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E-tailer Grana Offers Stylish Wardrobe Essentials at Disruptive Prices

By Sponsored content 18 December 2015
[su_slider source="media: 43951,43953" title="no"] Hitting Hong Kong with its luxury-level wardrobe essentials for men and women, in a dazzling array of colours, at guilt-free prices, Grana is the new fashion e-tailer on the block and it looks like they are here to stay.

Can’t put your finger on where you’ve heard of Grana before?

That’s OK, they’re new to the scene, but they’re quickly taking Hong Kong – and the rest of the world - by storm. Fed up with high-priced, low quality clothing you find on every commercial shelf, founder Luke Grana decided to completely shake up the fashion industry. After stumbling upon a treasure chest of high quality, durable fabric on a trip to Peru, he immediately snagged business partner Pieter-Paul Wittgen and set the wheels in motion to establish Grana.

So here's what to expect when you click through ...

Essential pieces of every wardrobe – from classic t-shirts and high-rise jeans, to basic skirts and dresses, men’s polo shirts, chinos, and sweaters. Each item comes in a range of colours and the fabrics are classy too. You’ll find fabrics found around the world, including Chinese silk, Mongolian cashmere, Irish linen, Japanese denim, Peruvian Pima cotton, French poplin, Chinese cotton twill, Italian Merino wool, and Japanese chambray.

And you'd think that would be pricey …

Not so! We think $381 for a pair of jeans is more than reasonable.

How can Grana afford to sell such quality essentials on the cheap?

Quite simply - Grana operates simply. Grana designs its merchandise in-house and works directly with fabric mills in order to bring the best quality clothing to customers at the best possible prices. Not wanting to waste fabric and manpower, Grana only orders in small quantities and once the fabric has been manufactured into clothing, they go directly to Grana’s warehouse in Hong Kong. You press the “buy” button on the website and your timeless pieces arrive straight to your doorstep – anywhere in the world.

The Fitting RoomOffline fitting rooms take your online shopping worries away ...

We all worry a little about the quality of the fabric or the fit when ordering online, but Grana gives you the option to visit their bricks-and-mortar fitting rooms on Hollywood Road and Causeway Bay to check things out if you are concerned. Even their head office in Wong Chuk Hang has an open warehouse available for visitors. You can ease your worries of an ill-fitting wardrobe by trying on the clothes, touching the fabrics, talking to staff, and placing your order. Or get to one of their fitting rooms:
  • The Fitting Room: open daily from 10am-10pm, 108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Causeway Bay: open daily from 12pm-10pm, 10 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • Open Warehouse/Grana office: 1/B, 2 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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