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8 most expensive neighbourhoods in Hong Kong

By Enoch Ngan 29 March 2023 | Last Updated 23 February 2024

Header image courtesy of Ralph Kayden (via Unsplash)

As the number of millionaires and billionaires living in Hong Kong grows every year, more opulent neighbourhoods and compounds are being built exclusively for the rich and wealthy. Over the past decades, many designers have taken advantage of Hong Kong’s natural beauty and remarkable landscapes to create multi-million-dollar neighbourhoods. Below are some astonishing ones that top the real estate market with a tremendous sticker prices.

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Photo: ken93110 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Kadoorie Hill

Named after the Kadoorie family, Kadoorie Hill is an affluent neighbourhood of homes set amidst the high-rises of Kowloon. Originally conceptualised as a garden city to provide an escape from Hong Kong’s growing industrial areas, Kadoorie Hill was constructed on a once uninhabitable mountainside. Its secluded environment contributes heavily to the leasing prices attached to each one of these homes, with floor plans that go up to 6,000 square feet.

Photo: Daniel Case (via Wikimedia Commons)

Victoria Peak

As the residential neighbourhood famous for record-breaking sales in Hong Kong, the mansions and flats along Victoria Peak are massive, gorgeous, and expensive. In fact, some of the streets lining the Peak have at some point taken home the title of the “most expensive street in the world.” Stunning lookouts and generous square footage are everything you could desire in Hong Kong and the Peak offers arguably one of the best skyline views in town.

Photo: Isaac Wong (via Wikimedia Commons)

Deep Water Bay

Home to Hong Kong billionaire tycoon Li Ka-shing, the Deep Water Bay neighbourhood is synonymous with luxury living. Individually built mansions are scattered across the lush hills, with access to breathtaking views of the sandy coastlines along the South China Sea. As per Forbes, more than two dozen of the city’s billionaires call Deep Water Bay home.

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By Gabrielle Caselis 25 June 2021

Shouson Hill

Neighbouring the exclusive district of Deep Water Bay are dozens of villas located at Shouson Hill. With properties on the real estate market breaking 10-digit price tags, living among the rich is to be expected here. Grand architectural beauty is on full display here, with plenty of detached housing units making up much of the neighbourhood. Plus, these homes are located right across from Hong Kong’s favourite water-themed adventure park.

Photo: Foang ZHCHU Minsam (via Wikimedia Commons)

Jardine’s Lookout

Many in Hong Kong are already familiar with the Jardine surname and the family’s legacy, so it’s little surprise that there’s a prestigious address named after William Jardine, the founder of the Jardine Matheson conglomerate. Rivalling the Peak’s 180-degree views, Jardine’s Lookout is home to some of the most expensive mansions, townhouses, and luxury flats in town, thanks to its low population density and abundant space.


Repulse Bay

Many know Repulse Bay as a weekend getaway for a beach-heavy day trip, but an exclusive few call it home. Unlike some other areas on this list, Repulse Bay contains multiple estates ranging from mere expensive to totally unaffordable. In 2019, the Pulsa residential complex broke architectural forums when it unveiled a captivating modern development of glamorous windowed apartments along the natural slopes of Repulse Bay.

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Photo: Wpcpey (via Wikimedia Commons)

Mount Nicholson

Perched atop a 430-metre-tall mountain in Wan Chai District sits the Mount Nicholson residential neighbourhood, an avenue of splendid mansions. Almost every one of these homes is a multi-floor house with a large patio and an open pool, with many of them totalling just under 10,000 square feet. Almost all of the Mount Nicholson houses are developed by the same real estate company, with similar design motifs found within each building.



Walk past the attractions at Stanley Beach and you might find yourself lost in a maze of gated compound communities and stately homes. Despite being located on a somewhat secluded peninsula, the mansions located in the residential areas of Stanley are no less affluent or grand than the rest of the houses on this list. Indeed, their beautiful outlooks on the lights of Stanley Beach make up for the long travel times back to the city centre.

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Enoch Ngan


Enoch is an Asian-American born in California who studied in Hong Kong when he was younger. While in Hong Kong, he enjoys going on hikes with breathtaking scenery and catching up with old friends and family. If you ever see him around, he always has music playing in the background, whether that be exploring the city or simply relaxing at home.