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5 reasons why we love Papabo’s home repair services

By Localiiz Branded | 21 November 2022

Header images courtesy of Papabo

Needing home repair services in Hong Kong is a given, whether you are renting an apartment or buying a house. Frustrating as they may be, repairs and renovations are essential to maintain the health of your home and your quality of life, as your well-being is heavily influenced by your surroundings. Fortunately for homeowners and renters, Papabo guarantees efficiency and satisfaction through its trustworthy and affordable services, so you never have to ask yourself again, “Who should I call to get my sink fixed?”

Photo: Papabo

A wide variety of home improvement services

We all experience small repairs in our homes that accumulate over time—from a clogged drain to a broken cabinet to a leaky faucet. Some are easier to ignore at first, but at some point, it is irritating enough to call a handyman. One of the most frustrating experiences is finding a trustworthy handyman in your area who will return your calls, show up on time, do the job right, and finish it. Imagine if a home repair service could fix all those flaws in your home in one go, without calling multiple times to find the right handyman. Wouldn’t that be nice?

In life, the little things always add up. But thankfully, we live in a world where Papabo’s home repair services exist! In just a few clicks, your broken toilet, clogged drain, creaky window, peeling wall paint, and broken air conditioning can be quoted by professional handymen in minutes. Almost any type of home repair is available for review, including those complex electrical repairs your partner promises are fixed for the hundredth time. Not only does Papabo offer efficient home repairs, but its services also extend to renovations that include woodworking, waterproofing, painting, flooring, tiling, and much more.


Instant quote for your home repair job

Home repairs in Hong Kong are now easier than ever with Papabo. Whether you live on bustling Hong Kong Island or in the residential hubs of New Territories, Papabo’s citywide home repair services are accessible to all.

Papabo’s straightforward and efficient online services aim to provide your abode with simple, smart, and instant home repair services and renovations. Its unique workflow is hassle-free and saves time for customers to do other things while offering instant and affordable quotes. Additionally, the handymen visits are adaptable to customers’ schedules, allowing the busiest people to easily utilise Papabo’s services. By calling or texting the customer hotline through WhatsApp or downloading the user-friendly mobile app, customers gain access to many services, from regular repairs to cosmetic and structural renovations.

Photo: Papabo

Reliable and bilingual customer services

Despite living in a city as international as Hong Kong, foreign families and individuals may still have a hard time with language barriers, especially in important conversations with repairmen. Fortunately for us, Papabo’s skilled bilingual customer service team can effectively communicate about their procedures and actions, giving customers peace of mind regardless of the language they speak. Papabo’s underlying core values are echoed throughout the company’s work structure, with fixed prices, no hidden fees, and live job tracking of your repair job.

Photo: Papabo

In-house professional workers

Unlike other marketplace repair companies, Papabo hires its handymen in-house, selecting workers who have over 20 years of experience to give attentive repair services to its growing customer base. Papabo’s efficient staff members have assisted dozens of individuals with guaranteed customer service within 24 hours of the request. With Papabo’s goal of making property repair and home improvement hassle-free, its communication with customers is straightforward when it comes to job progress and pricing.


Real-time tracking of your job status via Papabo’s mobile app

It can be frustrating for a non-local resident to find the right worker from a local handyman shop and track their booking status for the home repair service. Papabo’s in-app tracking allows you to track your handyman’s dispatch and job activity in real time. Enjoy full transparency and supervision as your repair is completed.

Is your home truly as functional as it could be, or have you been putting off your home repairs? Find out more about Papabo’s services on its website and book your repairs today!


Papabo is a home repair and improvement service based in Hong Kong that boasts instant quotes, handymen with 20-plus years of experience, live job tracking, and a bilingual support team. It makes scheduling repair services simple through its mobile app, allowing top-rated handymen to be dispatched to any one of your job sites.

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