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Where to find Hong Kong’s best pancakes

By Ching Yuen 25 February 2020 | Last Updated 28 December 2020

How do you make pancakes smile? Butter them up! International Pancake Day is once again gracing our calendars with its presence, and to honour this undeniable breakfast delight, here are our top picks of the best pancakes in Hong Kong. With fruits and cream in abundance, these stacks are flipping delicious!

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J.S. Foodies

Founded by Japanese fashion label Journal Standard (hence the initials), J.S. Foodies brings the brand’s clean lines and simple aesthetics to their restaurant as well. With a specialisation in West Coast-style pancakes using flour and eggs imported from Japan, their signature Crème Brûlée Pancakes ($129) comes in stacks of three, with a burnt sugar coating on every pancake and sides of fresh strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. Other popular options include Chocolate Banana Pancakes ($119) and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes ($109) with homemade dried lemon crumbs.

Not much of a sweet-tooth? J.S. Foodies also offers a menu of savouries, where you’ll encounter creations like Tandoori Chicken with Pancakes ($129), Avocado & Salmon Pancakes ($129), and a classic Bacon & Egg Pancakes ($129).

J.S. Foodies, locations across Hong Kong

Mitsuan Honzen

These stacks might be small but they sure pack a punch. Using a pancake and rice flour mix made from Japanese rice, eggs, Hokkaido corn flour, and French butter, the ‘cakes from Mitsuan Honzen are definitely next-level. With the option to go gluten-free, their Original Pancakes ($88) bathe you in waves of Canadian maple syrup, while you can’t go wrong with Double Tea Pancakes ($98) that are made with matcha, hojicha, and brown sugar syrup.

Looking for a flavour adventure? Savoury options include Wagyu Hamburger Steak Curry Pancakes ($188) and Bacon & Eggs Benedict Pancakes ($118) with a dash of Hollandaise sauce—perfect for breakfast.

Mitsuan Honzen, 8 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui | (+852) 2461 0888

Elephant Grounds

One of the best-known cafés around town, Elephant Grounds has definitely made a name for itself with their top-grade coffee and desserts. Everyone and their mother knows about their famous ice cream sandwiches, but the OG Buttermilk Pancakes ($95) is also a must-have when you’re hankering for a bite—if not for the fluffiness of the pancakes, then definitely for the crown of whipped cream that is almost as tall as the entire stack!

Elephant Grounds, locations across Hong Kong

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The Flying Pan

If you’re looking for a quick around-the-clock fix for your pancake cravings, then this 24-hour diner is not to be missed. the weekend warriors of Hong Kong should already be intimately familiar with The Flying Pan, which serves all things breakfast all day, every day. When it comes to their pancakes, choose between Oreo Pancakes ($77), Banana Pancakes ($77), Blueberry Pancakes ($80) or Bacon Pancakes ($82), and they all come with a small juice to wash down all the sweetness.

The Flying Pan
, locations across Hong Kong

Brunch Club

You can’t go wrong with a restaurant called Brunch Club, so rest assured that all of your brunch favourites are present and accounted for. Opt for Melted Belgian Chocolate & Banana Pancakes ($78) or Caramelised Banana & Crushed Walnuts Pancakes ($78) for your meal and chill out the rest of the afternoon with your food babies.

Brunch Club, G/F, 70 Peel Street, Central | (+852) 2526 8861


You can never go wrong with the classics, and Oolaa proves that right with their three-tiered Pancake Stack ($120). Their truly magnificent buttermilk pancakes are topped with fresh strawberries, strawberry compote, and vanilla ice cream. Keep ‘em coming!

Oolaa, locations across Hong Kong

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No Milkshake No Life

Who knew a milkshake and grilled cheese sandwich spot could whip up a decent stack? At No Milkshake No Life (NMNL), pancakes are made New York-style, with Classic Buttermilk Pancakes ($66) leading the charge. Our favourite, however, has got to be the Bacon Buttermilk Pancakes ($80), topped with caramelised bacon strips, homemade syrup, and caramel popcorn. You might have to jostle for a table amongst the charming bric-a-brac and limited seats, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re wolfing down your breakfast.

No Milkshake No Life, Shop A, G/F, 31–37 Hill Road, Shek Tong Tsui | (+852) 6471 3339

Photo credit: @miumichfoodiary (Instagram)

3rd Space

This cute little café in Poho draws you in with its minimalist aesthetics and hooks you with their unique Mochi Pancakes ($85). Yep, you read that right. Served in six flavours—Classic, Secret Blueberry Jam, Signature Earl Grey Tea, Hershey Dark Chocolate, Uji Matcha, and (our personal favourite) Peanut Butter Condensed Milk—with sides of fresh fruit, Hokkaido milk ice cream, and grilled sea salt crème, these chewy and bouncy babies are as photogenic as they are toothsome.

3rd Space, G/F, 16 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan | (+852) 9220 9785

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Ching Yuen


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