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8 best healthy meal delivery plans in Hong Kong

By Janice Lam 5 August 2021 | Last Updated 16 December 2021

Header image courtesy of Nutrition Kitchen

Trying to eat more healthily but are always stuck at work? Tired of oily fast food but have no time or energy to buy, prepare, and cook a proper, balanced meal? That’s the story of most of our lives. But not to worry, we’ve got just the solution for you. With meal plans, you can enjoy fresh, healthy, and eco-conscious meals of different cuisines at the comfort of your home or your office without lifting a finger. Here we have compiled some of the best meal-plan delivery services in Hong Kong—have a look!

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Established in 2015, Nosh has been providing meal delivery plan services catering to various diets. Along with a well-balanced signature menu, a vibrant veggie plan, and a heartening comfort food category, there is also a menu specifically designed for the ketogenic diet, which is believed to be beneficial against numerous common diseases.

Flexi, the latest semi-vegetarian menu put out by Nosh, accommodates those who are starting to look into vegetarian diets. From the exotic sriracha glazed pork & shredded papaya salad to the mouth-watering chives scrambled eggs with zucchini & portobello, Nosh sure brings flavour into health and diet. With blog posts introducing different diets and nutritional consultations, Nosh is the perfect choice for a sustainable diet to pair with your fitness goals.

Photo: @hkfoodholic (via Instagram)

Spoonful by Nosh

A subsidiary of Nosh, Spoonful specialises in lunch services with a diverse menu. Rather than a weekly plan, you can choose to order from Spoonful according to your mood and preference, and have a fresh, scrumptious, and ready-to-heat meal of your choice delivered right to your doorstep.

Whether you fancy a flavourful lunch such as the roasted salmon udon with vegetables, looking for a low-carb dish like the bruschetta salmon with herb millet & broccolini, or wanting to curb your craving for doughnuts with something healthier like the coco-honey cashew bites, Spoonful has got it covered. Just like Nosh, Spoonful also states nutritional values under each menu item, so you can easily fit the meals into your diet. If you still have not made up your mind about lunch, give Spoonful a try—they even have an app for more convenient ordering!

Photo: Eatology (via Facebook)


Eatology is one of the most extensive meal planning services out there in Hong Kong, with a total of 10 different meal plans catering to all kinds of dietary needs, including the heart-healthy Mediterranean plan, the F45 challenge plan for gym rats, the plant-based plan for vegetarians, and much more.

With a menu filled with colourful dishes such as chilli con carne with cauliflower & raisins, organic chicken tikka masala, and avocado bavarois sphere, Eatology makes meal delivery plans a fun and unpredictable experience whilst maintaining the course for your health goals. What’s more, your meals can even be tailored to suit your nutritional needs! Eatology also provides free nutritional consultation for meal delivery plan subscriptions of two weeks or above. Advising on your meal plan choices as well as coaching on nutrition and diet, Eatology can be the beacon on your road to leading a healthy lifestyle amidst stressful city life.

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Photo: @younihk (via Instagram)


With the goal to provide tasty, balanced meals to everyone, Youni creatively integrates Western and Asian culinary components into their menu. From a Chinese chives frittata with veggie noodles to Chinkiang vinegar braised beef ribs with taro & mix grain rice, their menu comprises all sorts of unexpected, salivating dishes. Other than delivery, you may also choose to pick up your meals or opt for their dine-in menu at their physical locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Youni also has its own brand of instant food and essential ingredients for cooking, which can be found on their website, HKTV Mall, at their physical locations and several Marketplace branches. Whether you are trying to save time, or are looking to test out a new recipe with healthy ingredients, consider getting it delivered by Youni.

Photo: Bain Marie (via Facebook)

Bain Marie

True to the name—which refers to a cooking technique that helps retain flavours and nutrients in food—Bain Marie offers a restaurant-quality lunch experience that is not at the expense of your time and health. Anything from a light Caprese salad to an indulgent truffle ham & cheese comté coquillettes pasta, Bain Marie puts out a variety of appetising dishes through four meal plans, suited for different nutritional needs.

Not only do their dishes look and taste good, but Bain Marie is also an eco-friendly business. Delivered in reusable glass containers with a recycling service for empty bags and jars, you can eat gourmet meals in the comfort of your home, free from worries about harming the environment with plastic or styrofoam boxes.

Photo: Nutrition Kitchen (via Facebook)

Nutrition Kitchen

If you are looking into assisting your fitness goals with food, but are not sure what diet style would best suit you, Nutrition Kitchen is here to help. With a free questionnaire to help you find the best plan for your diet and meal plans designed by body composition experts, Nutrition Kitchen strives to aid you in achieving your fitness goals.

You can expect an assortment of delectable meals, from togarashi tuna and pork tenderloin moo shu to vegetarian choices such as BBQ jackfruit and tempeh vindaloo. Nutrients, colours, and flavours all packed into a biodegradable container—Nutrition Kitchen sure knows how to put the fun back into dieting!

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Photo: Easy Food

Easy Food

Offering a diversity of wholesome dishes, Easy Food takes care of your every meal and dietary need. Be it a quick office lunch, a hearty weekday dinner, or even a week-long meal plan, Easy Food has got you covered, offering a 90-minute delivery promise to a handful of areas across Hong Kong, so you can have fresh and nutritional foods even when you are busy at the office or at home!

Start your day with dishes like the Hong Kong-style egg foo young (芙蓉蛋; Chinese omelette) or a low-carb bacon muffin, then perhaps a tasty grilled coconut lime chicken to keep you going. For dinner, how about the flavourful 10-hour slow-cooked pork with a ketogenic roll to reward yourself after a day of hard work?

Photo: @freshboxhk (via Instagram)


A health-forward business that promises unprocessed foods and natural ingredients, Freshbox offers healthy and natural meals cooked with fresh, seasonal produce. Despite being a newcomer in Hong Kong’s meal plan industry, Freshbox has already garnered favourable reviews with dishes such as the roast chicken avocado salad and the French spring chicken stuffed with truffle & apricot rice. Changing their menu every month, Freshbox brings to the table a refreshing variety of dishes that are both diet-conscious and delicious.

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