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How To: Become a Healthier Hong Konger

By Localiiz 2 January 2016
Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson

  New year, new you. If 'living a healthier lifestyle' is topping your list of New Year's resolutions, you will be pleased to know that it's not as difficult as you may think. With these top tips from certified iridologist, detox expert, and nutritional health coach Jennifer Thompson, you'll be fighting fit in no time, and the best part is they don't involve a new gym membership!
  1. Slow Down I walk outside and I feel like there’s a fire alarm and everybody’s running from it. And I’m thinking what’s going on here. Everybody’s bumping into me like crazy. Breathe! Don’t worry about the air quality, just breathe for yourself.
  2. Stop Wearing Black I find that everybody here is wearing black. It’s the absence of energy. Black has zero energy in it. So I would tell everyone to start wearing white. White has all the colours of the spectrum. Bring some energy onto yourself.
  3. Energize Your Water You can energize your water with some clear quartz crystals. If you’re drinking water out of a bottle, drop a crystal in it (large enough so you don't accidentally swallow it). That’s an easy thing to do. It’s free energy, why not.
  4. Eat More Fiber When in doubt, just eat more fiber. Take a smoothie versus a juice. Eat fruit, eat vegetables. Everyone here is eating out most of the time, and for sure restaurant food is not known to be high fiber food. It’s known to be high in fat, salt, and sugar. Fiber helps to control your blood sugars so you’re going to crave less sugar and caffeine. It’s going to help keep you regular and clean out your colon. It’s good for your skin. It helps you detoxify your entire body.
  5. Drink the Right Tea Pu-erh tea is a wonderful healing tea from China and most Westerners don’t know about it. It’s very good for helping the liver to detoxify and metabolize fats. In Chinese culture, if they eat fried food they drink pu-erh tea afterwards to help their liver digest it. So the Westerners eat the fried food, but they don’t drink the pu-erh tea. It is also alkalizing, not like coffee which is acid forming, and it also does have caffeine. So if you are looking to get off coffee, at least you are moving to a healthier option. It comes in a cake. The good quality pu-erh tea should not be loose.
  6. Brew Organic Coffee is not the worst thing in the world if you’re not drinking alcohol, but it is acid forming. It is a little bit harsh on the liver. If you’re going to drink coffee I would say at least make the switch to organic. That’s a very easy switch to do. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world with pesticides and when you percolate those beans and you’re putting all those chemicals into your cup, that’s why people actually get shaky from coffee. It’s from the chemicals. If you drink organic coffee you’ll notice that the high is much smoother, the buzz is much smoother, and you won’t get shaky from it. And of course, black, no sugar, no milk.
Learn more about Thompson on her website, and check out our interview with the lady herself.

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