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Let’s Get Physical: Hong Kong’s best gyms & fitness centres

By Inés Fung 10 January 2020 | Last Updated 20 February 2021

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Ah, the start of the new year, the faithful time when seasoned gym-goers brace for the impact of New Year’s resolutioners on their “New Year, New Me” fix. Of course, anytime is a good time to start (or get back into) your fitness journey, and what better way to get fit than at one of Hong Kong’s many gyms? We did the heavy lifting for you and handpicked some of the best gyms in town, from comprehensive multi-branch fitness centres to specialised boutique gyms, so you can go straight to working on your fitness goals.

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Gyms & fitness centres

If you’re looking for an all-in-one fitness experience, these gyms have got you covered. With locations in the CBD and other busy districts across Hong Kong, and full amenities as well as accommodating for a range of workout styles, there’s no need to fuss about paying for memberships elsewhere. The only downside to these big multi-branch brands is that they may be a bit pushy when it comes to long-term membership sign-ups and personal training service.

Pure Fitness

Surely you have already heard of Pure Fitness! Pure is Hong Kong’s premier fitness studio and lifestyle brand, and we promise the hefty membership dues are worth it. Pure has prime locations all over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, offering state-of-the-art equipment, PTA Global- and AASFP-certified trainers and instructors for a wide variety of classes, and modern facilities. Certain Pure locations also have special facilities like the world’s first 270-degree Immersive Fitness studio, swimming pools, and Life Fitness and Technogym equipment.

If you’re into something more mellow and mindful, Pure also runs Pure Yoga, a chain of yoga studios that aim to promote the practice and build a community of yogis. Newcomers are always welcome to sign up for a free trial, regardless of their reason behind working out.

Fitness First

With nine gyms around Hong Kong, Fitness First is the quick and easy choice for those of us who just want to get a workout in and go, but still be a part of a community. Fitness First gyms are spacious with modern equipment, accommodating for different training styles in the dedicated areas for weights, cardio, CrossFit type exercises. Fitness First also offers popular classes like yoga, spin, and a choose-your-own-workout experience called Boost that allows members to be flexible in their daily training in a convenient 45-minute block.


Goji is a fitness studio with a focus on holistic training and proved to be a welcome replacement after taking over several locations from the now-defunct California Fitness. With seven locations in Hong Kong—four of which are on the Kowloon side—Goji offers the most membership options and is a popular choice for gym-goers who prefer a little peace and quiet.

They even provide their own in-house nutrition and wellness division called Youni, making it a one-stop-shop for a total fitness makeover. Fancy martial arts training? Goji runs Goji Elite, a more intimate training experience from an internationally-accredited team that sprung from Warrior Academy.

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24-hour gyms

Not all of us work a 9-to-5 job, nor do we all stick to a regular workout schedule. These 24-hour centres are perfect for the busy bees seeking a no-frills, no-contract gymming experience. No one will judge you for showing up at 2 am or 3 am to get a pump on here.

4ward Fitness

Some people like to go clubbing, some people like to work out in a club—no judgment here. If you belong to the latter group, check out 4ward Fitness, a 24-hour “Korean fitness facility” in Mong Kok. With classes like Holofit, LED yoga, and 4D LED spin, you’ll never be bored during your fitness journey. Fans of Korean culture will love the Korean “military training” classes and K-pop dance classes, in addition to the Korean trainers and instructors on-site.

U Time Fitness

U Time Fitness has a very fitting name. Their no-contract membership allows members access to all three locations at the cost of an artisanal takeout coffee a day. The studios range from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet in size and are guaranteed secure around the clock as only valid personal access IDs can get past the door. U Time operates under a sustainable ethos as well: You’ll find no single-use plastics in the studios, and their merchandise is made only from recycled plastics.

Anytime Fitness

Come over to the dark side—we’ve got 24-hour gyms here, too. Anytime Fitness boasts 12 locations across Hong Kong, 10 of which are spread out over Kowloon and New Territories. After becoming a member for over a month, you will be granted access to its 4,000-strong international locations as well, so you’ll never miss a workout whilst jetting around the world. Anytime Fitness is truly for those who want to work out anytime, as the studios stay open even during the most adverse weather conditions that Hong Kong is known for—particularly in the summer.

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By Fashila Kanakka 20 February 2021

24/7 Fitness

Endorsed by Olympic medalist and heartthrob Marcel Nguyen, 24/7 Fitness was the first international 24-hour fitness brand to launch in Hong Kong. With 15 locations across the city so far—and plans to open even more in remote locations like Tai Po—there’s bound to be a studio near you. In line with its aim to provide ultimate convenience to fitness enthusiasts, its studios are accessed via a facial recognition system for members only, and their fees are highly transparent with no pre-payment.

Photo credit: @f45_training_causewaybay (via Instagram)

Group training

It’s more fun when you’re slogging through a gruelling workout together! For those who need the additional motivation to get gains and push themselves through that extra rep, group training provides the perfect environment to do so. Plus, with an instructor on hand, your form will always be proper.


F45’s fun full-body functional (try saying that three times fast) training workouts took the world by storm. Originally from Australia, F45 now has franchise locations all over the world, eight of which are right here in Hong Kong. Functional training is the full-body or multi-muscle engagement in exercises that mimic or recreate everyday movement, which helps you build and sculpt lean, functional muscle. The trainers and community at F45 are genuinely passionate and are there with you every step of the way, not to mention the classes are designed to be challenging but never boring.

House of Fitness

You might mistake House of Fitness for a bar and lounge with its dim purple lighting and pumping beats if not for the amount of super-friendly and hyper-toned people from all walks of life emerging from within. Classes are intense at House of Fitness, combining a mix of cardio, weights, and boxing to tone your body, burn fat, and build muscle. Frequented by models and other bodybuilders as well as a community of dedicated gym-goers, working out alongside them will have you seeing results in no time.

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Possibly the sleekest gym on the list, Topfit is a premier, state-of-the-art fitness studio offering specialised group training in the form of classes like dance, circuit training, HIIT, pilates, and TRX. Fitness programs are highly customisable, too. A small group focus ensures that each trainer gets maximum time with you, so if you’re not prepared to put in the work, you’ll be easily caught slacking.

Precision Fitness

Precision Fitness came highly recommended to us, and after tagging along for our free first class, we can see why people have really stuck to their fitness journey here. Though Precision is not the biggest boutique gym around Hong Kong, they truly create the best personalised approach to training their community, offering everything from personal training, group classes, body makeover challenges, nutrition advice, and sleep coaching to targeted fitness programmes for pre-wedding transformations. Not only do the coaches measure your physical ability, but they also utilise personality assessments and wearable tech to make sure your progress is realistic and good for you.


Pherform is a gym that went the extra mile to customise a training system that understood the female body and its responses to exercise. Needless to say, Pherform is a women’s-only gym, designed for the busy professional. Its female-specific system targets four goals: lose fat, build lean muscle, build strength and balance, and most of all, have fun while improving oneself. You don’t need to have aspirations for being a bodybuilder or athlete to work out at Pherform, you just have to want to be better for yourself. Membership options include unlimited monthly memberships or class packages.

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Powerlifting & strongman

Ursus Fitness

Ursus Fitness is not for the faint of heart, but that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated at all. As Hong Kong’s first strongman gym, Ursus takes a no-nonsense approach to getting fit with their strongman routines, highly renowned HIIT routines, and more. If you want to try going heavy but still want a fun, well-rounded workout, give their circuit classes a go. Available in a 60-minute session or a “turbo” 40-minute class, you’ll find yourself working alongside novices and experienced gym-goers, and the coaches are always on hand to help correct your form and cheer you on.

Maximus Studio

Hit up Maximus Studio if you are ready to “gain, attain, and retain.” Maximus is an expansive private gym with state-of-the-art equipment in the heart of Sheung Wan, specialising in personal training, physiotherapy, strongman classes, and bodybuilding, as well as full-body transformations. It’s also home to Maximus Golf, an elite golf performance training studio that aims to help golfers achieve real improvement through specialised training and technology-aided practice.

Maximus Studio is a fantastic option for customised programmes, as the driven team of trainers will help you overcome and achieve any goals and obstacles through thorough assessments, tailored personal training, comprehensive nutrition support, and on-site sports therapy and rehabilitation.

Strength Culture

Strength Culture wants people to not only look strong but feel strong, providing both one-on-one coaching programs and group training programs and taking the most effective steps from different training methods like powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, and movement mobility.

Beginners are recommended to start with their six-week Lean & Strong programme, designed for gym-goers who are motivated and disciplined and combines compound movements with cardio endurance training. The programme will help you maintain results in the long run, and if your little ones want to get strong, too, Strength Culture offers training for kids and teens as well.

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Classics Strength Academy

New to the scene but already becoming a hub for powerlifters in town is Classics Strength Academy, a strength and conditioning gym in San Po Kong. Founded by “just two dudes,” it aims to create the best fully equipped gym for powerlifting, weightlifting, and other strength sports. Equipment is new and high-quality, and there are no restrictions to what you can or cannot do on the floor as long as you are not harming yourself or other people. Classics Strength Academy truly wants to create a supportive community of lifters who just want to make Hong Kong a stronger place.

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