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18 best breakfast spots in Hong Kong

By Jen Paolini 11 March 2020 | Last Updated 6 March 2021

Start your day the right way—with a mountain of eggs, toasts, pancakes, waffles, and a big cup of coffee so strong, it’ll make your hands sweat and jitter. After all, a hearty breakfast should come with a side of self-induced food coma and a close call of clogged arteries. Here are our picks for the best breakfast spots in Hong Kong.

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The Coffee Academics

Consistently lauded as one of Hong Kong’s most outstanding coffee shops, The Coffee Academics sits high on our list as one of our favourite places to go for a reliable fry-up after a rough night out. If you’re in need of a protein- and carb-load, you can’t go wrong with the signature Academics breakfast ($138), a hefty platter of hand-pulled pork belly Borlotti beans, pork sausages, bacon, mushrooms, roasted Roma tomatoes, halloumi cheese, eggs, and sourdough toast. For a lighter breakfast, eggs and avo on toast, chia puddings, acaí bowls, pancakes, muesli, and more are also on the cards.

The Coffee Academics, locations across Hong Kong


Aussie-inspired café and restaurant Ninetys dishes up Western breakfast staples with a twist, so if you’re finding yourself in a mood to skip bog-standard eggs, try their chilli scrambled eggs ($108) on charcoal toast and deep-fried eggs Benedict ($108) with marinated eggs, a spicy tomato sauce, and walnut apricot bread. 

Set against chic and bare concrete walls, moody pendant lights, and cool greys, the blank canvas of Ninetys paints a sharp contrast against the vibrant flavours of their breakfast dishes—tuck into an order of passionfruit salmon tartare on walnut apricot sourdough ($168) and you’ll know what we mean. The food menus differ between their locations as well, so there are even more options to choose from!

Ninetys, locations across Hong Kong Island

The Diner

Known as one of Hong Kong’s only authentic American diner—an institution that is slowly going out of vogue in the States itself—The Diner sits on the quiet incline of Arbuthnot Road and humbly offers two all-day breakfast options throughout the week (with a larger and heartier brunch spread reserved for weekends).

Choose between The Limey ($128), a classic plate of eggs, Canadian bacon, sausages, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and toast, or The Lexington ($168), a salmon fillet griddle with avocado, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, and baby spinach. While the décor of retro automotive booth seats and a vintage red-and-white colour palette might seem gimmicky to some, we think it’s a refreshing change from the grey-washed walls and minimalist aesthetics of most Hong Kong coffee shops.

The Diner, G/F, Shiu King Court, 4–8 Arbuthnot Road, Central | (+852) 2798 8219

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What looks like a retro barbershop is actually an all-day breakfast restaurant with rustic interiors and charming mismatched furnishings. The most popular dish at Oldish is the all-day breakfast ($158), a loaded plate of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, hash browns, smoked salmon, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, and a croissant.

Need a vegetarian version? The green all-day breakfast ($128) delivers the same heartiness as the classic breakfast in a meat-free package. Dibs the two seats on the slight alfresco patio at this slopeside British-style diner to spend your late breakfast in the sun.

Oldish, G/F, 53 Tung Street, Sheung Wan | (+852) 2697 3313


It’s hard to miss this minimalistic café on the hills of Soho—just spot the queue patiently waiting outside on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Baked, a petite eatery that fits about all of 12 people in a slim counter-seating format, offers a whimsical menu that covers the breadth of sourdough toasts, wraps, oat bowls, and brioches. While we concede that the utilitarian furnishing and narrow layout doesn’t encourage lingering, we guarantee the food will entice repeat visits.

Get a spiced-up version of avo on toast with Hipsters Say Hello ($105) or go for a meat-free start of your day with Oh My God ($140), a medley of sautéed Portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, black truffle pâté, rocket, and a poached egg on a bed of sourdough bread. The Bakoven ($170), an elaborate wrap with marinated chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, chilli balsamic vinegar reduction, chilli chutney, Parmesan, and much more, does the trick if you need something filling with flavourful depth.

Baked, Shop D, G/F, 14 Elgin Street, Soho, Central | (+852) 2885 2121

Elephant Grounds

Despite their condensed morning menu, yoghurt parfaits, eggs, acaí bowls, omelettes, and toasts can all be had at Elephant Grounds, as well as a selection of pastries. Dip into an indulgent peanut butter banana toast ($65) dusted in cinnamon sugar or go for the breakfast sandwich ($95) of scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese to taste all of your favourite brekkie staples in convenient bite-sized chunks. A few items on their food menu are location-specific, like the Mid-Levels-exclusive salmon eggs Benedict ($110) and panchetta cherry tomato omelette ($110).

Elephant Grounds, locations across Hong Kong

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18 Grams

What started as a modest premium espresso bar on the corner of Cannon Street has grown into a multi-chain café business across the city. From savoury plates and French toasts to pastries and bagels, 18 Grams serves an all-day breakfast menu that is as diverse as it is petite.

For something classic, choose the Aussie breakfast ($98) with bacon, sausage, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and your choice of toast or croissant; for something sweet, go with the decadent raspberry jam cheesecake French toast ($88). We’re also partial to their bagel sandwiches, with fillings like smoked salmon & sunny-side-up egg ($78) and cherry tomatoes & pesto balsamic dressing ($68) with sides of either guacamole or turmeric hummus.

18 Grams, locations across Hong Kong


This homegrown café first opened in Tsuen Wan to great acclaim and has since expanded, bringing their artisanal coffee and all-day breakfast to multiple districts across the New Territories. The expansive menu at Beans covers the conventional dishes of eggs Royale ($89), eggs Benedict ($79), and deluxe full English breakfast ($112), but we personally like coming to this bustling and social café for their creative twists on breakfast staples.

Tuck into a caramel banana breakfast with beans waffles ($78) for a sweet start to your day that is best accentuated with an acidic cup of joe, or go all-in with a smoked duck breast sandwich ($96) with truffle and honey mustard sauce.

Beans, locations across Hong Kong

90s Lazy

For a breakfast experience with servings of 1990s nostalgia, this hidden upstairs café in Mong Kok combines the best of simple, honest ingredients and Japanese-inspired minimalistic aesthetics.

In tribute to their unique moniker, the all-day breakfast menu is served from noon onwards, and dishes bear mischievous names like Whatever ($55), I Don’t Care ($58), and No Idea ($58). Our personal favourite has to be Fxxxxxxking Hungry ($98), a heaving smorgasbord of Frankfurter sausage, pork and herbs sausages, bacon rashers, smoked salmon, hash brown, scrambled egg, fried mushroom, baked beans, corn, toast, and salad.

90s Lazylocations across Mong Kok

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Sensory Zero

This collection of industrial open-plan cafés is scattered across Hong Kong, so chances are, you may have spent time in one already. Spacious and welcoming, their cold nitro coffees are particularly pleasing.

As for food, choose from their range of all-day breakfast dishes, like the double Japanese eggs with avocado wasabi paste ($72), which is every bit as amazing and flavourful as it sounds, and their series of next-level croissant sandwiches, with fillings like pan-fried Omnipork ($78), kabayaki eel ($78), and pork floss & cheese ($58). Sensory Zero also offers a great list of vegetarian-friendly options and vegan meat alternatives. Want something healthier? Yoghurt bowls and muffins are also available.

Sensory Zero, locations across Hong Kong

Cupping Room

Founded in 2011 by three-time Barista Champion Kapo Chiu, there are few coffee connoisseurs in the city who have not heard of or frequented Cupping Room. From obscure beginnings in Stanley Plaza to operating four coffee roasteries across Hong Kong, Cupping Room’s expansion process included introducing Australian-inspired café cuisine to go with their champion-class speciality drinks.

Breakfast is served all day—perfect for late-risers—and dishes range from avocado on toast with poached egg ($108) and full brekky ($138) to lighter options like coconut chia seed pudding ($98) with fresh seasonal fruits. Pair it off with a turmeric latte (starting from $50) with a substitute of oat milk for the ultimate health trip, or go in the complete opposite direction with a crème brûlée French toast ($108) for finishers.

Cupping Room, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: @chrispyfoodie (Instagram)


Planning breakfast with someone who just never seems to know what they want? Oolaa’s extensive breakfast menu should come in handy. Covering everything from breakfast burgers, eggs, salad bowls, and pancakes to burrito wraps, French toasts, bagels, and even a breakfast pizza, the choices at Oolaa are ostensibly endless.

We’ll make the task a little easier with a few personal recommendations: smoked salmon rösti ($133) with avocado, baby spinach, poached egg, and citrus hollandaise sauce; avocado “smash” bruschetta ($130) with feta and poached eggs; and baked shakshuka eggs ($115), served in a skillet with a spicy tomato and bell pepper sauce and crusty sourdough. Spend a lazy morning reading the papers and taking a relaxed repast basked in Oolaa’s warm and friendly atmosphere.

Oolaa, locations across Hong Kong

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This collection of neighbourhood cafés needs no introduction. Having been around Hong Kong’s dining scene longer than most, Classified still serves up one of the city’s most solid breakfasts. We keep coming back for their egg white frittata ($85) with asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, and sourdough, as well as the fluffy buttermilk pancakes ($98) topped with caramelised bananas and maple syrup.

Egg options come aplenty, ranging from eggs Royale ($118), eggs Florentine ($112), and eggs Benedict ($115) to British gammon ham omelette ($82), Spanish frittata ($118), and more. The majority of Classified restaurants have shopfronts that open up to the pavement, if not outright alfresco dining opportunities—we would recommend getting a table closest to the entrance for the best spot to people-watch while you sip your first cup of coffee for the day and tuck into breakfast.

Classified, locations across Hong Kong

Tai Wo Tang

Step into a slice of history at Tai Wo Tang, a gorgeous revitalised café in the heart of Kowloon City that preserves the memory of a historic family business with freshly brewed coffee and hearty plates. Paying homage to the traditional Chinese medicine dispensary that spanned three generations, Tai Wo Tang was converted into a nostalgic coffee shop and retained much of its original decoration.

In-between a medicinal cabinet that is almost a century old, creaking wooden benches, and gold-painted signage, you can chow down on a vegetarian full English breakfast ($108) or treat your sweet-tooth to a homemade red date hawthorne cheesecake ($68). Visiting this place makes for a quaint trip down memory lane, especially for older Hongkongers, and plenty of beautiful photos.

Tai Wo Tang, 24 Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon City | (+852) 2623 2006

Feather & Bone

What started out as a premium neighbourhood butcher and deli business has grown to include a casual restaurant-and-café concept centred around the best of modern European cuisine. Breakfast is served until 11 am, although their lunch menu features all-day breakfast favourites as well for late-risers.

From an indulgent full English ($178) that comes with two sunny-side-up eggs, thick-cut bacon, house-made beans, and black pudding on sourdough, to the lively crab crumpet ($158) that sees a chilli egg scramble blended with a mountain of crab and ‘nduja butter, there’s plenty to satisfy. As a butcher’s that specialises in fresh-market cuts of meat, opting for the steak & eggs ($188) would also not be amiss.

Feather & Bone, locations across Hong Kong

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This Peel Street favourite is packed to the rafters on weekends, a testament to their tried-and-tested formula of dishing up strong cups of artisanal coffee with curated breakfast picks. If you want the best of both worlds, try their Half & Half ($90) of avocado and tomato feta salad on toast, or go all out with the Nude Bowl ($90), a vibrant medley of avocado, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, fresh greens, and a free-range boiled egg. Alternatively, their ricotta toast ($80) and toasted coconut granola ($60), with touches of berries, honey, and thyme, are great refreshers for waking up your palate.

Fineprint, locations across Hong Kong

The Flying Pan

One of the city’s most recognisable 24-hour eateries, many Hongkongers hold fond memories of late nights (and early mornings) at The Flying Pan close to their hearts. The mismatched interiors and loud décor are nothing to write home about, but no one comes here for the looks—we appreciate this stalwart for its breakfast platters in all of their oversized glory, as well as bottomless servings of coffee and tea, a true American tradition.

What you see is what you get at The Flying Pan: dig into fluffy pancakes, Belgian waffles, French toasts, omelettes, ranchero eggs, frittatas, sandwiches, eggs, muffins, biscuits and gravy... the list goes on. As for drinks, it’s never too early for an indulgent peanut butter milkshake ($53) and a peppy coke float ($53), we say!

The Flying Pan, 1/F, David House, 37–39 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2528 9997

Green Waffle Diner

Waffle is what you asked for and waffle is what you’ll get. Toasted and crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, Green Waffle Diner offers waffle combos as well as create-your-own-waffle options, where you get your pick of waffle flavour, sauce topping, fruits, sweets, and ice cream.

We like to keep things easy and go straight for their best-selling mango & strawberry waffle ($86), though the banana foster waffle ($86) with flambéed bananas and chocolate is also a crowd-pleaser. If savouries aren’t quite your bag first thing in the morning, not to worry—Green Waffle Diner also does Southern-style fried chicken & waffle ($126) and breakfast quesadillas ($110), as well as an overwhelming Angus rib-eye steak breakfast ($168), if your arteries are strong enough to bear it.

Green Waffle Diner, locations across Hong Kong

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