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Everything you need to know about keeping your skin rejuvenated

By Localiiz Branded | 6 March 2023

Header image courtesy of Engin Akyurt (via Unsplash)

If you’re not a regular visitor to beauty salons, it can be difficult to know which treatment is suitable for your skin type. Things get more complicated if you experience more than one skin problem: the wrong treatment can make things worse. Let us introduce you to one we particularly like: a three-in-one beauty combo that includes a HydraFacial, either a brightening or tightening treatment, and a cooling therapy to soothe your skin after the facial. Read on to find out whether your skin type fits the treatment, its perks, and where you can get one in Hong Kong.

Photo: perFACE
Step 1


HydraFacial is a non-invasive and painless treatment that does not leave your skin inflamed after the procedure. Its main objective is to rejuvenate your skin by hydration, so this treatment uses vacuum technology to purify and exfoliate your skin, getting rid of dead skin and cleansing your pores from the root to promote better absorption in the moisturising stage.

A nourishing and repairing serum is applied to further moisturise, repair, and slow down skin cell oxidation processes from the root and allows your skin to look and feel rejuvenated by the end of the treatment.

Step 2

6 Pass Laser or Ultra V HIFU treatment

The 6 Pass Laser Treatment is a brightening procedure that focuses on enhancing your skin’s natural glow, closing your pores, getting rid of mild freckles, and correcting the overall shade of your skin using a low wavelength laser.

On the other hand, the Ultra V HIFU is perfect for those who want to enhance the structure of their face with a tightening treatment. This focuses on boosting your skin’s natural collagen regeneration without any invasive procedures.

Step 3

B5 cooling therapy

After the high-energy treatment of the Six Pass or Ultra V HIFU, it’s important to return your skin to its normal state for the best, and longer lasting effects. The B5 cooling therapy does just this by moisturising and soothing irritated skin at the end of the beauty combo.

Photo: perFACE

Who is suitable for this three-in-one combo treatment?

The steps in this three-in-one combo are relatively simple, making it suitable for most skin types, perfect for those who want to tackle their skin problems with just one treatment and to do so at a discounted price. However, if your skin is easily irritable, it is best to consult your dermatologist or beautician before beginning any type of facial treatment.

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio

What are the benefits of this beauty combo?

Simply put, this beauty combo helps your skin begin anew and enhance its natural regeneration processes, allowing your skin to look brightened and while the nourishing part supplies your cells with the nutrients they lack for faster and more visible rejuvenation. By deep cleansing, moisturising, and nourishing your skin, the three-in-one treatment is suitable for different skin issues such as dehydrated skin, pigmentation, dull skin, and wrinkles!

Photo: perFACE

Where can you get this three-in-one combo treatment?

For those interested in getting this three-in-one beauty combo treatment, look no further than perFACE, its exclusive administer. 

Not only is perFACE an authorised service provider of the treatment’s patented technologies and products, but its beauticians are certified and trained to offer top-quality services to its customers, ensuring that all are satisfied with their facial treatments and offering support to those new to the beauty salon environment, making perFACE the perfect choice for those entering the salon for the first time!

Best of all, perFACE is offering first-time customers a whopping 90 percent off on a three-in-one combo beauty treatment! Originally costing over $10,000, now you can enjoy this treatment at just $888. With a price tag this attractive, you have no excuse not to try it—learn more about this promotion here.


perFACE is a premier medical beauty group and has been the leading industry player in beauty and slimming treatments for 15 years, listed in the Hong Kong stock market since 2018 (HKEX: 8603). It specialises in providing exceptional beauty treatments without sacrificing convenience or comfort, giving its customers extra peace of mind when it comes to aesthetic treatments backed by profession and qualifications. All its therapists are UK ITEC Level 4 accredited, enabling them to operate laser and IPL devices with safety and accuracy. With experience that indulges in luxury services, its dedicated medical team can provide suitable solutions tailored specifically towards its customers’ requirements. Whether you are looking for anti-ageing solutions, spot removal, facial contouring, or body sculpting, perFACE is the best choice if you want to look your best and stay charmingly elegant.