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Your ultimate guide to the best consumption voucher deals

By Localiiz 18 May 2022

Header images courtesy of Consumption Voucher Scheme

With reporting from Tommy Yu, Min Ji Park, Charlotte Ip, and Alisa Chau.

Whether you are indulging in some well-deserved retail therapy, or are looking for gifts to show your appreciation to loved ones during this elongated period of tough times, here are our picks for the hottest deals to make the most out of your $5,000 consumption voucher.

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How to get your consumption vouchers and where to use them

In order to combat the pandemic wreaking havoc on our economy, the Hong Kong government has rolled out a new round of the Consumption Voucher Scheme (CVS) in 2022. Its first phase vouchers will be disbursed on 7 April 2022 via direct deposit into the same voucher accounts users have registered for the 2021 Consumption Voucher Scheme, which includes the platforms of AlipayHK, Tap & GoWeChat Pay HK, and Octopus cards. People need to stick to the same e-platform used from the previous year to receive the first phase vouchers. But you can switch to another portal in the second phase of this new round.

Paid out in two batches, the full voucher amount is $10,000 this year, with $5,000 disbursed at each phase, allowing users to spend at local retail, catering, and service outlets. However, expenditures counting towards public or governmental services, investments, and oversea transactions are outside its coverage; such as income tax, water bills, tuition fees, insurance, and transactions on non-local platforms. It is also worth noting that the stored voucher value cannot be transferred or cashed in.

During the first phase, registrants on AlipayHK, Tap & Go, and WeChat Pay HK will get a total of $5,000. Octopus registrants will get $4,000 at first, and the remaining $1,000 will be deposited on the sixteenth of the following month after you spent all the $4,000. If a total of $4,000 is not spent by 31 October 2022, then the remaining $1,000 instalment will be automatically relinquished.

Since Octopus cards cannot store more than $3,000 at once, people also need to repeatedly tap their cards to replenish the voucher value in the spending process. This can be done via designated channels, including Subsidy Collection Points, outlets of 7-Eleven, Circle K, and Wellcome Supermarket, Octopus Service Points, and the mobile Octopus App. If you are on AlipayHK, Tap & Go, or WeChat Pay HK, remember to spend all of the money on the voucher by 31 October 2022. For Octopus registrants, the stored voucher value will remain valid until 31 December 2022.

For enquiries on the voucher account, please contact the service providers, 1) AlipayHK at (+852) 2245 3201, 2) Octopus at (+852) 2969 5500, 3) Tap & Go at (+852) 2888 0000, or 4) WeChat Pay HK at (+852) 3929 1666. In case you are eligible but forgot to sign up for the 2021 Consumption Voucher Scheme, you can register for the second round here, and get the full amount of $10,000 upon successful registration.

With the second phase in the official pipeline, we will update this guide as more pieces of the bill go into effect.

Start by checking out the categories below!

Fashion | Electronics & gadgets | Health & beauty | Food & drink | Hobbies & experiences


If your wardrobe is itching for a beauty treatment, the consumption voucher season is your stage to source and showcase new trends and bookmarked favourites. Read on to find out our catalogue of fashion hotspots!

Sports gear

Relaxed masks restrictions and reopened gyms mean it’s time to ramp up your collection of fitness apparel. Adidas is coming back to the game strong with its continued commitment to nature, featuring Parley for the Oceans, botanical artist Dianne Sutherland, and more. Try their newest 4DFWD X Parley shoes ($1,899) and Ultraboost 22 shoes ($1,499) for a feel of sustainability married with comfort and high performance. More importantly, members can earn a LED memo notepad for any buys above $1,500 in designated branches and the online store. All methods are welcomed, and signing up is free–you also get a $100 voucher now.

Adidas' worthy contender Nike ticks all boxes of the summer vibe as dreamy hues flood its shelves. To make the most out of your painless shopping spree, we recommend the Nike Joyride Dual Run 2 ($629) and Air Jordan OG ($769), all running a 30 percent discount alongside a rack of fine yoga fits sitting at about $200 lowest. To seal the deal, Nike is treating Alipay HK users to an exclusive $30 off per $200, $120 off per $600 and 25 percent off for purchases exceeding $1,000 till 19 June. For eager fans without AlipayHK, Nike has their $800 minus $100 scheme at their retail stores for new members, as well as a Friday sale with selected goods at a 25 percent off.

Indie brands on Boom

Boom is a newcomer to the fashion scene that curates an array of durable and sustainable wear from both local and international names under the radar. A recent settler at Shatin, the collaborative brand swiftly hopped on the consumption voucher bandwagon with a selection of attractive money-back deals. Octopus, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK are all accepted. Here are a few highlights.

Minimalistic and organic designs are near and dear to The Pills, which specialises in monochromatic streetwear manufactured with pollution-free cotton and non-woven fabric Tyvek boasting water and bacteria resistance. The Tyrek Explorer Pack is currently at 15 percent off, a great time to enhance your urban garb.

The Norwegian glory Swims treks its way to Hong Kong, courtesy of BOOM. Assembled with the recyclable EVA, its skidproof and quick-drying footwear make for an ideal companion to beaches and on damp days while exuding classy debonair flair. Save yourself a pair valued at a maximum 40 percent markdown before an aqua affair swims by.

Check out DPLS’ closet of oversized tees, flamboyant caps, and textured travel utilities, where the best of American street culture—rovers, hip-hop, graffiti and skateboards—collide into off-the-chart gears. For starters, DPLS is offering an affordable taster pack of $49 per headwear and $100 for three. Cap on, and look fresh as you make your way to the alleys and skateparks.

Boom, ST-1-048, Yata Department Store, L1 & 2, New Town Plaza 3, 2 Shatin Centre Street, Shatin

Thepills | (+852) 9724 4663

Swims, SOGO Causeway Bay, 3/F Shop 29E, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay | (+852) 9508 6300

Photo: @2degreeseast (via Instagram)


Keep track of your sustainable efforts with 2°EAST’s exquisite timepieces. Ethical production is at the heart of this Hong Kong master timekeeper who ensures both nature and the people behind the products are readily protected and recognised. Out of these candidly-paid craftsmen’s hands are sleek watch cases with customisable straps that either blend in your business attire or pop as a quirky fashion statement, fashioned from chemically and plastic-free origins. You’d like to know that going green does not necessarily engender a wallet rob when 2°EAST strives to keep middlemen out of the way of your sustainable venture. The label accepts Tap & Go, which you can pay with under the Mastercard option. Click here to get started with their watch catalogue.

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Photo: @zoff_hongkong (via Instagram)


There is no better time than now to own a new pair of glasses from Zoff. The label has been a favourite amongst the people for its simplistic styles that humbly befits any outfit in your wardrobe. The Japanese artisan spirit is perceptibly flourishing amongst the products of this foreign chain, driven by the philosophy to craft the most face-friendly eyewear that keeps bacteria and UV at bay. From now through 30 June, Zoff is making the craftsman’s vision accessible to Tap & Go, AlipayHK and WeChat Pay HK users, cutting $100 from your $998 receipt and $200 from buys worth $1,800. For Octopus payers, the sale even runs generously till 31 August. Impressed customers cannot miss the Zoff sign-up offer of a $100 coupon, eligible to spend when your total reaches $498.

Photo: @doughnutofficial (via Instagram)


Doughnut has undoubtedly taken Instagram by storm, but there is much more to be said than the backpacks’ kaleidoscopic and fluffy exteriors. The seamless union of fashion and functionality paints them an ideal for adventures big and small. Colour your day out around the neighbourhood with the dainty mini and tiny series, hit the library or café with a sturdy laptop pack slung on your back, then let the resilient ocean power line and reborn collection lead your hike home. In hopes of making journeys around Hong Kong all the more special, Doughnut is riding on the consumption voucher craze to offer $100 cashback per $700 spent, and $200 per $1,000 spent via Tap & Go, AlipayHK and WeChat Pay. Complimentary shipping is also available free of charge for local deliveries!

Doughnut | (+852) 2386 3279

Photo: M Vectiv Fastprack Futurelight @thenorthfacehk (via Instagram)

Outdoor gear

Avid hikers take on arduous trails with The North Face trademark at the forefront for a reason. The Canadian outdoor gear brand owns a track record of supporting countless arctic explorers, famed for their breathability and grip that is well-adapted to the humid Hong Kong air. You simply would not go wrong investing in apparel from the seasonal launch of Urban Oasis “Journey Through Nature”, spotlighting the Vectiv Fastprack Futurelight ($1,399) and DryVent biobased 3L jacket—AP ($2,090). Don't hesitate, as the travellers’ favourite is issuing a membership service where all buys $1,000 or above receive a 10 percent off. Join the A-team for free now!

Photo: @skechershk (via Instagram)


Skechers’ sneakers are well within everyone’s comfort zone thanks to their luxuriously cushioned insoles and classic round-toe design, giving feet of all sizes a fashionable makeover while building up some satisfying height. Known for their accessible footgear, Sketchers has rolled out yet another bountiful campaign for all consumption voucher holders.

Visitors who grace their storefront are entitled to a whopping 25 percent discount for any two or more selections. Web shoppers are also in for a price cut, earning a 25 percent discount for a minimum of two orders tagged in blue; for $1,200 spent products wearing red tags go for half price, and there is even an additional $100 cashback for commodities in special offers. Sold? Act now as the deal expires on 22 May.

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Electronics and gadgets

Deck out your home or workspace with the latest new gadgets and electronic devices with these banging deals.

Sonos sound systems

Delighting music lovers and film buffs alike, Sonos is offering speakers of various sizes that bring you quality sound at a satisfying price. Their selections cover a range of premium speakers, including models that fall under $5,000. Discover their online store here, which accepts WeChat Pay, AliPayHK, Octopus and Tap & Go. What’s more, buying online also comes with free delivery. If you prefer to get a firsthand look before buying, Sonos is also available at Fortress stores around the city, which accept AliPayHK, Octopus and Tap & Go as payment.

Their iconic Sonos Beam speakers are great for setting the mood, whilst the Sonos Roam smart speaker is your new ultra-light partner that lets you share your favourite songs and playlists on the go. For portable speakers with great clarity, the Sonos One, bass-emphasising Sonos Move, and Sonos One SL with microphone enabled smart support, pack in much power in their small stature. If you are visiting Fortress directly, nab up a Sonos Arc soundbar with your consumption vouchers to upgrade your home entertainment set-up.

Sony Hong Kong

A longstanding brand with a product range that covers sound systems, earphones, headphones, cameras and lenses, television displays, and a bespoke line of Xperia mobile phones, Sony presents a wealth of cool gadgets to explore. From now until 31 May, Sony is slashing prices across the board to make your consumption voucher all that more worth it, with discounts of up to nearly 60 percent off, and free delivery to boot. Their online store accepts Tap & Go as well as AlipayHK, whilst on-site Sony Stores accept the previous two in addition to Octopus, and WeChat Pay too. Check out their full catalogue here, and find the closest store near you by clicking here.

Photo: HKT Smart Living (via Facebook)

Home gadgets

After a long week jetting between work and home, lazing about in front of the television screen for a movie night sounds like the perfect way to wind down. Offering smartly curated home electronics packages that cover more than just the entertainment system, Smart Living by HKT are targeting Tap & Go users looking for a compilation of gadgets to take their household to the next level.

From now until 31 December, customers using Tap & Go for their consumption voucher can enjoy upwards of a 20 percent discount on product bundles either for families of two, or for a family of three to four members.

There is also a selection of other household gadgets that make home living more convenient, like the Tefal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner or the Daewoo S11 Pro Multi-Function Baking Tray, both of which you can nab up at a delightful discount. Find out more by clicking here.

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By Annette Chan 24 September 2021

Health and beauty

It’s time to restore your hair and skin to that beautiful pre-pandemic glow. Take a look at some of Hong Kong’s best deals for top-notch pampering.

Photo: perFACE

perFace by Dermaglow

With its leading position in the market, perFace has embarked on a ceaseless trip searching for the best look. The clinic has received good word-of-mouth from its customisable solutions and high-quality services which are guaranteed to meet ITEC and ISO’s standards, alongside their list of products from authenticated outlets.

Taking aesthetic matters to heart, licensed practitioners handle all the cosmetic medical procedures. For those itching for a face-lifting experience, here comes the good news: By 30 June 2022, all voucher holders can enjoy their generous rebate program, where up to 100 percent of the money can be converted into spending credits. Try out their collagen therapies ($675) to smoothen out the wrinkles and folds, or their laser treatment ($298) to wipe away acne marks or other unwanted spots.

perFace, locations across Hong Kong | (+852) 9651 5616

Recommended Localiiz partner


With over 30 years of history, Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) remains unwaveringly committed to its holistic approach, with perspectives and insights hardly found in the western medical code. Treating the underlying causes rather than suppressing symptoms, the clinic caters to individual factors like emotional health and family history in order to devise tailor-made solutions to physical and mental ailments. Putting traditional methods to modern uses, the institute specialises in remedies with western procedures, adjunctive Chinese medicines, and spiritual practices, including vitamin B12 injections, acupuncture, Reiki, and even counselling. For Octopus cards and Tap & Go holders, schedule a meeting with the expert practitioners and discover how we can find answers to overall well-being by restoring the harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.

IMI, 13/F & 17/F, Kailey Tower, 16 Stanley Street, Central | (+852) 2523 7121

Recommended Localiiz Partner

Photo: boxed water is better (via Unsplash)


Even with a big-name beauty emporium such as Sephora, voucher holders can still enjoy a wealth of exclusive offers. From now to 31 May, voucher holders can snag the best deals on their website. Use code “CVSOFFER” to get $100 off from spending $800, or $200 off from spending $1,200. No matter what kind of skincare and beauty products you are looking for, this internationally-renowned brand has got you covered; serums, shampoos, fragrances, brushes—you name it. Abounding in high-quality products, some Sephora favourites include unseen sunscreen by Supergoop and rose deep hydration face cream by Fresh. Don’t forget to ask for complimentary samples at checkout for opportunities to experiment with other skincare varieties.

Sephora, locations across Hong Kong

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Food and drink

No matter what you have your consumption voucher earmarked for, make sure to leave at least a little to treat yourself to a few drinks and a bite to eat. From wine merchants to restaurants, here are some of our top picks for where to spend your voucher money.

Photo: Vynluna Wines


You can never have too much wine, and with these wine merchants, you can use your consumption voucher to stock up for the week, the month, or even the year. With the Direct Wines Asia and Vynluna Wines webstores, you have a whole world of wine at your fingertips from the comfort of your own home. Featuring carefully curated selections and many daily deals, these are the perfect places to get the most bang for your buck while you stock up.

If you have the time, you can stop by Corks Wine & Bar by Bakus Cellars to grab a few bottles from some of the finest vineyards in France. Operating as just a wine shop at the moment, Corks Wine & Bar has exceptional services with only the best made varieties available for your enjoyment.

Direct Wines Asia | (+852) 8120 3826

Vynluna Wines | (+852) 5711 9655

Corks Wine & Bar, 205C Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan | (+852) 9258 5352

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Photo: Shake Shack HK

Shake Shack

We bet you’ve heard of this place, but did you know that Shake Shack is currently offering a consumption voucher deal? When you spend over $150 at the iconic, modern “roadside” burger locations, you can redeem $20 from your CVS registered app from now until July! Grab a friend and head over to try the all-natural Angus beef Shackburger ($50) and crinkle-cut fries ($27), which you can top off with an ice-cold lemonade ($24). Here, taste is king and you can get the most out of your dollars without breaking the bank.

Shake Shack, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Yuen Ryori

Japanese restaurants

Gourmands take note, did you know that you could use your consumption voucher at some of the finest omakase restaurants right here in Hong Kong? Anticipate only deliciousness from Sushi Yonjugo, with melt-in-your-mouth uni and so-fresh-it-could-swim fish that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. You can use any method of consumption voucher payment for the lunch omakase ($1,580) or the dinner omakase ($2,280). Both feature only the freshest ingredients delivered daily from Japan.

Pulling a 180-degree switch to Yu-en Ryori, you can experience the first-ever Hong Kong omakase restaurant specialising in aged fish. With an original, two-step ageing process that combines dry and wet ageing, expect juicy, distinctive tasting fish that will satisfy and challenge your palate. You can use AlipayHK to treat yourself to the omakase lunch ($1,800) or the omakase dinner ($2,300) for an exceptionally designed menu of both fresh and aged fish.

Sushi Yonjugo, G/F, 35B Staunton Street, Central | (+852) 3689 1045

Yu-en Ryori, G/F, Shop B, King’s Hill, 38 Western Street, Sai Ying Pun | (+852) 9123 9102

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Photo: Ministry of Mussels

Ministry of Mussels

No matter which platform you collected your consumption voucher from, you can find a way to spend it at Ministry of Mussels. As your neighbourhood international one-stop sports bar, you can fill up on food, drinks, and beer pong all while the big game plays in the background.

Grab a pot of the wonderfully tangy classic French white wine mussels ($338) or a buttery lobster roll ($258), then head to the pong tables for a frothy game of Carlsberg beer pong ($198 per litre). Ministry of Mussels also has a set lunch menu and happy hour menu, so stop by whenever you want for a good deal and a great time!

Ministry of Mussels, 3/F, California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong, Central | (+852) 2838 4588

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Photo: R&R Bagels

R&R Bagels

Ever had a bagel in Hong Kong and thought, “It’s just not as good as what I could get in New York?” Well, R&R Bagels is striving to prove you wrong with a bagel recipe that has been perfected over hundreds of hours, bringing a smile to even the most homesick of New Yorkers. You can get any breakfast sandwich for $75 or, if you arrive past 12 pm, you can get any all-day sandwich for only $65. Of course, if you want to go old-school and really savour that perfect blend of chewy and crunchy, you can get any bagel and spread for just $30.

R&R Bagels is currently offering a 10 percent discount for all standard items when taken away and another 10 percent discount when you use your consumption voucher money, no matter the platform. With a deal like this—run, don’t walk, to their storefront or order online!

R&R Bagels, 28 Li Yuen Street West, Central | (+852) 2178 5168

Orka Restaurant & Specialty Cafe

Orka Wellness

Although relatively new, Orka Restaurant & Specialty Café is quickly making a name for itself. Committed to providing good, nutritious, and healthy food, Orka stepped up to fill a market it felt was lacking and has more than delivered.

For a quick meal, you can design your own salad or sourdough pocket with the wellness salad bar ($88) for a crunchy, invigorating treat. If you’re feeling particularly hungry for a sit-down meal, you can check out the executive set lunch menu ($188) or the executive set dinner menu ($248). At Orka, you can spend your consumption voucher guilt-free by knowing you’re putting your health first with your meal.

Orka Restaurant & Specialty Café, G/F, 36 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 3489 1217

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Hobbies and experiences

Shopping around may be fun, but for something truly irreplaceable, enjoy one of these unique experiences that will leave you with lasting memories.

Aggregating top-value deals for tour and experience packages around Hong Kong and internationally, is letting you make the most out of your consumption vouchers by blasting out weekly discounts, on top of additional concessions that already accompany the four payment methods. Between now and 30 August, special deals are announced every Friday and Sunday, with discounts reaching as high as 50 percent off, alongside buy-one-get-one-free arrangements! Get some extra mini-discounts tacked onto your purchasing tickets for tours and theme park admissions using AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK or Tap & Go, with more details on their site.

Explorer Hong Kong

If you’re someone who prefers mountains and waterfalls to high tea and shopping sprees, Explorer Hong Kong is a fun-filled and professionally led alternative that takes you to some of the most beautiful outdoor spots around Hong Kong. Leading you through beautiful sights and gorgeous environs by way of extreme sports, some of their most popular activities include Abseiling at Suicide Cliff and Canyoneering in Fo Tan. As payment methods, Explorer Hong Kong accepts Tap&Go and Octopus.

Not sure which to try out first? Check out our quiz to find your perfect Explorer Hong Kong adventure.

Recommended Localiiz partner

Mandarin Oriental

If you feel like taking some time off for self-care amidst one of the most luxurious spots in Hong Kong, this is your chance to do so without breaking the bank. The Mandarin Spa are offering a series of deals geared toward the consumption voucher. From exclusive 30-day gym access for people who want to kickstart their fitness routine before the summer, to hair colouring and anti-humidity treatments for those who want to freshen up their cut. Though online booking only supports credit card payments, you may arrange for an over-the-counter booking in order to pay with Octopus, AliPay, or Tap&Go by visiting the hotel in person or contacting them via the enquiry hotlines and emails on the pages above.

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