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Hong Kong’s best home-grown skate brands

By Alisa Chau 3 November 2020

Header image courtesy of @localhoodskateboard (via Instagram)

In recent years—with the opening of the skate parks in Tseung Kwan O, Lai Chi Kok, and Tsz Wan Shan—skateboarding has begun to gain popularity amongst Hongkongers. What better way to drop in a bowl than to do it in style? Here is a list of local skate brands that you should check out.

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Victoria is a brand with designs that draw inspiration from the eclectic mix of East-meets-West and vintage-meets-modern influences that make up Hong Kong’s unique aesthetics. Victoria also hosts events, art shows, and skate trips that connect the Asian creative and skate networks. Their simplistic, unisex silhouettes are a great choice for a clean, put-together look. Shop Victoria online or at one of their stockists.

Photo credit: @gahyaoclothing (via Instagram)

Gahyao Clothing

Inspired by the “can-do” spirit he encountered during his time in Hong Kong in the late 1990s, Anton Pelayo founded Gahyao Clothing as a homage to the street-skate culture of that era. Gahyao Clothing offers quality t-shirts and caps that are as stylish as they are comfortable to wear. Their first-edition deck, Monkey Hugs ($350), shows the bold graffiti design that encapsulates Gahyao’s major influences. Have a look at one of their stockists or buy directly from their website.


Established by Julius Brian Siswojo in 1999, 8Five2 was one of the first retailers to introduce authentic skate brands to Hong Kong. Boasting numerous collaborations with various artists and brands over the years—from local photographer Wing Shya to the world-famous Carharrt and Thrasher—8Five2 pushes the boundaries of Hong Kong skate culture by merging it with internationally renowned labels. You can buy online from their website or visit their physical shop in Causeway Bay to browse the collection in person.

8Five2, 1/F, 522 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2573 9872

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Photo: @fan_xing (via Instagram)


Full of references to pop culture and well-known local elements, Ninepush presents a cheeky sense of humour to its deck designs. Its scratchy hand-drawn logo is a visual indicator of the brand’s carefree style, a parallel to the chilled-out attitude of an archetypal skater. Keep up with their skating skits on Instagram and browse their deck collection at the Fanling Skate Shop.

PDZC Skate Shop (拍打直斬)

Locally designed and locally based, PDZC Skate Shop is a small independent brand that sells quality decks with set-up parts included. Newly launched in May of this year, “Straight outta Hong Kong” is their motto, and by their featuring the iconic red-white-blue nylon bag pattern in the first deck release, PDZC does just that. Give them a follow on Instagram to stay tuned on their restocks and upcoming collections.

Photo credit: @localhoodskateboard (via Instagram)

Local Hood Skate Shop

Local Hood Skate Shop incorporates surrealistic graphics and rich, saturated colours into its designs. Its Love board infuses computer-generated graphics from the Y2K period with fantastical traditional Chinese-style details. The brand’s founders have worked with Fanling Skate Shop, and their decks can be purchased at the shop site or found at the physical store.

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Photo credit: @fanlingskateshop (via Instagram)

Fanling Skate Shop (粉嶺滑板店)

The Fanling Skate Shop is an unmissable spot for those who have swung by the skatepark near On Luk Street playground. Having sponsored multiple local pro-skateboarders and the Northern District-based SBC skate crew, the brand has been a huge force in pushing skate culture in Hong Kong. The store is a paradise for beginners and pro-skaters alike, with a mini-ramp and flat bar inside the shop location for rookies to break in their new board and for experts to grind when it’s raining outside.

Fanling Skate Shop, Flat J, 5/F, Good Harvest Centre, 33 On Chuen Street, Fanling | (+852) 6855 0751

Photo credit: @hickculture (Instagram)

Hick Culture (大香里)

Evocative of Keith Haring’s “Free Figuration” drawing style, designs by Hick Culture (大香里) remain minimal yet playful. Its bright colours and swirling lines give a warm feeling to the pieces that hearken back to the vintage vibes of the 1970s, with an injection of visual cues—such as the broad straw hat of the logomark—that highlight the “fragrant harbour” inspiration that this Hong Kong brand is rooted in. Take a look at their small-batch, screen-printed collection on Instagram and follow them for more information on their next drop.

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