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New World Order: 5 best non-traditional wines to try

By Localiiz Branded | 29 December 2021

As wine culture continues to grow in Hong Kong, it becomes clear that seasoned drinkers and experts are no longer the only ones paying attention to the fine print on each bottle. Whether you know your terroirs better than the back of your hand or have trouble telling the difference between your Pinot noir and your Pinot grigio, the excitement of sampling something new and unique is definitely welcomed by all tipplers.

Capturing the attention of adventurous drinkers, 30 Degrees South is a fresh concept that introduces beautiful New World wines directly to your doorstep. Tipping its hat to the geographical network of wine-producing regions that fall along the parallel line that lies 30 degrees south of the latitude, its range of labels come from vineries—big and small—found in Australia, South Africa, Uruguay, and more.

30 Degrees South’s passionately curated catalogue shows off the extraordinary flavours that come from age-old production methods, as well as tastes that draw upon the natural environment in these non-traditional locations. As the list continues to expand to new vineyards and other producing regions, here are a handful of our favourites from 30 Degrees South’s selections to set you off on your journey into the New World.


Little Giant Shiraz

Stepping outside of the typical and traditional options from places like France or Spain, you will discover that every production base has distinct new blends and unique grape varietals to explore. Typically, Uruguay is known for Tannat, whilst South Africa has made quite a name for their Pinotage.

When it comes to Australia, the top pick is bound to be Shiraz. Zeroing in on the Land Down Under, the Little Giant Shiraz is a standout bottle that highlights the fruity palate of grapes from the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley. This premium version has been aged in older oak, lending to hints of delicate vanilla overtones which bring out the plummy characteristics of the blend that has been sourced from a single vineyard.


Mama Afrika Chardonnay 

A significant part of the 30 Degrees South vision is to showcase wines that feature a unique background. Made in Bonnievale, the Mama Afrika Chardonnay is the product of an upliftment programme provided to a disadvantaged community to help develop grape-growing and winemaking skills. Each fragrant droplet carries notes of tropical fruit and citrus, rounded off with acidity and lingering almond notes. With every glass, you are contributing to bettering the future of Bonnievale wine, and of the individuals that craft them.


Laibach Ladybird Red

Although its name suggests otherwise, there are many New World regions that have long been making wine since centuries ago, with several locales housing vines that are older than some of the vineyards around Europe! Drawing upon older, more traditional means of winemaking, there is a large emphasis at 30 Degrees South on wines created from organic and environmentally-conscious methods.

The Ladybird red blend of Simonsberg red wine by Laibach Vineyards, in particular, is spun from a clever manufacturing process that involves placing thousands of ladybugs amidst crops to remove pests and unwanted invaders without relying on pesticides, plus the omittance of any additives or sulphites from the mix.


Bushmanspad Rosé

By spotlighting the native flavours of the grapes in their essential forms, pairing New World wines with food brings about a whole new level of deliciousness. A complementary partner to game meats like deer and venison, this Bushmanspad Merlot rosé is your gateway to trying out more adventurous food as well. Glowing a gorgeous shade of pink gold, it is infused with the aromatics of summer fruits like strawberry, raspberry, and cherry, which is bound to impress.


Piekenierskloof Six Hats canned

Made for the adventurist, this line of canned wines from the Six Hats range is the ultimate of chic. Suited for people who are always on the go, these wine cans will surely become your favourite companion for camping trips, junk parties, and soirées on the beach. Made from grapes farmed from fairtrade-certified vineyards in South Africa’s Piekenierskloof, the two choices include the refreshing Six Hats Sauvignon blanc 2020 that has touches of lingering acidity, and the soft yet sumptuous Six Hats Grenache noir 2019 with flavours of spiced berry.

Your guide to the New World, 30 Degrees South presents high-quality, brilliant, and distinct wines sourced from New World destinations for an affordable price. Importing from a list of vineyards that is constantly growing to encompass even more producers, the choices are endless. Start browsing now to begin your odyssey into discovering some brand-new tastes!

30 Degrees South

Travel the world through wines with 30 Degrees South by sampling its brilliant and ever-growing curation of offerings from boutique vineyards amongst the top New World destinations. Stocking quality labels from Australia, South Africa, Uruguay, and more, its varied selection goes for affordable prices and is sure to delight everyone.

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