process. Sit back, relax, and they’ll do the rest!

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