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12 junk catering companies in Hong Kong for your boat trip

By Localiiz 26 June 2018 | Last Updated 20 May 2022

Header images courtesy of Cali-Mex and Kale (via Deliveroo)

Originally published by Sophie Pettit. Last updated by Gabrielle Caselis, Kopal Manglik, and Alisa Chau.

You’ve chosen your junk boat company, got all your buddies on board (pun intended), and now there’s the small task of stocking up your boat with enough food and beverages to feed a small army. While there’s no denying that all-inclusive junks have their appeal—especially if organisation and coordination are not your strong points—these often come with a hefty price tag. But that should not stop you from having an epic party at sea, so we’ve sussed out the best junk boat catering companies in Hong Kong to satisfy all appetites and budgets. Take your pick!

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Photo: Treehouse (via Deliveroo)


Junk parties are all about small bites and easily digestible food to maximise in-water time, so what’s more fitting than healthy plates catered by Treehouse? While it’s not strictly a junk boat set, the catering menu does allow you to dig into healthier and greener options with canapé-style flatbreads, mini grain bowls, sourdough flatbread chips with garlic roasted hummus, and fresh juices to keep yourself hydrated. Visit the website for the full menu and to place your order at least 24 hours in advance, and Treehouse will have your meal delivered to you. Isn’t that convenient?

Photo: Knead (via Facebook)


Flying the flag for wholesome, hearty sandwiches is popular eatery Knead, which has a selection of mini pastries ($18 each) and breakfast sandwiches ($35 each) with fillings like cheese, bacon, tomato, chicken, salmon, and peanut butter and jelly, as well as hearty full-sized sandwiches ($70) and salad trays ($220 for 10 people) to share among guests.

You can also opt for one of many food packages, which start from $800 and include colourful selections of sandwiches, pasta salads, fruit platters, and brownies. Delicious! Visit the website for the full menu and call them to place your order.

Photo: Cali-Mex (via Deliveroo)


With multiple branches across town specialising in modern Mexican bites, Cali-Mex also offers custom catering packages that are guaranteed to add a picante kick to your epic party at sea. Choose the package that suits your budget, with pre-picked compilations starting from as low as $98 per person (minimum of 10 people), inclusive of burritos, quesadillas, salads, chips with guacamole, and salsa. Visit Deliveroo for the full menu and to place your order. Do note that you will need to order two days in advance.

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Photo: Shamrock Catering Group (via Facebook)

Shamrock Catering

You are pretty much spoilt for choice when you let Shamrock Catering come aboard your trip to sea—these junk boat pros offer four different junk party menus, which cater to a minimum of 20 to 25 people, and range from $280 to $350 per person.

Expect a huge selection of sandwich platters, salads, appetisers, mains, skewers, desserts, and on top of that, a separate drinks menu to wash it all down with. You could be nibbling on everything from fresh quiche and tandoori chicken skewers to a grilled vegetable lasagna or pesto chicken pasta salad while you sip on a cold beer, cider, or bubbly.

Photo: Monsieur Chatté (via Facebook)

Monsieur Chatté

Ooh la la! Add a bit of French flair to your day at sea and try one of the three junk packages available from our favourite neighbourhood French resto, Monsieur Chatté. Homemade salads, cold cuts, quiche, bread, French cheese platters, and bite-sized desserts are up for grabs, with bottles of French wine available for very reasonable prices, too.

Monsieur Chatté’s menu du chef package caters to a minimum of 10 people, while groups of 20 and more can opt for two other menus, which cost about $150 or $200 per person. All menus include free delivery to the pier, along with utensils and plates. Click here to view the full catering menu and order online. Bon appetit!

Photo: Paisanos Group Ltd. (via Facebook)

Paisano’s Pizzeria

Even though Paisano’s Pizzeria may not offer junk boat catering packages as such, with three different sizes of pizza available and heaps of pasta and salad trays that can easily satisfy eight to 10 people, this epic pizzeria is an excellent crowd-pleaser for a day at sea.

Depending on the length of your guest list, you can choose either 14-inch, 16-inch, or 24-inch pizzas with a range of mouth-watering toppings, costing between $115 and $340 each. Paisano’s also has a range of bottled beers and wines that they will deliver to the ferry pier for a piddly $20 charge. A Manhattan Special full of Italian-sausage and bell pepper, anyone? Click here to see the full menu and place your order via their site.

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Photo: R&R Bagels (via Deliveroo)

R&R Bagels

Anytime is bagel time—even on junks! R&R Bagels is serving up its signature bagel and bagel sandwich bundles, specially created for large groups and parties. Even better, you can customise your type of bagel and enjoy a selection of bagel sandwiches including maple bacon and egg, smoked salmon, and smashed avocado and egg.

R&R Bagels can cater to up to 30 people, with 10 as the minimum for the curated catering bundles, which come with your chosen bagels, bagel sandwiches, and cream cheese tubs. Click here to see the full menu and to place your order.

Photo: Big Birdy

Big Birdy

Big Birdy is taking to its sea legs this summer as it brings the bold flavours of its popular peri-peri chicken to the junk parties of Hong Kong. Choose from a range of sets each designed for groups of five, with sharing trays (for 10 people) holding pass-around portions, in addition to Birdy Packs of its signature flavourful chicken divvied up into helpings for four people, six people, or 10. Mix-and-match your perfect selection via Deliveroo.



Your favourite neighbourhood café is now offering a special junk menu! Choose from two set menus—the Voyage ($198 per person) or the Cruiser ($248 per person)—each bearing Classified favourites such as spicy penne arrabbiata, crispy new potatoes, roasted sweet corn, and more. Grilled piri-piri chicken or Classified lasagna is offered as the main dish for the first menu, whereas the second allows you to pick between butter-herb grilled rib-eye steaks or roasted salmon, and an additional Greek salad to share.

If your party is larger than 20, Classified will throw in a complimentary dessert consisting of either a fruit platter or chocolate brownies. Just be sure to place your order by 12 pm at least three days in advance of your trip and you are all set. Click here to see the full menu.

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Photo: LQV Hong Kong (via Facebook)

Le Quinze Vins

Level up your junk experience and add a tasteful French accent to your trip out to sea with Le Quinze Vins (LQV). Importing the best possible products directly from France, including wine, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and baked goods, this award-winning group has got you covered when it comes to catering so you can enjoy the sea worry-free.

Whether you are in the mood for salads, quiches, cheese and cold cut platters, homemade bread, or hot dishes of meat and seafood, LQV offers an extensive catering menu that is sure to please all passengers on board. Browse through their selections and build your perfect junk catering package with the guidance of their expert team! Click here to order.

Photo: La Casa Catering (via Facebook)

La Casa Catering

With all the exciting water sports to blast through and nooks and crannies of the boat to explore, the last thing you would want to do is get finicky with a sit-down meal. Specialising in delicious yet easily consumable finger foods, La Casa Catering peddles a varied junk party menu that is designed for easy grab-and-go snacks that still feel substantial.

Requiring a minimum headcount of 20 people, the menu is priced at $190 per head and features mouth-watering continental selections like truffle wild mushroom roll with prosciutto, crabmeat vol-au-vent, Angus beef mini cheeseburger, and more. You can even opt for the customisable canapé boxes for an extra touch of curated deliciousness.

Photo: Kama Delivery by Master Kama (via Facebook)

Kama Delivery

Peddling a broad variety of catering packages that are available for groups as small as two people up to large parties, Kama Delivery’s junk boat party menu graciously includes a whopping 10 categories of dishes for you to freely combine as you please. What’s more, bubble tea lovers will be thrilled to discover that Kama Delivery also offers magnum-sized Hong Kong milk tea with pearls that can be poured out to feed as many as 12 guests!

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