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6 totally weird perfumes that you won’t believe are real

By Gigi Wong 30 September 2019
Header photo credit: Parfumo

Fragrances and aromas can create strong associations. Be it the warmth and richness of whatever’s cooking in Grandma’s kitchen, or the repulsive scent of an ex-lover’s perfume, some smells make an instant impression. If you’re convinced that the goal of perfumes is to make you smell nice and attractive, well, some companies think quite the contrary. From Pizza Hut Perfume to scents that smell of money and barbecue, here are six totally weird perfumes that we cannot believe are real.

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Photo credit: Ads of the World

Pizza Hut Perfume

Pizza Hut is not just an innovator in the pizza industry. In 2012, the brand channelled its creative streak into the fragrance venture. Launched as a limited-edition fragrance in Canada to celebrate 100,000 Facebook fans, the Pizza Hut Perfume that boasts top notes of freshly-baked, hand-tossed dough. While we cannot deny that the smell of a Pizza Hut box being opened is incontrovertibly appetising, we have to ask: do you really want to smell like a slice of Super Supreme in public? Whatever your answer may be, it will certainly make you stand out. Unfortunately, only 110 bottles of this hardcore perfume were produced, so it is incredibly difficult to find these days.

Photo credit: Nathan Branch / Flickr

Paper Passion Perfume

“The smell of a freshly-printed book is the best smell in the world,” said the late, great Karl Lagerfeld. To solidify the musty and heavenly scent loved by bibliophiles around the world into a pocket-sized collectable, renowned perfumers Gerhard Steidl and Geza Schoen were brought to the helm in 2012 to put this unique fragrance down on paper (sorry not sorry). With its book-shaped packaging and presentation spearheaded by Lagerfeld, Paper Passion Perfume has become an innovative classic in the perfume world.

Photo credit: Parfumo

Eau De Toast

Launched by the Federation of Bakers, Eau De Toast is said to embody the sweet smell of buttered toast. Bottled no differently than other “ordinary” perfumes on the market, it features caramel and wheat notes, but whether it smells pleasant is really up to you. Some say it smells of burnt toast to them, but we reckon spritzing on a fresh coat of Eau De Toast after chowing down a toast with peanut butter spread in the morning will keep you (and your co-workers) awake in the office.

Photo credit: Delish

Pork Barrel BBQ’s Eau de Barbeque

Some things were born to linger. The bothersome exes in your life that really should have moved on by now, the memories of embarrassing incidents from five years ago that come to haunt you as you try to sleep, the smoky barbecue aroma after a beachside cookout… Wait, hold on, the last one’s not so bad. If you, like us, enjoy the rich perfume of a roast, then you’ll want to try Que’s Eau de Barbeque. This unique fragrance allows you to indulge in barbecue flavours on a daily basis without having to fire up the grill. We suggest giving it to someone with a good sense of humour on April Fools’ Day.

Photo credit: Home Business Magazine

Money Cologne and Eau De Parfum

Right on tune with our wealth-oriented society (especially in Hong Kong), Liquid Money has launched matching money-scented perfumes for both men and women. With a base note of freshly-minted U.S. currency bills, both perfumes open with the aromas of fresh linen, cotton, and silk. The company also positions its “him-and-her” fragrances as empowerment for people as they embark on their path to success (which seems a bit ludicrous to us). Perhaps everyone with a dream to fulfil ought to sprinkle it on every day, like magical pixie dust. This could be the perfect Christmas present for the high-flying power couple.

Photo credit: Fragrantica

Blue Cheese Perfume

Here comes something for the cheese-fanatics. How can you convey your love for the pungent Stilton cheese better than integrating its incredibly powerful odour with your own B.O.? We’re shuddering a little just at the thought of it. Launched by the English mouldy cheese manufacturer, Stilton, the perfume uses notes of yarra, sage, and valerian, and is guaranteed to keep your next romantic date at bay.

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