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Create a sustainably stylish home with TREE

By Localiiz Branded | 28 April 2023

Header image courtesy of TREE

Searching for furniture that is made with the planet in mind? Look no further than TREE, Hong Kong’s one-stop destination for creating a home that’s uniquely yours. As a strong believer of “profit with principles,” the brand ensures that every part of its business makes a difference to the environment, the communities it operates in and works with, as well as its customers, because everything is all done “from the heart.”

Photo: TREE

Eco-wood collections: Sustainably bringing nature into the home

TREE has developed long-standing relationships with suppliers who share the same values of integrity, quality, and sustainability, working with solid eco-wood that protects our natural resources. You’ll find collections made with solid teak wood salvaged from old Indonesian houses, teak that is FSC™-certified (a globally recognised forest certification organisation), as well as wood that is sustainably sourced from well-managed forests. Complete with quality craftsmanship and original design, you are guaranteed to get the real deal.

Photo: TREE

Sofa and sofa-beds: Lounge with longevity

Alongside its solid eco-wood collections, TREE also offers an extensive range of stylish sofas and sofa beds, which are also designed with longevity and sustainability in mind. Its sofa beds are flat-packed to minimise the space taken up by each when transported, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by shipping more items in fewer runs. Each sofa bed comes with a warranty so that you can renew spare parts to prolong the life of your piece. Meanwhile, TREE’s signature sofas come with removable covers, which enable you to clean your piece with ease, or replace your cover to extend its life cycle when the time comes.

Photo: TREE

Japandi: The new form of comfort

In recent years, there’s been a growing need for our homes to be refined, simple, and comforting, giving way to spaces that encourage us to slow down from the frantic pace of life. As such, there has been a unique interior style that has been gaining traction—Japandi—which offers a clean, pared-back, and functional space that’s still warm and inviting: the perfect environment for calming the mind and living in the here and now.

A hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors, Japandi takes the best of both design philosophies. You’ll find elements of Japan’s wabi-sabi style—which finds beauty in imperfection and impermanence—as well as traces of hygge—a Scandinavian term that encompasses a feeling of comfort, contentment, and well-being. 

Despite coming from opposite sides of the globe, these two concepts work remarkably well together in creating a balanced look that is calm, warm, and laid-back whilst remaining highly functional, a quality reflected in many of TREE’s beautifully crafted solid eco-wood furniture and home accessories.

Photo: TREE

“Less is more”: A Japandi-inspired space

When it comes to a Japandi-inspired home, you’ll often find that the style embraces a “less is more” ethos—think minimalist designs that feel light and airy and spaces devoid of clutter. A calm space is essential for you to slow down, relax, and calm the mind.

Nature is also an integral part of this design aesthetic. So, when you’re building up your Japandi-style home, consider incorporating natural materials such as wood, terracotta, and natural fibres into your space. Nature-inspired hues like grey, olive green, and beige also stand as excellent complements to these materials. 

A respect for Mother Nature, quality, craftsmanship, and materials are paramount in the Japandi philosophy. An exceptionally-made piece can stand the test of time, therefore minimising waste and discouraging the throwaway culture that defines contemporary life.

The finishing touch

There is much beauty to be found in artisanal crafts, which are formed by the hands of the maker and feature brush strokes, indentations, and carved details that add to the individuality of each piece. Crafts represent a level of authenticity and honesty, creating a sense of nostalgia that brings comfort when introduced to your space. 

Complete the look of your home with TREE’s handcrafted accessories, which are globally sourced and locally made. From woven baskets from the Philippines to bespoke ceramics from Bali, these artisanal crafts are truly one-of-a-kind, providing the perfect finishing touches to any space. By incorporating these elements and pieces from TREE, you’ll be sure to create a clean, functional space that is warm and inviting—an environment perfect for unwinding from the stress of life and cherishing your present moment.


TREE, Hong Kong’s one stop destination for sustainably stylish furniture and naturally beautiful finishing touches, was established in 2005 with a vision of inspirational and sustainable home living. At TREE, contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship are brought together to create timeless furniture, from the heart.

TREE’s hardwood furniture is crafted from teak, oak, or walnut that is reclaimed, recycled, FSC™-certified, or supported through the Trees4Trees foundation, giving each piece a uniquely natural story. In its two Hong Kong stores and online, TREE’s signature sustainable collections sit alongside an eclectic mix of handcrafted finishing touches to help create the perfect home.

TREE’s philosophy extends to a passionate commitment to doing the right thing—for its customers, the environment, and the communities in which it does business.

28/F, Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau

Shop 101–102, HomeSquare, Sha Tin