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Best Christmas displays and markets to visit in Hong Kong 2022

By Enoch Ngan 15 December 2022

Header image courtesy of Landmark

Garlands hang from buildings, scented candles fill the air, and Christmas trees stand tall—the festive spirit is strong in Hong Kong. Shopping malls are taking the holidays into their own hands, each hosting their own distinctive Christmas displays and markets, and boy, are they going all out. If you’re unsure which to visit this season, here are some of the best.

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Photo: IFC


Grab your hot chocolate and coats this season as the “Santa Claus Village” opens! IFC will be joining hands with the official “Santa Claus Village” from Finland for the first time in Asia to present a Finnish version of a festive Christmas installation. Guests will be invited to walk around a breathtaking village inspired by architecture all the way from Rovaniemi, Lapland. Finnish Christmas traditions will also be on full display through multiple attractions, namely Santa Claus’s Main Post Office and the Elf Workshop.

Photo: Citywalk


In response to the decreasing population of penguins in Antarctica, Citywalk’s “Merry Christmas! Goodbye Plastic!” campaign will be dedicated to spreading awareness of the severity of recent climate changes. Through educational games and thoughtful event experiences, Citywalk invites everyone to enjoy its multiple exhibitions about ocean conservation. With adorable penguin models scattered around the mall, three entertaining game zones, and a dedicated recycling education centre, this educational glacier world is perfect for teaching the younger generation about how to preserve our planet.

Photo: Mira Place

Mira Place

Mira Place presents its extraordinary party, “Let’s Gala This Christmas,” where three extravagant parties will be held from now till 1 January, labelled as “Snap Gala,” “Joy Gala,” and “Chic Gala.” Bright, alluring lights will glow up Mira Place’s shops, with beautiful chandeliers attached to a staggering 7.5-metre-tall Golden Christmas Tree Tower. Shop discounted pop-up offers at the mall while enjoying exhilarating events, including a Magic Mirror that gives fashion advice and several talented DJ performances!

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Photo: Harbour City

Harbour City

Hong Kong Blood Cancer Fund (HKBCF) has teamed up with Harbour City once again to fundraise money at its festivals. For Christmas this year, Harbour City is partnering with children’s television show Sesame Street to create workshops and festive events under the theme “Merry Streetmas.” Eye-catching decorations at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt will be held for the pleasure of all shoppers starting on 25 November.

Harbour City also brings on Jon Burgerman, a British figurative artist, to showcase his series of artworks to sell for charity. Burgerman’s “Friendly Neighbours” series includes childhood icons from Sesame Street and accentuates their playful personalities in his unique artistic style. Elmo invites people of all ages to attend the opening exhibition ceremony!

Photo: Pacific Place

Pacific Place

Pacific Place is packed with joyful events this season! Swing by the “Christmas on Parade” installation for a deluge of festive floats and balloons, where digital games and photo-taking opportunities are open to shoppers. Everyone is invited to stop by Santa Hall to snap photos inside the red brick building that Santa’s squad calls home. MC Cheung, a popular Cantopop singer, will also make a guest special appearance on the Christmas parade.

Photo: K11 Musea

K11 Musea

Live, laugh, and be merry at K11 Musea’s Christmas special pop-up. From cocktails to Lego gingerbread houses, the festive bazaar is entertaining for all ages, making this experience perfect for families looking to relax after a long year.

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Photo: Landmark


Landmark is welcoming shoppers to peek in as Mrs Claus and her Christmas team of helpers whip up fresh batches of cookies at the mall for all to enjoy! Snap photos of Mrs Claus’s Bakery and take in the delightful festive-themed scenes.

Photo: Lee Gardens

Lee Gardens

Venture on a musical journey with Christmas garden gnomes at the Lee Gardens’ “Gnomes Orchestra.” Amigo & Amigo, a renowned Australian artist studio, presents its all-new design for the public to enjoy. Sprinkled across the mall are four photo spots shoppers can visit, with creative Christmas decorations that explore the mythical essence of the gnomes.

Photo: Victoria 22

Victoria 22

Looking to do some last-minute Christmas shopping? Swing by the special Christmas pop-up at Victoria 22, which features local eco-friendly products like sustainable candles, skincare products, accessories, and wholesome foods from Hong Kong-based brands such as Hiraya Scented, Baesix, Aromaa Blendss, and more.

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Photo: PopCorn


For those fond of the European Christmas aesthetic, the “Dream Play Station” at PopCorn has the perfect display to set the festive tone as you navigate through your holiday shopping spree. Its display features a gorgeous European-style train that accompanies a station with a ticket office and festive platform! Join Hong Kong-based characters such as Burger Kun, SamSam, Angel Cat, and much more as you travel on an exotic Noel journey through their Christmas train stations. Additionally, gift boxes packed with amusing cartoon characters are available for customers to appreciate the breakthrough designs of local artists.

Photo: Telford Plaza

Telford Plaza

Telford Plaza’s “Xmas Robotic Workshop” is a one-of-a-kind display that features massive toys found nowhere else in Hong Kong, including giant Japanese robots from 1980s anime and local Hong Kong battle machines. Some of these builds reach two metres in height, and touchscreens and displays of the designs are shown next to the installations for toy enthusiasts to indulge in. However, it’s the astounding VF-1S Valkyrie that steals the show!

Photo: Maritime Square

Maritime Square

Capture the festive moment at Maritime Square, where the sweet “Xmas Playground” includes a photo-op for you and your friends. A carnival-themed playground offers several amusement rides for little ones, while various characters make an appearance, such as a sleeping Garfield by the front gate and Looney Tunes’ Tweety!

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By The Masked Gifter Sponsored | 3 November 2020
Photo: The Lohas

The Lohas

Marvel fans are going to love this one—the appropriately named “Superhero Base” at The Lohas is showcasing astonishing hero legends in the flesh, with a life-sized Iron Man Mark III greeting passersby at the Marvel zone. For other superhero and manga fans alike, the display also features a 1.6-metre-tall Ultraman figure in his signature “Spacium Ray” posture. Last but not least, catch a two-metre-tall Tekka Blade amidst a mid-fight battle with his beautifully crafted “Tekklancer” double-ended lance.

Photo: Lee Tung Avenue

Lee Tung Avenue

Bust out your favourite dance moves this holiday at Lee Tung Avenue’s disco hall! Boogie down in the heart of Wan Chai underneath a massive disco ball that illuminates the stone floors with vibrant retro colours. Deck the halls of the ribboned-covered Hong Kong streets with your inner dancing skills as the music hits from the 1970s play all around the mall. As a cherry on top to complete this festive theatre, the first-ever LTA DISCO Dance Contest is being hosted by tertiary students as a tribute to iconic disco themes and 1970s culture.

Photo: Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is holding a Christmas lighting ceremony at its popular shopping mall. As Christmas approaches, multiple festive events are being hosted, including Christmas Sunday markets to invite visitors to browse through multiple festive theme products while enjoying Christmas music and performances. Embark on a European-inspired journey and don’t miss out on the 10-metre-tall Christmas tree for a photo-taking opportunity!

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Photo: Airside


Five themed events are arriving at the Airside “Christmas: Retro Encounter” from 23 December to 1 January. Live performances from talented local singers will commence, with indie artists such as Alfred Hui and MansonVibes performing in the first week. Each of the other four events is just as entertaining as the last, with a local Christmas market, skating rink, green festive experience, and a pet-friendly area available for guests to enjoy.


Citygate Outlets

Citygate Outlets is sweetening the holiday season with its “Funtastic World,” giving everybody a chance to relieve childhood memories with Chupa Chups’s lollipop making workshops! Multiple candy-themed attractions await shoppers at the mall, so embrace your inner sweet tooth at Citygate Outlets and take this chance to be a kid again!


YM2 Yue Man Square

Candy brand Pocky and YM2 Yue Man Square’s “Share Happiness” collaboration arrives with eight exhilarating activities in an iconic, playfully sweet fashion. Join Pocky’s take on Christmas by taking a trip to thematic photo ops, including a seasonal animation with a five-metre-tall LED display and a large diorama of different flavoured Pocky cartons. Starting this December, shoppers can also take part in games with amazingly sweet prizes!

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Taste France at Asia Society

Experience an authentic European Christmas at Taste France’s French Christmas Market at Asia Society. On 17 and 18 December, festive food and beverages of French origin will be featured. Explore a variety of wines and non-alcoholic beverages, speciality foods, and a seasonal splurge of colourful décor and activities. For those who are interested in participating in this two-day event, go ahead and register here for free.

Photo: Lee Gardens

Lee Gardens

If you are planning to stop by Lee Gardens this month, you might as well check out the Lee Gardens Christmas Market. Included within the market are multiple workshops where visitors can learn how to create candy canes, Christmas wreaths, Christmas pine cone cards, and even a special Christmas nutcracker lightbox. Other stalls around the market also sell seasonal treats for your upcoming festive feast—that’s holiday dinner planning sorted.

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Enoch Ngan


Enoch is an Asian-American born in California who studied in Hong Kong when he was younger. While in Hong Kong, he enjoys going on hikes with breathtaking scenery and catching up with old friends and family. If you ever see him around, he always has music playing in the background, whether that be exploring the city or simply relaxing at home.