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9 best meatball dishes in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 9 March 2020 | Last Updated 9 March 2021

Header image courtesy of Pici

Originally published by Ching Yuen. Last updated by Jen Paolini.

In life, we should all aim to be like the best of meatballs: well-seasoned and well-rounded. In the spirit of National Meatball Day, we picked out our favourite meatball dishes around Hong Kong for you to try. If your arteries are brave enough, every day can be Meatball Day for you, too!

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Meatball sub

Frank’s Italian American

At Hong Kong’s premier red sauce joint, you are sure to find meatballs galore, and Frank’s does not disappoint. From crowd-favourites like Frank’s Pork Meatballs ($155)—which are made following a secret recipe—to nostalgic classics like spaghetti & meatballs ($207) and the toothsome meatball sub ($99) that oozes melted cheese, there are plenty of options on the menu to sate hungry diners with meatball cravings!

Frank’s Italian American, G/F, 79 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 9097 9730

Posto Pubblico

Meatballs sure are great on their own, and few do it better than Posto Pubblico. This Italian-American stalwart brings dreams to life with their veal meatballs ($149), generously slathering a duo of plump meatballs in a tangy tomato sauce, before finishing off with a dusting of grated cheese and parsley. Be sure to snag a seat by the semi-alfresco stools for an opportunity to chow down on your snack whilst people-watching.

Posto Pubblico, 28 Elgin Street, Central | (+852) 2577 7160


Serving Italian-American favourites, Fini’s outstanding meatballs ($138) much deserve their rock-solid reputation in the local meatball scene. Their unique combination of pork, veal, red sauce, and Parmesan cheese makes these oversized lumps good enough on their own, but if you are looking for something more filling and carb-licious, try the meatballs as part of their ever-classic meatballs on top of spaghetti ($168).

Fini’s, locations across Hong Kong Island

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An extension of the New York City institution, Carbone brings the charm and splendour of the New York-Italian food to the heart of Central. Mario’s Meatballs ($248) re-define tenderness in this staunchly traditional dish and are a must-have if you ever pop by the restaurant. Be ready for a wild night, as the staff is guaranteed to swing by around dessert time with glasses in one hand and limoncello in the other!

Carbone, 9/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street, Central | (+852) 2593 2593


If we are talking about meatballs, nothing really beats homemade ones hand-formed by nonna. Pirata comes close with My Mamma’s Meatballs ($95), using pork, beef, egg, tomato sauce, basil, and extra-virgin olive oil to create loving spheres of flavour. They try their best to replicate home-cooked Italian cuisine, and even though we don’t have an aged Italian grandmother to cook for us, we sure know what a delicious home can taste like!

Pirata, 30/F, 239 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai | (+852) 2887 0270

Bistecca Italian Steak House

Frankly, you can’t go wrong with ordering anything meat-related in a steak house, but Bistecca Italian Steak House takes their meatballs just as seriously as they do their signature steaks. All it comes down to is the superior quality of the meat, and their meatballs ($158) speak volumes in their natural flavour, served only with the simplest accompaniments of tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. What can we say? Less is more!

Bistecca Italian Steak House, 2/F, Grand Progress Building, 15–16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central | (+852) 2525 1308

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If you are looking for a quick and affordable fix, Pici’s homemade meatballs ($90) are the best fit for you. Available in all of their locations and made with pork, beef, tomato sauce, and Parmesan, not only are they super affordable, but they also come in generous portions. Make sure to leave room to try out their famous pasta!

Pici, locations across Hong Kong

Feather & Bone

Take a trip to the sunset-streaked landscapes and rolling fields of Tuscany with Feather & Bone’s new spaghetti & meatballs ($158) dish, made from Tuscan lardo di colonnata and premium beef. Doused in a slow-cooked tomato sauce before being served atop fresh pasta, this wholesome, meatball-loaded bowl is perfect for sharing between two, if you’re looking to re-create that iconic scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp (wink, wink).

Feather & Bone, locations across Hong Kong

Photo credit: Black Sheep Restaurants


Motorino might be known the city over for their delish pizzas, but their meatballs ($138) deserve some love, too. Made from a fine mixture of pork and beef and braised in a rich, seasoned tomato sauce, these babies are served sprinkled in basil and pecorino romano cheese, and come with a piece of lightly toasted pizza dough so you can mop up the sauce when you’re done tearing through the plump meatballs!

Motorino, locations across Hong Kong Island

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