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Hong Kong’s best online wine delivery services

By Localiiz 18 July 2018 | Last Updated 20 January 2022

Header image courtesy of Wine Brothers

Originally published by Jenny Leung. Last updated by Alisa Chau.

While most local supermarkets offer a fairly serviceable range of wines, there are two problems with this. One, do you really want to be drinking just serviceable wine? And two, do you really want to go outside to get it?

Obviously, lots of people don’t, as online wine delivery services are huge in Hong Kong and it’s easy to see why—it’s often much cheaper, you get a much higher quality wine for your money, plus selections are usually curated in a way that you really know what you’re getting, as opposed to having to rely on the limited information on the bottle. To help you find the finest bottles and best services, we check out the best online wine delivery stores and apps in Hong Kong.

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Photo: Winest.HK (via Facebook)


Need your glass of wine pronto? Known for their fast and reliable service, Winest can deliver chilled wine to your doorstep in just an hour of ordering if you’re on Hong Kong Island, and under 90 minutes and two hours respectively for wine lovers in Kowloon and New Territories. With no minimum charge and delivery until 2 am, they are the go-to option for late-night alcohol emergencies! Its inventory is stocked with over a hundred wines, spirits, handcrafted beers, and cocktails for every occasion and budget. Emphasising quality, their wines are mostly sourced from France and Spain while whisky varieties cover Scotland, the US, and Japan. If you’re having trouble choosing, they also have tailored party packages and cocktail sets at the ready.

How much: Free delivery on all orders

Photo: Wine Brothers

Wine Brothers

Stocking goodies from the land Down Under, Wine Brothers specialises in Australian small-batch wine brands that are guaranteed to be absolutely delicious. Voted one of the top five local wine delivery stores, rest easy on your comfy couch as they prepare for same-day dispatches and direct delivery to your home. Its product list updates with new additions each month and even includes Aussie spirits, beers (craft brews and classics), ciders, as well as spirits!

How much: Free shipping on orders above $750, next day delivery available

Recommended Localiiz partner

Photo: @winemomentshk (via Instagram)

Wine Moments

Whether you are planning on having an intimate dinner for two, catching up with your best buddies, or getting stuck into a good book, there’s a wine for every occasion, and Wine Moments online store will help you find the right one you’re looking for. Simply browse through their Wine Moments category, click on the winner and pay online, and your wine will be delivered within 24 hours to your home. Better still, it’s free delivery, so now you have the perfect excuse to invite your friends over. Little tip: Check out their great wine box offers!

How much: Free delivery across all of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

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Offering expert selections of wines and spirits for any occasion, DrinksDeli presents a broad and varied range of labels from all over the globe. No matter your budget or cause for celebration, its collection of wines and meads show an impressive rotation that covers the spectrums of red, white, and sparkling wines, with a section dedicated to options under $200 for those who are looking to save!

How much: Delivery costs $100, or free with orders over $800


There’s probably nothing the French are better known for than their love of wine, and MyMarket is the perfect embodiment of this. It fills a gap in the Hong Kong market for high-quality, imported French goods, geared towards expatriate consumers in the city. For two years, Maxime and his team developed their range of products, and now offer more than 300 products and 60 French brands. MyMarket also has a whole new collection of wine bottles, from chardonnay to rosé, that works well for picnics, apéro, and dinner gatherings!

How much: Delivery costs $50, or free with orders over $500

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Photo: @bidvino (via Instagram)


Whether you’re after a simple red or white to enjoy with dinner or seeking the crème de la crème of bottles, this premier wine retail and auction website has got you covered. Founded by Links Concept, one of the largest importers and distributors in Hong Kong, and some of Asia’s largest wine collectors, wine experts, and sommeliers, it’s hardly surprising that Bidvino offers a huge collection of wine ranging from around $40,000 to the $3,000 mark. Connoisseurs looking for rare vintage labels will no doubt enjoy bidding for their bottles in the weekly auction and enjoying free next-day delivery for their purchases, too.

How much: Free delivery with orders over $1,000, free next day delivery on any bidding purchase

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By Jenny Leung 12 September 2018
By Localiiz 12 September 2018

Cru Hong Kong

Focusing on fine wines, small batches, and artisanal vineyards, Cru Hong Kong also has a range of critically acclaimed tipples and rare vintages that are exclusive to the company. Best of all, despite stocking such top-shelf booze, it also manages to keep its prices lower than some of the high-street options.

How much: Free delivery with orders over $1,500 or if you “click-and-collect” from Cru‘s Wan Chai headquarters


Offering everything from premium sake to Japanese whisky and wine to vodka, Cuvées is the boutique 48-hour delivery service that will keep your liquor cabinet fully stocked. Need a quick turnaround? Order before the daily cut-off time and your bottles will arrive the same day!

How much: Delivery costs $120, or free with orders over $1,500

Photo: Ponti Wine Cellars (via Facebook)

Ponti Wine Cellars

We all know space is a premium in Hong Kong, so for vino sellers, having a broad selection in-store just is not realistic. Such is the case with Ponti Wine Cellars. Although its stores are certainly a delight to browse, the selection pales in comparison to its online offering—a fairly comprehensive library of wines and spirits from around the world. Sign up to become a member (free when you spend over $500) and you will get up to 15 percent off on purchases.

How much: Delivery costs $150, or free with orders over $1,800

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Photo: @cellarmasterwines (via Instagram)

Cellarmaster Wines

Going against the general view that wine—and the purchasing of wine—should be relaxing, the Cellarmaster Wines website instantly incites excitement and panic upon opening. It’s a visual cacophony of deals and exploding offers, all with their own countdown clock and ever-receding counter displaying how many are left in stock. Play it cool, however, and you can run away with some outrageous deals.

How much: Delivery costs $80, or free with orders over $1,000

Laithwaites Direct Wines

Ideal if you like to buy in bulk, Laithwaites Direct Wines sells by the case, while still allowing you to mix and match however you please. Also, quite spectacularly, if there’s a bottle you’re not keen on, you’re guaranteed a refund. Its extensive experience in selecting quality wines makes Laithwaites Direct Wines the perfect option for eager customers looking to sample bottles from elite vineyards all over the world—and at amazing prices to boot.

How much: Free delivery on all orders

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Photo: @winerackstores (via Instagram)


If you are looking to buy bottles on a budget, then Winerack should be your next port of call. It has whole sections devoted to wines under $80 and bin-ends, making it one of the most affordable options on the list. If you are not that fussy about wines, you can just go for a pre-mixed case, bagging yourself six bottles for a very reasonable $375.

How much: Delivery costs $120, or free with orders over six items

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Wine Shop Asia

Featuring a large portfolio of wines from family-owned vineyards, Wine Shop Asia goes the extra mile by dedicating a separate page for each bottle, complete with tasting notes so you know what to expect once you pop the cork.

How much: Delivery costs $100, or free with orders over $1,000

Watson’s Wine Cellar

If you are an avid drinker of wine, then you’ll know that this Hong Kong wine staple has no shortage of stores around the city. Although it may not specialise as much as some of the others on the list, Watson’s Wine Cellar has an excellent all-round selection and the prices are quite reasonable. Solid.

How much: Delivery costs $100, or free with orders over $1,000

Photo: @winenthings_hk (via Instagram)

Wine ‘N’ Things

Specialising in bottles from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the US, and Chile, Wine ‘N’ Things is ideal if you are a fan of New World wines. Established in 1993, the reputable distributor remains focused and personalised even after all these years, and extra care is taken that imported wines are stored and transported properly. Even better, if you sign up for its “Quaffer” subscription ($650 per year), you get an extra 10 percent off your purchases.

How much: Delivery costs $120, or free with orders over $1,000

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