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How to choose the right pet products for your animal companion

By Localiiz Branded | 24 February 2022

As pet parents, we strive for the same goal at the end of the day: to keep our animal friends healthy and happy. With the wide scope of pet products on the market in every category imaginable—from food and clothing to toys and health supplements—there is certainly no shortage of ways to show our gratitude for their faithful companionship and unconditional love. 

At the same time, the overwhelming barrage of options can leave many scratching their heads over where to begin when searching for the right supplies for their beloved sidekick, so we have consulted with the experts at veterinarian-backed online pet supply store Vetopia for some practical tips on how to choose the right pet products.

Photo: Vetopia

Understand your pet’s specific needs

Before going down the bottomless rabbit hole of pet essentials, it is key to first identify your pet’s specific needs. Not only will this help narrow down your search, but more importantly, it will ensure that you are providing them with the customised care they deserve.

By equipping yourself with knowledge of your pet’s health status, history, breed-specific traits, nutritional requirements, and potential health risks, you will make more informed choices when it comes to maintaining their well-being and addressing targeted concerns.

Every pet has unique needs, and Dr. David Gething at Vetopia advocates tailored care for your pet. Known for offering quality prescription diets that are specially formulated for cats and dogs to tackle acute health problems, Vetopia can make recommendations for a myriad of preventative and palliative options that can cater to your furkid, whether you are looking for a diet to help your four-legged family member manage their weight, alleviate digestive issues, or even increase their mobility if they are older pets.

Photo: Vetopia

Buy from a trusted source

For matters as important as your pet’s well-being and safety, you never want to take any chances. From low-grade ingredients in their food to toxic chemicals in grooming products, there is a host of hidden dangers in pet products that unsuspecting owners could bring home and be none the wiser about. Avoid putting your pets at risk and make sure you obtain your supplies from a trusted source with proper certification and third-party auditors.

Vetopia makes the process of sifting the credible brands from rogue alternatives easy, as their entire range of products is hand-selected and approved by veterinarians. You can rest assured that anything you pull from their catalogue has gone through a careful quality assurance process and meets rigorous standards of safety and reliability.

Photo: Vetopia

Consult the experts

Website forums and reviews can be useful tools for helping you gauge quality, but advice from layman users should always be taken with a grain of salt. For the most credible and bespoke product recommendations, it is best to look to qualified professionals well-versed in the market. In addition to speaking to your vet, online resources backed by veterinarians are an accessible and savvy way to get intel from a specialist.

Over at Vetopia, not only are all pet products chosen by veterinarians like Dr David Gething, who has three decades of experience working in the field, but the shop further prides itself on being a go-to educational resource for customers. Sharing their expertise on pet health online as well as providing personalised assistance via phone, email, or chat, Vetopia’s resident experts will direct you to find the most suitable supplies for your animal pal.

Photo: @vetopia (via Instagram)

Consider your lifestyle

Finding the right products for your companion is equally about what works best for you and your lifestyle as it does for your pet. Many working professionals in Hong Kong face the struggle of balancing their busy schedules with pet parenting. Dr David Gething suggests maximising the limited time you have and devoting it to your pets by playing and bonding with them, rather than worrying about securing provisions and shopping for supplies.

With this in mind, it is advisable to find a hassle-free solution that suits your schedule. Vetopia provides comprehensive service for their customer’s pet needs, promising quality, reliability, and convenience in every step of the shopping journey.

Its unique “recurring order” service allows for regularly scheduled deliveries of pet food and supplies, with flexible options to skip orders, adjust frequency, and even swap products. Helping pet owners save both time and money, subscribers can enjoy a 20 percent discount on their first recurring purchase, and a three percent discount on subsequent orders.

Photo: Vetopia

Founded by Creature Comforts Veterinarian Group, Vetopia was born with the purpose to educate pet owners and offer the best personalised pet products to suit their needs. Setting itself apart with its veterinarian-backed products, knowledgeable staff, and exceptional tailored service, Vetopia assures a top-notch customer experience, with free and fast delivery as well as a happiness guarantee with a 30-day return and exchange policy.

Whether you are a new pet owner or have shared your home with an animal your whole life, there’s never a bad time to make smart choices for taking care of your loyal companion. Check out Vetopia’s website and start living your best life together with your pet now.


Vetopia covers everything pet lovers need in one location, from pet supplies, food, and treats to grooming and pet care products, as well as preventative health products. Vetopia aims to bring the best of both worlds to pet owners, where knowledgeable advice and veterinary-approved products are delivered straight to your door.