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3 reasons why we like yuu to me, the new e-commerce platform by yuu

By Localiiz Branded | 13 May 2022

Header image courtesy of yuu to me

It might feel like ancient history now, but remember earlier this year when getting your hands on a roll of toilet paper or some fresh vegetables seemed like an unbeatable feat? Well, with the help of yuu’s new e-commerce platform, yuu to me, you can easily do all your shopping in one go. What’s more, you can also gain a bunch of yuu points with every shopping spree!

Expanding on the buzzing yuu rewards club to bring users even more convenience and value-for-purchase, this brand-new yuu to me feature directly connects customers with groceries and daily necessities from Wellcome and Market Place, health and beauty products from Mannings, and convenience store favourites from 7-Eleven. 

Already integrated into the existing yuu app, all it takes are a few taps to get everything you need delivered to your doorstep. We’re sharing our favourite things about the latest addition to the yuuniverse—here are our top reasons to become a yuu member if you aren’t already part of the club, and get in on a totally redefined shopping experience!

Photo: yuu to me

3-in-1 Shop: Wellcome, Market Place, and Mannings

Pandemic aside, the line between physical and online shops has blurred, and yuu to me has bridged the gap between its customers with powerhouses like Wellcome, Market Place, and Mannings. Punch in your desired purchases from these three brands and yuu to me will deliver your orders as one single consignment within one day. This one-day one-drop delivery service is complimentary for orders over $200 that have been placed before 2 pm, with yuu points being tacked onto the entire process as well.

Photo: Ghen Mar Cuaño (via Unsplash)

Coupons, coupons, coupons

Inside the all-inclusive yuu app, yuu to me also comes with a Coupon Centre that gives out free coupons every day. Yuu members can collect them for free and they will be automatically applied at checkout, saving you the extra hassle. In addition, for every $1 you spend, you earn one yuu point in exchange. Luckily, Hang Seng enJoy card users can also gain an extra three times, or even four times, the amount of yuu points at select partnering retailers and restaurants!

To celebrate the launch of yuu to me, sweet deals are up for grabs between 13 May and 9 June

Get $200 in credit on one grocery list order when you spend $200 or more at Wellcome or Market Place through the yuu to me platform, with the delivery fee waived as well. And enjoy a one-time 12 percent discount on your order (minimum order of $200) with Mannings, whilst 7-Eleven offers a 20 percent discount on any yuu order exceeding $150. 

If you are looking to get a piece from Ikea, yuu to me is also giving out an e-voucher worth $50 for an order that reaches $400 made through the app. Shoppers who use a Hang Seng enJoy Card can earn up to a whopping 10 times more in yuu points across the board, no matter the brand they shop for during this period. Talk about VIP treatment!

Photo: leonie wise (via Unsplash)

In freshness, we trust

No matter if it is fresh produce, dairy, snacks, beverages, frozen foods, or other sorts of perishables that you are looking for, yuu to me is ready to pave a one-way track for you to receive them in their peak condition and at your convenience. Turning to reliable local sources, in joint effort with a world-class logistics team that has been serving Hong Kong for decades, rest assured that by the time you receive your package, everything inside meets top-notch standards.

When you opt for yuu to me’s one-hour delivery service on your 7-Eleven, Wellcome, or Market Place orders, to ensure that you receive your greens and your food at their best, yuu to me works hard to dispatch these types of orders from the closest shop locations to your delivery, limiting the distance travelled to maintain your food’s quality in addition to getting your assortment to you as quickly as possible.

Since its initial introduction to the Hong Kong public in 2020, yuu has been rounding up the city’s most popular and trusted brands onto one central digital platform, reshaping our shopping habits for the better. Now presenting products from beloved shops across Hong Kong, the yuuniverse just keeps growing bigger and better! For more details and to register for your membership, click here and get started on collecting all the fantastic offers you deserve.


First pushed in 2020, yuu is a home-grown rewards club that pools together Hong Kong’s most popular retailers and restaurants onto a centralised digital platform. The yuu app traverses over 2,500 brands across Hong Kong and Macau, granting members points and special benefits with every purchase. Its e-commerce platform, yuu to me, levels up on user perks and convenience with each tap, bringing you necessities ranging from fresh produce to lifestyle goods and even takeaway meals. Download the app now to join in on the exciting rewards!

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