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5 Ways to Pull Off The Perfect Christmas Feast with

By Sponsored content 4 December 2018
Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. The gifts are under the tree, the invitations have been sent out, and it’s time to pull off your perfect Christmas Feast. From planning the menu to getting everything on the table piping hot, Hong Kong’s most convenient online butcher shares some great tips and tricks on how to make it unforgettable.

1. Plan the Hero Dish of the Feast

What do you want as this year’s centerpiece? A majestic, golden turkey? Or if you don’t feel like roasting a big bird, there are plenty great options. How about a delicious juicy ham? Or maybe a meatier roasting joint? It all depends on who’s coming and their tastes, so think about your guest list and start planning. There is a great range of Festive Offering to choose from at The company also has a festive fare shop on December 8 where you can get access to exclusive deals. Register for free and get $300 to spend on the day here.

2. Make an Awesome Dinner Playlist

We know that it’s the merry season, but don’t drown your guests with endless Christmas carols! Throw in some jazz, blues, or soft rock to break up the jingles, and crank up the tunes!

3. Mix Traditional Recipes with Modern Ones

It’s hard to go wrong with old-school, classic recipes, but sometimes a little creativity can spice things up. Try mixing nana’s recipes with a few newbies and your guests will love it. Whatever meat you're after, cut to order, how you want it, and when you want it, so any traditional or modern recipe is easy to order for.

4. Stock Up on “Doggy Bags”

Christmas feast leftovers are a crowd pleaser, so stock up on a few disposable takeout boxes and load your guests up as they leave your feast.

5. Take a Breath, Relax!

Have you stocked up on boozy merriment? offers a great selection of beer, wine, and cider that can fix you right up – the perfect pair may be just a click away. Maybe you want a nice glass of red, or you’re fancying something sweet and sparkling? No matter what you indulge in, make sure you sit back, relax, and revel in the amazing feast that you have created for your friends and family. You’ve served everyone with great food and another year of fond memories so enjoy the moment!

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