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9 best perfume boutiques in Hong Kong

By Jianne Soriano 8 November 2022 | Last Updated 1 March 2024

Header image courtesy of Parfumerie Trésor (via Facebook)

Our sense of smell is often overlooked by other senses like sight or sound, but fragrance can be just as important. It helps elevate our personality, forms a lasting impression, and even helps us recall memories. There are plenty of perfume stores in Hong Kong but if you’re looking for something different, it’s better to shop at niche perfume boutiques that offer fragrances created by boutique artisanal perfume studios. Here, we list some of the best perfume boutiques in the city for you to start your fragrance journey.

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Photo: Parfumerie Trésor (via Facebook)

Parfumerie Trésor

While Parfumerie Trésor has two locations in the city, the Central boutique really stands out from the rest, looking as if you’ve been transported outside of Hong Kong with its high ceilings and luxury marble floors, complete with retro, elegant, and equally dramatic interiors. If the name Parfumerie Trésor rings a bell, that’s because the brand has been in the niche perfumery scene for a while. It’s no surprise that you’ll find an array of exclusive artisanal perfumes here, sourced from around the world.

Parfumerie Trésor, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Parisine (via Facebook)


This perfume brand’s name is taken from the French expression that emerged during the nineteenth century to symbolise the city of romance—Paris. Founded by Amélie Huynh in 2015 and inspired by the “special spirit” of Paris, she wanted to share this through exquisite fragrances.

Its selection includes collections of refined eau de toilette, unisex wardrobe perfume, and also century-old classic French scenes from brands like Nogara and D’Orsay. Besides perfumes, they also have diffusers and candles to truly wrap you and your space in elegance and aroma.

Parisine, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Officine Buly Hong Kong (via Facebook)

Officine Universelle Buly 1803

If you’re talking about swoon-worthy perfume boutiques, Officine Universelle Buly 1803 just knocks it out of the park. Once you step inside, you’ll marvel at the vintage floors and wooden-style cabinets packed with perfumes. Reminiscent of a nineteenth-century French apothecary shop, Officine Universelle Buly 1803 is a boutique that feels magical in every sense of the word.

For your perfume to feel truly personal, why not take advantage of their personalisation service and have your bottle etched with handwritten calligraphy labels? Besides perfumes, you can also browse through their collection of botanical oils, hand creams, and lotions.

Officine Universelle Buly 1803, 20 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 2191 9005

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Photo: @lelabofragrances (via Instagram)

Le Labo

Cult brand Le Labo is well-loved in Hong Kong and all over the world, with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Alexa Chung among its list of fans. Meaning “the lab” in French, Le Labo operates its boutiques like an open artisanal laboratory, allowing people to take in the scent before making their perfume. You can tell from the label alone when the perfume is formulated or labelled, and also when and who it’s for, as if it came straight out of a laboratory.

In 2019, Le Labo launched its Hong Kong-exclusive scent called Bigarade, which is inspired by the fragrant lily and citrus tree in Repulse Bay Hotel—a place where founder Eddie Roschi spent time as a child. Ditch the “for her” or “for him” scents as Le Labo’s core collection consists of 19 genderless perfumes in addition to 12 candles.

Le Labo, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Fabled Studio


Penhaligon’s prides itself in being founded by a man, William Penhaligon, who “set a thousand noses twitching” and true enough, the brand holds two long-standing Royal Warrants from the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh. Because of its history and heritage, you can expect a whiff of luxury, royalty, and evocative scents from its products.

Penhaligon’s also provides a service called “fragrance profiling” to find the perfect fragrance for you. All you have to do is access the site here and answer a few questions, and Penhaligon’s will handle the rest.

Penhaligon’s, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Sogo

Atelier Cologne

The brainchild of Sylvie Ganter, Atelier Cologne was created with the vision of allowing self-expression through scent, rather than just to impress or seduce. If we have one word to describe Atelier Cologne’s offering, it would be “refreshing” and suited for the summer. You’ll find a range of citrusy fragrances that are ideal for both men and women.

Even better, Atelier Cologne also has products extending to soaps, body lotions, shower gels, and even candles. We absolutely love their pocket-sized bottles so you can spray away anywhere, anytime.

Atelier Cologne, locations across Hong Kong

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Photo: @aesopskincare (via Instagram)


Aesop’s skin, body, and hair care products are all the rage, but the Australian brand also offers a range of fragrances. As well-loved as their products are, Aesop stores also take the spotlight. Take for instance their location at 2 Gough Street in Central, which stands out quite differently from their outposts located in malls.

There’s a sense of intimacy as you step into the small yet welcoming space, almost as if picking a bottle of perfume feels personal. When it comes to the selection of fragarances, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether you want something fruity, floral, or light, they have something that’ll suit your taste.

Aesop, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Harbour City


This European luxury brand was founded in 2006 but it’s only in recent years that it’s gaining traction in the city. Thanks to founder Ben Gorham’s Swedish roots, you can see Scandinavian aesthetics in the design, which contrasts the raw aromas taken from Gorham’s Indian heritage.

While its approach is modern luxury, Byredo remains an affordable option compared to bigger perfume brands. Each Byredo bottle is inspired by memories, whether it’s the smell of spring or when your laundry basket is filled to the brim.

Byredo, locations across Hong Kong

Photo: Harbour City


Founded by three experts in art history, it’s easy to see Diptyque’s art influences. The name itself is derived from the French spelling of diptych, an object with two flat plates that form a pair. For the founders, a boutique consisting of a door and two identical windows on either side is also a diptych and the rest is history.

In addition to the name, you’ll notice art influences from the letterings to the distinct logo. Well-known for its range of aromatic products from candles to body care, Diptyque also has perfumes on offer. Their approach is sustainable and ethical, with scents that are not only inspired by nature but also serve as an ode to it.

Diptyque, locations across Hong Kong

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