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Quiz: Which Hong Kong adventure should you add to your bucket list?

By Localiiz Branded | 18 May 2022

Header image courtesy of Explorer Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s landscapes are gifts that keep on giving. No matter how many hikes you have conquered or islands you have explored, there always seems to be another exciting location around the corner that is waiting to be discovered, whether you are keen to explore the old quarry of Lei Yue Mun via zipline for an unconventional view from above, or try your hand at the heart-racing sport of canyoning in Fo Tan. See which Hong Kong-based adventure—led by Explorer Hong Kong—you should add to your bucket list!

Once you have pinpointed your next adventure with our quiz, it’s time to start planning! If you are looking for advice on where to start, why not turn to Explorer Hong Kong?

Gear up and get your heart rate pumping with one of these exciting adventures offered by Hong Kong-based experience and sporting platform Explorer Hong Kong. Showing you new parts of the city’s wilder side with tons of professionally-led activities, you are sure to get an adrenaline rush and emerge with long-lasting memories of ultimate fun. Check out the full range of adventures here and choose from extreme sports like rock climbing, zip lining, canyoning, diving, abseiling, and more. 25,000 members can’t be wrong!

You can also take the quiz again to discover what other amazing adventures you can go on after completing the one from your first result, or multiply the fun and share this quiz with your friends to see which exciting Hong Kong activities you can all try out together!​

Explorer Hong Kong

Explorer Hong Kong is a local platform that hosts a treasure trove of adventures, taking you off the beaten path of the city. Led by enthusiastic teams of professional coaches, its activities range from extreme sports like rock climbing and ziplining to thrilling activities that bring you up close and personal with nature, such as canyoneering and diving. Having successfully hosted over 1,000 tours with a member base of over 25,000 adventurers, join Explorer Hong Kong and enjoy the wild side of Hong Kong like never before!​