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7 Hong Kong handicraft brands you should know about

By Ching Yuen 13 October 2019
Header image courtesy of MEHK
Handicrafts play an incredibly important role in representing the traditions of cultures around the world, and they have an added bonus of being quite aesthetically-pleasing. Through the handmade work of artisans, we are allowed a glimpse into the making of a society’s heritage and history, and the artistry of Hongkongers is no different. From useful to purely decorative objects, we have rounded up a number of local handicraft brands in Hong Kong and their range of products to make you go, “Oooooo, pretty!”

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fingerswork space clock

1. Fingers Work

Escapism at its finest, Fingers Work was established to promote the concept of breaking free from the stress and worries of daily life. And guess where their ultimate sanctuary is? The furthest we could physically be—in space! This local Ngau Tau Kok studio models their handcrafted products after celestial bodies to inspire their customers to leave behind urban life and be suspended in a relaxing space. Acknowledging the fact that consumers are inevitably entrapped by products of modernity—such as our mobile phones and laptops—Fingers Work puts their hand-painted planetary concept on phone cases, laptop cases, Airpod case covers, and clocks in order to help us escape our self-imposed technological bondage. This way, every time you get stressed, just turn over whatever electronic appliance you’re holding and let the calming space design wash over you. Fingerswork, Room 3, 12/F, Hongsheng Industrial Building, 27 Tai Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok

becandle dim sum candle choi yuk gau

2. BeCandle 

Want to shop for scented artisanal products and feel good about supporting local businesses, too? Then you’ll want to check out BeCandle, a candle manufacturer founded and based in the New Territories. Made up of a team of talented craftsmen, designers, and perfumers who share the same vision of creating accessories for fashionable lifestyles, their delicate, handcrafted candle line is produced at their Sai Kung atelier and each piece is created with high-quality vegetal wax and imported fragrances from Europe. Must-have highlights include their dim sum-shaped scented candles, such as the Siu Mai ($180) or Choi Yuk Gau ($180) candles, which is moulded with wax and placed in a paper dim sum basket. BeCandle, 8 Wang Street, Sai Kung | (+852) 9839 1180

reveriie calligraphy hong kong

3. Reverie

Reverie’s design enterprise is centred around ethereal calligraphy, which the founders apply to their homemade papers, handcrafted home decorations, and invitation papers. Their signature and bestselling products are enchanting resin stones decorated with elegant script, which offers a novel way for you to send a heartfelt message to your loved ones on any occasion. Apart from decor and keepsake, they can also be used as props in styled wedding shoots. These resin stones are truly unique; due to how the stones are cut, the colour patterns always differ. They can even pull double duty as sweet, personalised gifts to thank the guests who attended your special day!

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playful design hong kong

4. Playful Design

Playful Design is a shop that creates handcrafted mini accessories in the form of food, so you can have your cake and wear it, too. Coming from a food journalism background, the owner fell in love with the meticulous details of prepared dishes and decided to make her own wearable ‘food’ products. Using Japanese air-dried resin clay and glue, she handcrafts food-themed earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from scratch, and most of them look almost too convincing. Playing with food takes on a whole new meaning at Playful Design. Side note: these make great gifts for food lovers!

errorism bag hong kong

5. Errorism

The concept of Errorism mimics Japanese minimalistic fashion and combines it with a love for outdoor activities. Taking into account the different needs of families who like to venture out and about, this local handicraft brand has created a range of waterproof, quick-drying bags with a unique compression technique to make them compact and multi-functional. They come in the shape of backpacks, cross-body bags, and even as a trendy clutch. Gone are the days of heavy-duty ‘turtle shells’—now you can blend style and fashion with functionality. Choose from a variety of colours and shapes to find a design that truly speaks to you and your daily needs.

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ideas from life clutch hong kong

6. Ideas from Life

Determined to offset the popular demand of animal leather, Ideas from Life promotes the use of ‘leather’ paper as a substitute for wallets and cardholders. ‘Leather’ paper is made from a natural, biodegradable fibre pulp that is free of harmful substances, with similar characteristics to animal leather. All the products here are handmade to ensure that every wallet, bag, and cardholder is distinctive. Since the material is also washable—commonly referred to as ‘washable kraft paper’—this Hong Kong handicraft studio encourages customers to wash their products and let them dry naturally to create new creases and unique patterns. Play a part in saving animals and protecting the Earth, and look good while doing it!

light with shade hong kong

7. Light with Shade

To light a candle is to cast a shadow. Playing with this idea, Light with Shade handcrafts bespoke lighting fixtures and decorations that not only illuminate, but also create incredible shadows. They focus on lighting design, counting restaurants, hotels, jewellery exhibitions, and design firms across the globe amongst their customers. After years of trial and error, they finally launched a 3D laser-etched light bulb URI collection that helped the team win Germany’s coveted Red Dot Product Design Award in 2018. With their expert handiwork and personalisation options, Light with Shade offers affordable lampshades and lighting fixtures that are suitable for any space. We can always use a bit more light in our dingy Hong Kong flats, couldn’t we? Light with Shade, Room 813, 8/F, Tonic Industrial Centre Block A, 26 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay | (+852) 2555 3213
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