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How Long Does Trash Stay in Our Oceans?

By Contributed content 6 March 2015
Ever wonder how long that plastic bag will float in the surf if you don't remove it? Did you know a cigarette butt thrown into the harbour will take up to five years to degrade? If you find that hard to comprehend we don't even want to mention how long a plastic bottle will float around the ocean. Now there's a poster (click here to view) to let you know just how long our garbage lasts in the sea. Here to spread the word about why we need to stop trashing our oceans is Boopy, the eco-detective orange sparrow. His motto: “Think out of the box, respect, act and inspire others.” Boopy, Eco-DetectiveTons of plastics poison our seas and put not only the wildlife at risk but also humans as we consume seafood contaminated with micro plastics. Let’s take the example of a plastic bag that you throw in Hong Kong. There is a fair chance that the wind or the rain carries it to a waterway down the road or directly into the sea. It would ultimately end up littering a beach, killing an animal (a sea turtle or a dolphin will easily mistake it for a jellyfish) or slowly decompose into smaller particulates suspended in gigantic garbage patches in the middle of the ocean that keep on intoxicating the food chain and ultimately you! It may be on the Chinese coast or anywhere in the world because of current circulation. So do you know how long it takes for garbage to decompose in sea water, not taking into account the chemicals / particulates released in the meantime? Please share this poster with as many people as possible because the children are fed up to see their environment being destroyed. My hope is to have this poster displayed at piers, beaches and schools around Hong Kong. Then people have no excuse. It is our responsibility to take care of our trash and recycle as much as possible. A very nice way to help is to organise beach clean-ups (you can also join Hong Kong Cleanup). It’s fun and meaningful. Become a sea-angel! Water is precious! The more people know about your action, the more you are going to inspire and educate others. And don’t forget the great people in Hong Kong that already help our marine ecosystem like the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservancy Society and Plastic Free Seas. We are all connected. Thanks!
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