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7 fashionable Hong Kong men to follow on Instagram

By Megan C. Hills 2 March 2023

Header image courtesy of @clowverk (via Instagram)

Personal style is something you cultivate over the years, though these local menswear stars could put you on the fast track to nailing it. Hong Kong is home to a number of stylish men with undisputed and often unique taste, from the formalwear movers and shakers over at The Armoury to the laidback modern gentlemen on the creative scene.

In a city equally obsessed with designer labels and streetwear, there are a number of fashionable fellas championing their individual styles on Instagram. Take a leaf out of their book and follow them for a little eye candy and sartorial selects. No matter what your or your preferred aesthetic, there’s somebody for everyone. If you need a dose of inspiration for your feed, these are the most dashing and debonair gentlemen in Hong Kong who are constantly dressing to impress.

Photo: @clowverk (via Instagram)

Calvin Wang

Calvin Wang’s wardrobe is proof that a little tailoring goes a long way, as he always looks sleek and stylish, whether he’s wearing a sharp suit or double denim on denim. The fashion expert, who has worked as a buyer for the likes of Lane Crawford, is ideal for the man looking for minimal, effortless, albeit expensive fashion inspiration. Expect elevated staple pieces by luxury designers such as Dior Homme, Berluti, and Dries Van Noten to pop up on his feed.

Photo: @jj.acuna (via Instagram)

JJ. Acuna

Relaxed silhouettes, denim, and the occasional pattern are the hallmarks of interior designer JJ Acuna’s signature style. The Filipino interiors expert, who has designed restaurants such as the Tate Dining Room, Hansik Goo, and Little Bao in Hong Kong (among dozens of others), has nailed the art of smart casual wear without any of the stuffiness, swapping tailored suit trousers for wide-fit plaid slacks and leather shoes for (many) trainers. Look to JJ for ideas on how to shake up your wardrobe, without pushing the boat out too much into stormy seas.

Photo: @juno_mak (via Instagram)

Juno Mak

Whether film director Juno Mak is wearing a cardigan or white vest, he raises the bar for contemporary masculinity. As one of the very few people in the world who can successfully style a pair of bracers, his feed is full of artsy black-and-white fashion photos. It’s the smart accessorising that really tips Mak’s outfits over the edge, taking a vest or cable knit sweater out of dowdy grandpa territory and into a slick, fresh take on streetwear. Plus, his hair is always on point.

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Photo: (via Instagram)

Kenji Cheung

Say the word “gentleman” and images of a black suit and tie might immediately pop into your mind. Kenji Cheung is out to challenge that reference, as one of the founders behind menswear store Bryceland’s & Co. The perfect brand ambassador for his own company, Bryceland’s mission statement perfectly encapsulates his style, with a wardrobe that exemplifies “timelessness without falling into costume, ruggedness without sacrificing elegance, and an identifiable signature without relying on logos or brand imagery.” From beanies tipped to an elegant angle to grey peacoats with Chinese knot closures, he isn’t afraid to embrace unexpected details and bring in his own flair.

Photo: @arnold.wkt (via Instagram)

Arnold Wong

Attire House buyer Arnold Wong is a master at styling vintage menswear, drawing on strong 1930s references, traditional Chinese silhouettes, and an arsenal of hats. There’s nothing out-of-date about his wardrobe, his creative layering and use of colour bring a more contemporary feel to his inspired outfits. Sometimes, he’ll shake things up altogether with a laidback streetwear look, but he’s never far from a wide-brimmed hat and blazer.

Photo: @kenjifann (via Instagram)

Kenji Fan

At just 20 years old, local male model Kenji Fan has already racked up impressive partnerships with Zegna, Loewe, and Dior, making for an Instagram feed filled with fashionable looks studded with designer gear. When he’s not being styled by other people, his off-duty style is equally as formidable. He yo-yos between clean minimalism and edgy streetwear. From trendy pieces such as bucket hats through to a strong appreciation for elevated classics, he might be a newcomer and a teen to the scene, but he holds his own.

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Photo: @seealan (via Instagram)

Alan See

Love a tailored suit? So does Alan See, which makes sense as he’s one of the co-founders of The Armoury, a luxury menswear boutique in the heart of Hong Kong. From mixing patterns, layering textures, and accessorising, his advanced styling is sure to inspire you the next time you want to jazz up your formal occasion suit. Fans of watches and shoes will also find their haven on See’s Instagram, as he regularly shares snaps of slick new arrivals at the store (and in his wardrobe).

Megan C. Hills

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